2015 Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) – Can I Claim It, earned income credit calculator.#Earned #income #credit #calculator

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Who Can Claim EITC?

Find out if you are eligible for the Earned Income Tax Credit. To get the EITC, you must meet requirements based on your filing status and income.

  • Earned income credit calculatorYour filing status
  • Earned income credit calculatorIf you have one or more qualifying children
  • Earned income credit calculatorIf you are eligible
  • Earned income credit calculatorThe estimated amount of your credit

Pop-Up Help:We provide helpful information by using pop-ups. We show them in blue and a dotted-underline. Set your browser to allow pop-ups for this application.

Upon completion of the tool, you will have the option to view or print a summary of the information you gave us, your filing status, your income, the number of qualifying children, if any, and an estimate of your Earned Income Tax Credit.

Warning: If you exit this program before you reach the option to print the summary, you will lose all the information you entered.

Earned income credit calculator

  • You had earned income of $53,267 or less in 2015.

Earned income credit calculator

  • Income statements or amount of income for 2015
  • Any adjustments to that income

Earned income credit calculator

Note: We use the information you provide to determine if you are eligible for the credit and to estimate the amount. We do not share it. To protect your privacy, we get rid of all your information when you exit this program.

Find out more about the 2015 EITC tax law changes.

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