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Icarly ifix a popstar

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Icarly ifix a popstar Hey, peeps! Not many reviews, guys, only 4 (Maybe because iSO was a suckish chapter)! It would be awesome if you would review, but thanks to: BetterThanGold (Thanks a

Icarly ifix a popstar

Hey, peeps!

Not many reviews, guys, only 4 (Maybe because iSO was a suckish chapter)! It would be awesome if you would review, but thanks to: BetterThanGold (Thanks a lot!), abracadabra94 (Thanks so much!), Devil of the Mist (Thanks! I’m glad!), Kpfan72491 (Thanks a whole lot!), tiffhappyface24, KeNzStUfF99 AAML JOTT CHANNY, elelyn, Caramel Curls, and gggttt43.

Well, review! Here’s the next chapter: iFix a Popstar!

Chapter 14: iFix a Popstar

“Hey, Freddo!” Sam dashed in. “Whatcha doin’?”

“Checking the iCarly website,” Freddie responded. “Sam, what is this?” He pointed at the screen.

She smirked. “Scared of the results?”

“No,” he scowled at her. “But honestly, what possessed you to put up a poll asking who should date if most of them have dated or are dating?”

Sam grinned. “Wanted to see what they would say! There’s some pretty interesting couples, you know, Fredman. There’s Carly and Griffin…that was interesting. Spencer and Sasha Striker were a pretty nice couple. Lewbert and Oprah, you have to want that! And last but not least, you and me. We’re probably the most interesting.”

Freddie kissed her cheek. “You know it. We’re winning, anyway.”

“By how much?” Sam climbed into his lap and looked at the screen. “Chiz, that’s a lot.”

“I know,” Freddie chuckled. “People really want us together.”

“Little do they know they’ve already gotten what they want,” Sam laughed.

Later, on iCarly, Sam was slapping a tuna. “Bad tuna! Bad, bad!”

“And that’s the proper way to spank a tuna fish!” Carly announced in a weird (almost British) accent.

Grinning, Sam tossed the tuna fish into the corner. Carly smiled and said something about doing something educational, Freddie wasn’t listening. he was too busy staring at Sam. Sam announced the arrival of some kindergarteners.

They brought in 4 young kids and showed them the Statue of Gibberty. However, their plan to educate the kids failed when Gibby got bored and screamed, then ran away.

“How bout a hand for those little kids we just emotionally scarred?” Carly requested.

“Whoo!” Sam cheered, hitting the “clapping” button. “Okay, that’s about it for this iCarly.”

“Except,” Carly interrupted. “Remember Wade Collins?”

Sam shoved her face in the camera. “The obnoxious hobknocker from America Sings?”

“One might call him hobnoxious.” Instead of laughing like he usually did when he had a crush on Carly, Freddie groaned along with Sam.

“Oh, Carly,” Sam sighed.

“Anyway, you guys remember that music video Freddie directed for him?” Carly began.

Sam didn’t want Carly to tell them (she’d had enough glory for a lifetime), so she cut in. “Tell our fans the big news, Freddenstein.” Our fans. How could she forget the poll with the thousands of viewers that voted for Sam and Freddie?

Freddie spun the camera around, feeling grateful. “According to PearTunes, the Wade Collins music video the Wade Collins music video we made is the number 3 most downloaded video of the year.”

Sam ran around and stood next to her boyfriend. “And that deserves one of these!” Feeling extremely proud of Freddie, she hit the “cheer” button and they both smiled together.

It was like they were in a cheesy romance movie. She and Freddie were the perfect couple. wait, scratch that. Sam Puckett did not get sappy.

“We still hate that guy,” Carly shook her head, smiling.

“He be hobbin’ and knockin’!” Sam exclaimed, doing motions.

“But we’re very proud of Freddie for directing and editing that video,” Carly informed them. Sam felt a surge of jealousy run through her, but she smiled and nodded.

“Carly and Sam helped a lot,” Freddie told the audience. Sam hadn’t helped that much, but she’d been there, and…he loved her. Plus he knew he’d die if he left her out. “There’s no way I could’ve gotten a-“

He was cut off when the kids returned, this time donning big plush things usually used for sparring. They began to beat up the Statue of Gibberty. Gibby protested loudly, but it did nothing for the kids.

Sam smiled, not attempting to break up the ‘fight.’ “Kids.”

“They’re gonna sleep good tonight,” Carly added, nodding.

Freddie was watching a video when Sam came down the stairs. Eagerly, she ran over to him. “Whatcha watching?”

“Our Wade Collins music video,” Freddie informed her, a smug smile on his face.

“Man, I can’t believe that thing’s still in the top 20,” Sam remarked, settling in beside him.

“We did a good job with that fudgebag,” Freddie agreed.

Sam inquired, “Hey, what’s the most downloaded video of all time?”

“Uh,” Freddie looked it up for her. “Let’s see. Oh yeah! Ginger Fox, Hate Me, Love Me.”

Sam grinned. “Oh man, I love that song!”

Freddie nodded. “Ginger was good.” Was he the only one that noticed the significance? He and Sam acted like they hated each other, but they really loved each other. Coincidence?

“Yeah, until her career went in the toilet,” Sam reminded him. “Remember that insane video of her last year?”

They grinned at each other. “Yeah,” Freddie remembered. “Oh, here it is!” The two watched as Ginger Fox washed her hair with blue cheese dressing, laughing the whole time. Oh, it was moments like this- ones that weren’t necessarily romantic, but sure drew them closer- that defined their relationship.

“That chick’s a disaster,” Sam commented.

“Carly!” Spencer burst in, ruining the moment. At least they hadn’t been kissing or anything. “Where’s Carly?”

“Groovy Smoothie,” Freddie replied.

Instead of being surprised that Sam and Freddie were hanging out alone together (like Sam supposed he should’ve been), he just stated, “Text her and tell her to bring me back a corndog.”

“They don’t sell corndogs,” Sam reminded him, licking her ice cream.

“I know, she’ll be so confused!” Spencer grinned as if it were some evil plan. “Anyways, so get this. I was just at Hey Food buying groceries. And as I’m coming out, I meet this woman, a totally super hot woman wearing a sweater. So I start flirting her up, right?”

“Right,” Sam echoed as Freddie gave his approval.

“And I say, ‘Yo, let’s go grab a donut!’ and she goes ‘M’kay,’ so I take her to that religious donut shop around the corner.”

“Olio’s?” Freddie asked.

“No, Amazing Glaze,” Spencer responded. “Anyways, turns out she’s really fun and cool and single and female and she’s coming here to have dinner with me tomorrow night!”

“Nice!” Sam high-fived him.

“So, where are the groceries?” Freddie questioned, in an attempt to get Spencer to leave him alone with Sam again.

Spencer looked confused. Sam scoffed. “You left them at the donut shop.”

“No,” Spencer protested, turning to leave.

“Where are ya going?” Freddie teased, knowing fully well where Spencer was going.

“To the donut shop,” Spencer moaned, exiting.

Freddie turned to Sam. “Oh, Spencer.”

“Oh, Freddork,” she laughed, pressing her lips against his.

“Wanna watch some more videos?” Freddie asked her.

“Of course!” He slipped his arm around her back and her head fell on his shoulder.

This is the way it’s supposed to be.

“You know I don’t go on fancy dates, Fredward,” Sam complained as some random driver person drove the two of them to a restaurant.

“Sam, you’ve been whining for the past hour,” Freddie retorted. “Just shut up, relax and enjoy it. By the way, you look very nice tonight.”

“You’re such a cheeseball, Frednub,” she mumbled, but shut up.

Freddie changed the subject. “So, you think Spence knows he’s on a date with Gibby’s mom yet?”

She shrugged lazily. “How did you find out?”

“Gibby told me, he figured it out. I mean, young, ‘handsome’, funny, can cook, wears special socks? How many people in the world are like that?” Freddie wondered.

“Do you cook, dork?” she asked him.

He puffed out his chest, trying to seem manly. “Sometimes.”

She punched his chest. “Don’t try to be manly, Frednub. I know you’re not.”

The driver stopped at the restaurant. Freddie paid him (of course Sam never would pay) and they both climbed out. Freddie took her hand and held it stubbornly as they walked into the restaurant.

As soon as the date was over, the driver took them to Sam’s house. Freddie walked her to the door and kissed her goodnight.

“You’re so cliché,” She mumbled.

“But you love me anyway,” he reminded her.

“Maybe,” She allotted, laughing.

The next day, Freddie decided that it was best to show Spencer who he was dating. He basically dragged Gibby to the Shay apartment.

As soon as he rang the doorbell, Spencer opened it. “Oh, hey guys.”

Gibby smiled. “What’s up?”

Freddie peered around Spencer. “Carly here?” He actually meant is Sam here with Carly? But Freddie would never tell anyone that.

“Nah, she and Sam went to Build-A-Bra,” Spencer grimaced.

Freddie had never understood his girlfriend’s fascination with building a bra. However, Gibby seemed to share the fascination. “They’re always kicking me out of that place.”

Freddie blinked rapidly. “Um…yeah. Can Gibby and I run upstairs real quick and install this?”

“Sure, but make it fast. I got a hot one in the kitchen,” Spencer pointed to where Gibby’s mom sat.

Freddie resisted the laughs that threatened to bubble up. “No worries.”

Gibby’s mom stood up. “Gibby?”

Closing the door behind him, Gibby turned to face her. “MOM?”

“Oh my gosh,” Spencer realized what was going on.

Freddie grinned victoriously, but he secretly hoped that they wouldn’t break up. He hadn’t hoped to break them up. He just wanted to let Spencer know. in case he got in too deep or something.

Well, also their relationship could throw the Carly/Gibby relationship he was rooting for off course.

Carly, Freddie and Sam ended up going to meet Ginger Fox.

Carly toyed with Sam’s shoelace. “Where is she?”

Bored half to death (and craving time alone with her dork), Sam decided, “I’m sick of waiting for this chick. Let’s bail!”

“No,” Carly sighed.

“We’re not gonna pass up a chance to work with Ginger Fox,” Freddie reminded her. He didn’t mention that he’d made Hate Me, Love Me Sam’s ringtone on his phone. “She’s a huge star!”

“She was,” Sam retorted. “Till she hopped on the Psycho Train and crashed into Has Been Island.”

“Technically, you can’t take a train to an island,” Freddie told her. Sam gave him a look. “They’re surrounded by water, so-“

“Dude!” Sam exclaimed.

Having known her for a long time now, he knew what this meant. “I’ll shut up.”

“Look,” Carly explained. “Ginger’s manager said that she’s gotten some- you know, mental health problems and now she’s ready to make a big comeback.”

“Sorry to keep you guys waiting,” The manager ran up and told them. “I had some trouble getting Ginger out of her dressing room.”

Carly shot up. “Is that blood on your face?”

“Yeah,” he said nonchalantly. “Ginger stabbed me with a fork.”

When they walked on to the stage, they all realized something. Her manager was the first to say it. “Where’d Ginger go?”

One of the dancers pointed off stage. “She’s over there, using the bathroom.”

“There’s a bathroom back there?” he questioned.

“No,” the dancer replied.

“Oh, there she is!” Freddie pointed at a blonde girl.

“Wow,” Carly breathed.

Sam had the opposite reaction. “Gross.”

Ginger gave them a scathing glance. “Who are they?”

“These are the people who made that video you liked,” her manager told her.

Ginger gasped. “Hamster in my pasta?”

Carly shook her head. “No, the Wade Collins music video.”

“And they’re gonna help you do an amazing performance on the PMAs,” he reassured her.

Sam looked insulted. “We haven’t agreed to that yet!”

“Yes, we have,” Freddie informed her.

Carly interrupted. “Um, aren’t the PMAs in like, 5 days? So are we gonna have enough time?”

“It’s cool, the last director already had a basic routine worked out,” he reassured Carly. “Here! Larry! Cue the song from the top.”

“Got it!” Larry began to play the song My World. As the dance began, they soon realized the main problem- Ginger could NOT dance. She was horrible at it, and was in fact doing all the wrong moves. When her manager called her on this, she threw a fork at him. The manager ducked and it hit Freddie in the shoulder.

In a gesture of niceness (something very rare for Sam), Sam decided to help the poor nub. Carly was doing very poorly at trying to get it out. Sam just marched over and jerked it out. Freddie moaned for a minute, but she knew she’d at least helped (or else the jank thing would’ve stayed in there forever).

Ginger began to hack a loogie. Sam grimaced. “Would you believe that six years ago Buzz Magazine named her Sexiest Woman Alive?”

“Man, I gotta go hack this up,” Ginger complained.

“That’s pretty sexy,” Carly replied, shuddering.

Suddenly, a TV crew rushed in and started interviewing them. They gave the best answers they could, considering they had no idea what was going on. By the end, it seemed that they were roped into trying to make the talentless Ginger Fox have a brilliant performance or else the whole world would think they were losers. They tried protesting, but it was no use.

Later that day, the iCarly crew sat, bored to death, and waited for Ginger’s manager to come back with his runaway popstar.

Finally, he came back, Ginger in tow. “I found her!”

The iCarly crew grumbled amongst themselves. Carly was the first to really speak. “YOU were supposed to be here four hours ago!”

“You said 2:00,” Ginger reminded them.

Sam shoved her phone into the pop star’s face. “Yeah, and it’s 6:00!”

“Well, I didn’t know if you meant o’clock AM or o’clock PM,” Ginger defended herself.

Sam blinked. “You’re o-mazingly stupid!”

Freddie chuckled, loving his girlfriend’s hilarious insults.

Ginger turned to her manager. “What’d she say?”

The manager laughed. “I’ll leave you guys to it. Good luck.”

Ginger walked off to the side and blew her nose, while the iCarly team watched on disgustedly. She then stuck the tissue on a dancer’s arm.

“Okay, people, let’s rehearse this!” Freddie called. “Can someone get a wireless mic on her please?”

“On it!” A guy rushed over.

“Okay, Ginger,” Carly began. “To start, we’re JUST gonna rehearse your vocals.”

Sam, having never been a director before, took on the dancers. “Okay, dancers, you…um…dance!”

“Everybody ready?” Freddie questioned.

“Ready!” they all agreed.

Ginger coughed loudly. “Nice,” Freddie commented sarcastically.

Ignoring Ginger, Sam yelled loudly, “CUE THE TRACK!”

They started the music again. Ginger began to sing, and all of them (despite knowing about Ginger’s lack of talent) were horrified. Exchanging terrified looks, they yelled for the sound booth to stop the track.

“I’m not gonna be able to sing that good when I’m dancing, you know,” Ginger informed then.

“Right,” Freddie murmured.

“We wouldn’t expect that,” Carly tried to be nice.

One of Ginger’s many assistants handed Ginger her baby, and after cooing at it for a few minutes, she handed it off.

Trying to figure out why Ginger had once been so popular, the iCarly trio watched her “Love Me, Hate Me,” video again.

“How could Ginger Fox have seemed so awesome 7 years ago?” Carly wondered.

“She was young then,” Sam told her. “Now she’s all 26 and old.”

“And even back then it wasn’t real,” Freddie reported. “It was just editing, audio voice filters…”

Carly was freaking out. “Well, in two days she has to appear live and the whole world knows we’re responsible for her performance!”

“She could lip-sync the song,” Sam offered.

“And how does that help the fact that she dances like a diseased elephant?” Carly replied. “Ugh, I’m so mean. You see what pressure does to me? It brings out my mean!”

Always the responsible one under pressure, Freddie started, “All right, let’s think. So we have a talentless woman who can’t sing, can’t dance and looks terrible.” Pretty much the opposite of Sam, Freddie thought. Don’t get distracted.

“Ooh, this thinking’s fun,” Carly was acting more like Sam.

“Lip-syncing fixes the singing issue,” Freddie motioned to Sam, giving her credit.

“Yeah, and I guess hair, makeup, costumes, lighting and no close-ups can make her less disgusting,” Sam supplemented. Then she realized that she was thinking. See what Freddie does to me? He makes me think!

Freddie shrugged, touching on the last issue. “More creative choreography?”

Carly crossed her arms. “I don’t know.”

“How’d we get stuck in all this Ginger Fox chiz anyway?” Sam asked.

“Oh, it’s not that bad,” the optimistic Carly answered.

“Then you change her baby this time,” Sam commanded after Ginger’s baby began to cry.

“Careful,” Sam reminded her. “He’s a distance pee-er.” Sam knew this because she and Freddie took care of the baby all night, acting like parents in a weird sort of way. Carly, of course, thought it was just Freddie who took care of him though.

“Ginger Fox is a freak,” Sam told Freddie that night.

Freddie put his arm around her and pulled her close. “At least the manager came and got her baby.”

“True,” Sam stifled a yawn. “I’m not a very good mom, am I?”

“No, you were terrific. You’ll be a great mom, Sammy,” he whispered.

“You really think so?” Sam inquired, but she didn’t give him a chance to answer. She’d fallen asleep. Freddie reached over and tucked her in, kissing her forehead.

The next day, at the Pop Music Awards, Sam, Freddie and Carly were seated and awaiting Ginger’s performance. Her manager came over to them. “You guys ready to put Ginger back on top?”

All three of them answered with variations of “No, not really.”

“Huh?” Her manager appeared to look surprised.

“Ginger has zero talent!” Sam complained.

Her manager chuckled. “I know. That’s why I made this your responsibility. If she fails, she blames you iCarly people and not me.”

Carly, who thought that people were naturally good, was shocked. “Don’t you think that’s kinda slimy?”

“Uh, I’m in the music business,” he reminded her.

Ginger then came onto the screen in front of their tables. Sam called, “Can I get a sandwich?”

Carly, Sam and Freddie watched devotedly as Ginger Fox began to lip-sync and move (not really dance).

“She looks okay,” Carly commented. “From a distance.” Ginger continued to move about the stage. Carly smiled. “This is working.”

“Just keep your fingers crossed,” Freddie told her. “Go wide, Camera 7!”

They continued to yell commands into their mics.

“Why is the audience cheering her?” Freddie exclaimed as the audience went crazy.

“She’s just marching around the stage!” Sam added.

The worst part, however, was at the end when she threw up her arm, revealing the heavy tufts of hair in her pits.

Carly gasped. “Did she shave under her arms? I don’t think she shaved under her arms. What girl doesn’t shave her underarms?”

Later that night, a bewildered Spencer, Carly, Sam and Freddie watched the news. Ginger Fox’s performance flashed in front of their eyes, along with the cheering audience.

“Un. Believable.” Carly muttered.

“Okay! You just saw a replay of the Ginger Fox live performance earlier tonight. And as you can hear from this crowd, Ginger is a hit yet again!” The news lady exclaimed.

“Ginger Fox has no talent,” Carly growled.

“She can’t do anything!” Freddie seconded.

“Maybe it’s best they don’t know,” Sam murmured.

Spencer was not bothered by any of that. “I feel like I kissed Gibby!”

The news lady continued. “Here comes Ginger Fox right now!” The crowd squealed.

Ginger took the microphone. “Has anybody seen my baby? His name is Bryan!”

“Billy,” the manager corrected.

“HIS NAME IS BILLY!” Ginger screamed.

“Oh, Ginger,” Carly sighed.

“I wonder who has the baby now,” Freddie wondered.

Sam laughed. “No idea.”

“Well, it’s been an interesting week,” Freddie sighed, cuddling with Sam.

“Definitely,” Sam groaned. “Ginger Fox is such a moron.”

“As are most pop stars,” Freddie reminded her.

“So true,” Sam murmured, kissing him quickly.

So, there’s that chapter! Please review, next chapter is…iWon’t Cancel the Show! It’ll be shorter (not much of a Seddie episode). Yeah, I’m skipping iBloop because it’s not really an episode. Anyway, I’m not going to update this story as much. Depending on the number of reviews, maybe once or twice a week. First, it takes a long time to write a chapter (2-3 hours), time that I won’t have because I start high school tomorrow. Second, it is losing popularity fast. If you want to me to update, just REVIEW!

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Icarly ifix a popstar


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