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<a title="Capelinhos" href="">Capelinhos</a>-<a title="Capelinhos" href="">Capelinhos</a>
discover unique beauty of capelinhos volcano PURE ADVENTURE AZORES is the only company on the Faial island to offer the original boat trips, called “Capelinhos Ocean Tours” . Being a partner

discover unique beauty of capelinhos volcano

PURE ADVENTURE AZORES is the only company on the Faial island to offer the original boat trips, called Capelinhos Ocean Tours”. Being a partner of the Natural Park of the Azores, we want to share with you the unique beauty of our island and the Capelinhos volcano. During the cruise, you can appreciate the island from the Atlantic Ocean, with a bit of luck meet the sea animals and, above all, see how beautiful and impressive is the Capelinhos volcano from this side.

We offer day cruises [in proper weather]. Currently, it is one cruise per day. In the afternoon, at 6 pm.
The cruise continues 2-2,5 hours from Horta [depending on the condition of the ocean].

Maximum number of passengers: 20

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by Eugénio Castro


In season 2019 tickets are available at:

in Varadouro in our ticket shop – during the day [11:00-17:00];

in Marina in Horta, near cafe “Marina bar esplanada” – 30 min. before trip. [Please call to confirm];


Ticket shop in Varadouro near fishing port. We are open 11:00 – 17:00.
tel. + 351 918 268 479 [PT & EN]

tel. + 351 963 176 660 [EN]

N 38⁰33’55
W 28⁰46’26


Marina HORTA

Marina in Horta, near cafe “Marina bar esplanada” and entry to the pontoon “C”.

Ticekts can be purchased 30 minutes before departure. [Please call to confirm].

tel. + 351 918 268 479 [PT & EN]

tel. + 351 963 176 660 [EN]


Routs, schedules and prices

Because of the low and high season and various weather and ocean conditions, we have got different types of trips.
Please check it under.

Who can enjoy our trips

Anyone who would like to see the unique beauty of the youngest volcano in Europe. This is an opportunity to see the volcano from the ocean side.

However, keep in mind, that the ocean is never calm, which can be not comfortable for smaller children.

Persons under 18 must be looked after by adults.

What to bring?

Comfortable clothes, sunglasses and sunscreen. We recommend wearing longer shorts and suggest to take raincoats or windstoppers. Cold drinks can be purchased before your trip in bars/restaurants in Varadouro or Horta .

In the Atlantic Ocean, the weather can be changeable and unpredictable. Therefore, we suggest, that you do not delay with the decision to go for a boat trip to the last days of your stay in the Azores, as it may not take place due to unfavorable weather conditions.


Since it’s boat cruise, we are not responsible for any damages caused to electronic devices like mobile phones, cameras etc.


Dear customers, we do not operate on days when bad weather and bad conditions of the sea are.

Your safety is priority for us.


Varadouro is located near the zone of the natural park of the island of Faial.

In Varadouro you will find beautiful views and natural pools [also for children]. You can take a bath there and spend a relaxing time while enjoying the proximity of the ocean.
Here is a nice campsite and small bar and also restaurant.

You can also take a walk on natural road along the ocean to the Capelinhos volcano. The route is approx. 6 km long. There, you can visit Casa dos Botes [Whale boats museum], which is located near Porto do Comprido.
Then you can see volcano from the mainland [it’s forbidden to climb the volcano] and visit the underground museum – The Interpretation Center of Capelinhos Volcano.




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