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5 Ways You Can Earn a Passive Income on the Internet #canada #revenue #agency #forms

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5 Ways You Can Earn a Passive Income on the Internet

The internet is a big place, an estimated 3 billion people have accessed the internet at least once in their lifetimes, and given that Facebook publicly gives out information that they’ve got more than 1.2 billion active users, it’s safe to assume that majority of these estimated 3 billion are actually quite frequent users. Now, could you say that you’ve got access to that many people at once down in your local supermarket? I thought so.

Ever since the web became a thing. one of the hottest discussion topics has been “how to make money online,” a phrase that you and your friends have seen at least a couple of thousand times, if not a little more. Making money on the internet, is indeed, possible and actually not that hard to do — even if you don’t have an initial investment.

We won’t be looking at full-scale courses on how to generate some additional income, instead — we’ll look into passive income, a term used to describe income that somehow generates itself over time, without having you spend countless hours optimizing, and enriching with content.

Build a Blog Community

I’m sure you’ve seen this particular suggestion a few times already, stretched into as many variations as possible, but if I didn’t have my CodeCondo project up and running; I wouldn’t bother recommending it. Blogging is a legitimate way of earning passive income, even full-time income if you’re capable of dedicating yourself.

You’re passionate about something, use your knowledge and share it with others. Even if you’re not making money in the first couple of months, you will make at least a couple of hundred through the course of time. Whenever you’re spaced out, or simply bored — you can fire up your blogging platform and publish something new. You’ll be surprised to learn how many people are looking for things related to your passion.

Selling Digital Information

There are various types of online media content that can be sold through third party sites, including your own:

  • Online Courses (Video, Audio, or Plain-text)
  • eBooks
  • Coaching

You can sell (and build, of course) all of these at the comfort of your own home, it might take a few weeks to get it done, but if you build something that people need — the passive income is going to roll in regardless.

The mobile industry is growing at a very fast paced rate, and getting into this market now could secure a nice position for you in the future. You don’t have to build premium applications, in fact — for a passive income, I recommend building simple, free, applications that are supported by ads. Not only is it safe, it’s also a lot less work for you.

Create Graphics for Premium Sites

This might be slightly niche-related, but many schools teach graphic design by default, so you must have some idea of how to create images, animations, and other graphical elements. If you’ve got the knowledge, popular stock images sites such as iStockphoto will be more than happy to pay you the premium for providing them with original and unique photos. Something worth looking into.

Social Media Management

More and more brands, startups and companies are opening their doors to the internet, and believe me when I say that those companies are looking for all kinds of managers, one of the most popular positions that I’ve come across has been social media managers; they’re the people who manage all the social media related stuff for a business. It requires a few hours work a week, and I can net you a decent passive income along the way.

Make sure that you, and the employer, have agreed on the amount of work that needs to be carried out, as not to run into confusion later on.

These are just a couple of ideas that I’ve been able to interact with on my own journey, and you’re more than welcome to share with us in the comments about your passive income earning experiences.

Life, Income – Funeral Insurance Specialists #income #online

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/media/Images/Shared/youtube.ashx?h=32 w=32 width: 250px; margin: 0 10px 5px 0;” src=”/

2016 Insuranceline

^Offer available to Insuranceline customers who complete an application for a Life Insurance, Income Protection or Funeral Insurance policy between 1 July 2016 and 16 September 2016 (inclusive) and are issued with a policy with a commencement date prior to 00.01AM (AEST) 16 October 2016. To be eligible, policyholders must hold the policy for 2 consecutive months and pay 2 months premiums in full. One per policy. Full terms and conditions at

The information provided on this website is general advice only and does not take into account your individual needs, objectives or financial situation. Before you decide to buy or to continue to hold an insurance product, you must read the relevant Combined Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) and Financial Services Guide (FSG). The PDS/FSG contains important information which will help you understand the product, including what’s covered and what’s not covered and to decide whether it is appropriate for you.

Promoted by Insuranceline, a trading name of TAL Direct Pty Limited (of Level 16, 363 George Street, Sydney NSW 2000) ABN 39 084 666 017 AFSL 243260. TAL Life Limited ABN 70 050 109 450 AFSL 237848 issues the life insurance benefits. St Andrew’s Insurance (Australia) Pty Ltd ABN 89 075 044 656 AFSL 239649 issues the Involuntary Unemployment Cover. Pet Health Plan is issued by The Hollard Insurance Company Pty Ltd ABN 78 090 584 473, AFSL 241436.

The way in which Insuranceline St Andrew s collect, use, disclose and secure your personal information is set out in their respective Privacy Policies available at and

Australia s # 1 choice Australia s # 1 based on market share, as stated in the Direct Life Insurance Report 2015, Rice Warner Actuaries Pty Ltd.

Work From Home Internet Income Affiliate Program #meaning #of #term #life #insurance

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How to earn income globally, 24 hours a day –both front-end cash AND ongoing, back-end Renewal Income ( do it once, get paid forever residual-style income)

By simply referring people to your site, you can create an extra income stream of hundreds or even thousands of dollars a month when your referrals purchase any of our over 1 MILLION products and services.

It’s FUN and EASY!
Many of our Affiliates do nothing more than print their SFI Web address on their business cards, stationery, etc. We take it from there!

We maintain your Website for you, take the orders, handle all product shipment, and provide all customer service, too. You can even check your commissions 24 hours a day online. Everything is provided at no cost to you. You just have to cash the commission checks!

You also receive

FREE LIFETIME SUBSCRIPTION to our exclusive Six-Figure Income Newsletter –featuring insider success secrets from home business $100,000 earners. exclusive articles. news. and much more. ($149 annual value!).

SFI is the exclusive marketing arm of the IAHBE (International Association of Home Business Entrepreneurs). The IAHBE provides extensive training, tools, and resources for home-based entrepreneurs.

Membership in the IAHBE also includes a monthly multi-media MoneyPak (shown at left). Components of the MoneyPak include audio seminars, Book-Of-the-Month, software, Magazine-of-the-Month, marketing tools, special reports, plus over $120 in valuable free bonuses each month. Currently this is an exclusive offer to SFI affiliates only. Sign up now and get yours.

More Free Info. on IAHBE

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SFI is the main marketing arm for Smart Customer�.

CONSUMERS who use the Smart Customer� card save money and earn cash back at participating local merchants and on the Internet!

For MERCHANTS who accept the card, The Smart Customer� program is an easy-to-use, innovative marketing system that helps businesses to keep customers coming back. By providing a powerful toolbox to enhance their relationships with their customers, Smart Customer� merchants can expect:

  • Increased average sale
  • Increased frequency of purchase
  • Increased share of customer’s wallet
  • Increased total number of customers
  • Reduced marketing costs
  • More efficient and effective marketing
  • Increased profits
  • Competitive advantage

Become an Six Figure Income Affiliate Now.

If you have a website you want to promote, you should check out It’s a resource for do-it-yourselfers where you can learn to prepare your pages for the search engines. then use a sophisticated url submission robot to submit your webpages to all the important search engines and directories. You’ll also find tutorials about website promotion. submitting to yahoo. and much more. Best of all, you can use the site for free — if you like it, pay what YOU think it’s worth! The guy who runs it has reinvented tipping !

Internet Marketing Links

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While you are reading this web page thousands of people all over the world are working to put money in my pocket. I even make money while I sleep! By this time next week, so could you. Learn more about working from home with internet affiliate programs.

Thank you Brian Dickey

In association with the following websites.

Active Market Place

AT – T Lifeline – Low-Income Phone Service #canadian #income #trusts

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General Information Lifeline

Low-income phone service

Lifeline Program Restrictions

Only one Lifeline service is available per household.

  • A household is defined, for purposes of the Lifeline program, as any individual or group of individuals who live together at the same address and share income and expenses.
  • A household is not permitted to receive Lifeline benefits from multiple providers (i.e. if you receive a Lifeline discount on your wireless service, you would not also qualify to receive that discount on your home phone service).

Violation of the one-per-household limitation constitutes a violation of the Federal Communications Commission’s (or “FCC”) rules and will result in the subscriber’s de-enrollment from the program.

Lifeline is a non-transferable benefit and the subscriber may not transfer his or her benefit to any other person.

Lifeline is a federal benefit and willfully making false statements to obtain the benefit can result in fines, imprisonment, de-enrollment or being barred from the program.

For information for Wireless Lifeline offers for your state, please click here .

General Lifeline Information – For Home Phone

Making home phone service even more affordable.

Because phone service is so important in today’s world, AT T believes everyone should have access to it. We offer two discounted telephone service plans to make basic home phone service even more affordable for qualified customers.

  • Regular Lifeline – provides qualified customers with discounted home phone service and the ability to add additional services and features.
  • Enhanced Lifeline – offers a deeper discount to qualified customers who live on federally-recognized Tribal lands.*

* Tribal lands as defined in Title 47 Code of Federal Regulations, Section 54.400(e).

FAQ’s about the new Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Lifeline Rules for your Home Phone

Q. What do I need to fill in on the application?
A. It is important that you fill out the application completely and accurately to ensure there are no delays in being approved for the Lifeline program. Please review the instructions on the application carefully.

  • Customer Name
  • Customer Service Address
  • City, State, Zip
  • Must note if your address is permanent or temporary
  • Customer Telephone Number
  • Social Security Number (last 4 digits only) or Tribal ID
  • Date of Birth (mm/dd/yyyy)
  • Must check qualifying program or income; if income, must provide # of persons in household
  • Must provide proof of program participation or income level
  • Must check (or initial) every box in the list of certifications
  • Signature
  • Date

Q. What proof do I need to send?
A. If you qualify by program assistance, please enclose a photocopy of your benefits card or award letter. If you qualify by income, please enclose photocopies of any of the following qualifying documents DO NOT send any originals.

  • Most recent state or federal tax return
  • Retirement/pension statement of benefits
  • Current income statement from an employer
  • Unemployment/Workmen’s Compensation Statement of Benefits
  • Paycheck stubs for most recent 3 months
  • Federal notice letter of participation in General Assistance
  • Social Security Statement of Benefits
  • Veterans Administration Statement of Benefits
  • Child Support document
  • Divorce decree
  • Other official document containing income information

Q. How do I get proof of Social Security (Social Security Statement of Benefits) if qualifying by income?
A. Social Security Statement of Benefits is mailed to all recipients annually. If you need a copy, please contact your local Social Security office.

Q. Can I send a copy of my paycheck as proof?
A. We will need a copy of your paycheck stubs for three consecutive months, as proof. A copy of your paycheck is not accepted.

Q. Is Supplemental Social Security (SSI) the same as Social Security?
A. No. Supplemental Security Income (SSI) is a Federal income supplement program funded by general tax revenues (not Social Security taxes). It is designed to help aged, blind and disabled people who have little or no income.

Q. I’m a senior citizen, do I qualify?
A. Lifeline is not based on age. You must participate in one of the qualifying programs or meet the income guidelines to be eligible for Lifeline.

Q. I receive Medicare, do I qualify?
A. No. Medicare is not a qualifier for the Lifeline program.

Q. I babysit or am self-employed, what is acceptable for proof?
A. Please provide a photocopy of your most recent tax return.

Q. Do I have to wait until I’m approved for Lifeline to get phone service?
A. No. You must have working phone service to be approved for Lifeline.

Q. Will the Lifeline discount be on my next bill?
A. Lifeline will be applied to your account within 2 bill cycles and is retroactive back to your approval date.

Q. Why isn’t Lifeline showing on my bill anymore?
A. You may have failed to complete a Recertification within the required 30 days. A service interruption may also trigger removal of your Lifeline discount. You must re-apply by using the Application for Lifeline to have the discount added back to your account.

Q. Why has my bill amount changed?
A. The FCC has changed the federal Lifeline discount amount.

Q. Why has my bill amount changed?
A. The FCC has changed the federal Lifeline discount amount.

Q. Why did the FCC change its contribution to the Lifeline discount?
A. The FCC reformed many aspects of its Lifeline program and changing the old Lifeline discount rate structure to a simple, flat rate discount was one of those reforms. The FCC concluded that such a discount is easier for customers to understand.

Q. How can I find out more about these changes?
A. Visit

Q. Why did I receive a recertification form in the mail?
A. The FCC is requiring all customers who have Lifeline as of June 1, 2012, to certify that they are still eligible for Lifeline according to the new guidelines. Please visit for more information.

ATandT Key Links

  • Privacy Policy This link will open a new window
  • Careers This link will open a new window
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  • Site Map This link will open a new window
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  • Broadband Information This link will open a new window

2016 AT T Intellectual Property. All rights reserved. AT T, Globe logo, Mobilizing Your World and DIRECTV are registered trademarks of AT T Intellectual Property and/or AT T affiliated companies. All other marks are the property of their respective owners

Comcast offers $10 Internet access for low-income families #what #is #a #life #insurance

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Comcast offers $10 Internet access for low-income families

Comcast’s new Internet program for low-income families will continue to accept new customers for “three full school years.”

  • Comcast’s package supports wired and Wi-Fi Internet connectivity
  • It also includes the Windows 7 Starter operating system
  • The project is a byproduct of the Comcast-NBC merger
  • In the aquisition, the company agreed to increase broadband deployment

(Mashable ) — Cable and Internet provider Comcast is launching a new program to offer discounted Internet service and computers to low-income families.

The program, called Internet Essentials, will provide low-cost access to the Internet and affordable computers as well as digital literacy training to families with children who are eligible to receive free lunches under the National School Lunch Program, according to the company’s blog.

Internet service provided through Internet Essentials features download speeds of up to 1.5 Mbps and upload speeds of up to 384 Kbps. The plan costs $9.95 per month (plus tax) and is available for families that:

— Are located where Comcast offers Internet service (currently in 39 states)

— Have at least one child receiving free school lunches through the National School Lunch Program

— Have not subscribed to Comcast Internet service within the last 90 days

— Do not have an overdue Comcast bill or unreturned equipment Upon enrollment, new customers have the opportunity to buy a netbook-style laptop computer for $149.99 (plus tax).

It supports wired and Wi-Fi Internet connectivity and includes the Windows 7 Starter operating system and Internet browser software. Comcast has launched websites in English and Spanish to promote the offering. The program will continue to accept new customers for three full school years, according to the product’s FAQ page.

While this project seems like a goodwill initiative on part of the giant communications provider, it is actually a byproduct of the Comcast-NBC merger. in which the company agreed to increase broadband deployment in low income households as one of a number of conditions to the acquisition.

Whether Comcast plans to continue the program after the terms of the condition expire or not, we hope this initiative helps push the United States one step closer to closing the digital divide between the haves and havenots.

2013 All rights reserved.

Income tax india pan card #income #tax #filling

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#income tax india pan card


File Validation Utility (FVU) version 2.147 (to validate statement(s) pertaining to FY 2007-08 to 2009-10) and FVU version 5.1 (to validate statement(s) pertaining to FY 2010-11 onwards) are available for download at TIN website. NSDL e-Gov Return Preparation Utility (RPU version 1.6) for e-TDS/TCS Statements from FY 2007-08 onwards is released (27/06/2016) Facility to make payment of demand raised by CPC-TDS against TDS on Sale of Property has been enabled. For details, please click on the URL and select Demand Payment. Services of TIN call centre are now available 24 x 7.You may call on 020-27218080 anytime and select appropriate options to check the status of PAN /TAN application.

NSDL e-Governance Infrastructure Limited

Copyright 2005 | NSDL e-Governance Infrastructure Limited (NSDL e-Gov).

Page last modified on. August 26, 2016

Income Protector Withdrawal Benefit #income #tax #dept

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#income protector


Income Protector Withdrawal Benefit

Make the most of your retirement savings with a benefit that guarantees an income stream that you can’t outlive. With a guaranteed 6% annual increase to your benefit base, your income payments have the potential to be greater than without the benefit. 1

Key Features

  • Optional living benefit that can be added to a fixed index annuity
  • 6% annual increase to your benefit base
  • Income payments last for life – even if your account goes to zero
  • Turn your income on or off at any time
  • Available for an added cost

Suitable For

  • You want to guarantee your savings will last for as long as you live regardless of the market
  • Social Security and pensions won’t be enough – you need additional supplemental retirement income that lasts for life
  • You have big plans for your retirement years – an additional income stream can help you reach your goals


Please see rider contract for additional details.

All guarantees are based on the financial strength and claims paying ability of Voya Insurance and Annuity Company (Des Moines, IA), who is solely responsible for all obligations under its policies.

Optional living benefit available for an additional cost.

1 Please note that the likelihood of obtaining value from the Voya IncomeProtector Withdrawal Benefit rider decreases as issue ages increase. In order for owners issue age 75 and above to benefit from this rider, the interest credited to your accumulation value must be significantly less than expected based on historic averages. Depending on your issue age and the interest credited to your accumulation value, deferring your payment stream may significantly reduce the likelihood of obtaining value from the Voya IncomeProtector Withdrawal Benefit.

Next Steps

Is an Annuity
Right for You?

Additional Resources

Voya Income Protector Withdrawal Benefit Brochure

Rider Form Series: IU-RA-3059 (08/08); IU-RA-3060 (08/08).

Annuities are issued by Voya Insurance and Annuity Company (Des Moines, IA), member of the Voya® family of companies.

Connecting for Good: Internet Access for Low Income Families #online #filing #of #income #tax #return

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#income from internet


Internet Access for Low Income Families

Our first free Wi-Fi network was set up in December 2012, with Internet access in all 168 units at the Rosedale Ridge low income housing complex

At Connecting for Good, our core belief is that connectivity equals opportunity and that Internet access in the home is essential to make this a reality. We believe bandwidth in the home is essential as any modern utility; like phone service, electricity and running water. Access to the Internet brings with it a chance to apply for jobs online, connections with family and friends, access to virtual library shelves, information about medical and health issues, online education – GED completion and college courses – and a whole lot more. These are resources with the potential to help an under resourced family move toward a healthier, happier and more secure future.

Along with a providing broadband Internet connections, we are also including digital literacy training and distributing very inexpensive computers as part of this initiative. Qualified low income individuals who complete two training sessions are eligible to receive a high quality refurbished desktop PC for just $75.00.

Free Wi-Fi at Low Income Housing Facilities

Juniper Gardens mesh network brings free in-home Internet to 300 families

To bring connectivity to families in low income public and Section 8 housing, Connecting for Good became a wireless Internet Service Provider. Using microwave towers to create the wireless the backbone, we are building Wi-Fi mesh networks to spread connectivity to communities that otherwise would have very limited access.

We ve built five free Wi-Fi networks. In Kansas City, Missouri at Posada del Sol, a low income senior high rise, and at Amethyst Place, a program reuniting mothers completing drug treatment with their children. In Kansas City, Kansas, we constructed a mesh network covering 12 city blocks at the Juniper Gardens public housing complex and another one at Rosedale Ridge. a Section 8 housing project. In all we are providing connectivity, free of charge to over 500 KC area households. Also in Kansas City KS, we brought free Wi-Fi to Glanville Towers. a ten story facility for seniors and the disabled and Rosedale Ridge a 168 unit Section 8 property. We are have plans for similar projects at additional local properties for low income families on both sides of the state line.

Affordable In-home Unlimited 4G Internet Access

Recently, Connecting for Good has partnered with two national organizations to bring the Internet equivalent of the pay-as-you-go cell phone. 5-8 Mbsp unlimited 4G Internet is now available to low income families in the Kansas City area for $10.00 a month. No credit checks, no long-term contracts. Learn more about this service here.

See our Helpful Links page to learn about other inexpensive ways to connect to the Internet.

Learn more about mesh networks. the wireless technology we are using to bridge the Digital Divide!

If you have an interest in getting involved, please contact us !

Types of Elasticity of Demand – Price Elasticity of Demand – Income Elasticity of Demand

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#income elasticity of demand


T ypes of Elasticity of Demand:

The quantity of a commodity demanded per unit of time depends upon various factors such as the price of a commodity, the money income of the prices of related goods, the tastes of the people, etc. etc.

Whenever there is a change in any of the variables stated above, it brings about a change in the quantity of the commodity purchased over a specified period of time. The elasticity of demand measures the responsiveness of quantity demanded to a change in any one of the above factors by keeping other factors constant. When the relative responsiveness or sensitiveness of the quantity demanded is measured to changes, in its price, the elasticity is said be price elasticity of demand.

When the change in demand is the result of the given change in income, it is named as income elasticity of demand. Sometimes, a change in the price of one good causes a change in the demand for the other. The elasticity here is called cross electricity of demand. The three main types of elasticity of demand are now discussed in brief.

(1) Price Elasticity of Demand:

Definition and Explanation:

The concept of price elasticity of demand is commonly used in economic literature. Price elasticity of demand is the degree of responsiveness of quantity demanded of a good to a change in its price. Precisely, it is defined as:

T he ratio of proportionate change in the quantity demanded of a good caused by a given proportionate change in price .


The formula for measuring price elasticity of demand is:

Price Elasticity of Demand = Percentage in Quantity Demand

Percentage Change in Price


Let us suppose that price of a good falls from $10 per unit to $ 9 per unit in a day. The decline in price causes the quantity of the good demanded to increase from 125 units to 150 units per day. The price elasticity using the simplified formula will be:

q = 150 – 125 = 25

Original Quantity = 125

Original Price = 10

The elasticity coefficient is greater than one. Therefore the demand for the good is elastic.


T he concept of price elasticity of demand can be used to divide the goods in to three groups.

(i) Elastic. When the percent change in quantity of a good is greater than the percent change in its price, the demand is said to be elastic. When elasticity of demand is greater than one, a fall in price increases the total revenue (expenditure) and a rise in price lowers the total revenue (expenditure).

(ii) Unitary Elasticity. When the percentage change in the quantity of a good demanded equals percentage in its price, the price elasticity of demand is said to have unitary elasticity. When elasticity of demand is equal to one or unitary, a rise or fall in price leaves total revenue unchanged.

(iii) Inelastic. When the percent change in quantity of a good demanded is less than the percentage change in its price, the demand is called inelastic. When elasticity of demand is inelastic or less than one, a fall in price decreases total revenue and a rise in its price increases total revenue.

(2) Income Elasticity of Demand:

Definition and Explanation:

Income is an important variable affecting the demand for a good. When there is a change in the level of income of a consumer, there is a change in the quantity demanded of a good, other factors remaining the same. The degree of change or responsiveness of quantity demanded of a good to a change in the income of a consumer is called income elasticity of demand. Income elasticity of demand can be defined as:

T he ratio of percentage change in the quantity of a good purchased, per unit of time to a percentage change in the income of a consumer .


The formula for measuring the income elasticity of demand is the percentage change in demand for a good divided by the percentage change in income. Putting this in symbol gives.

Ey = Percentage Change in Demand

Percentage Change in Income


A simple example will show how income elasticity of demand can be calculated. Let us assume that the income of a person is $4000 per month and he purchases six CD’s per month. Let us assume that the monthly income of the consumer increase to $6000 and the quantity demanded of CD’s per month rises to eight. The elasticity of demand for CD’s will be calculated as under:

p = $6000 – $4000 = $2000

O riginal quantity demanded = 6

Original income = $4000

Ey = q / p x P / Q = 2 / 200 x 4000 / 6 = 0.66

The income elasticity is 0.66 which is less than one.


When the income of a person increases, his demand for goods also changes depending upon whether the good is a normal good or an inferior good. For normal goods, the value of elasticity is greater than zero but less than one. Goods with an income elasticity of less than 1 are called inferior goods. For example, people buy more food as their income rises but the % increase in its demand is less than the % increase in income.

(3) Cross Elasticity of Demand:

Definition and Explanation:

The concept of cross elasticity of demand is used for measuring the responsiveness of quantity demanded of a good to changes in the price of related goods. Cross elasticity of demand is defined as:

T he percentage change in the demand of one good as a result of the percentage change in the price of another good .


The formula for measuring, cross, elasticity of demand is:

Exy = % Change in Quantity Demanded of Good X

% Change in Price of Good Y

The numerical value of cross elasticity depends on whether the two goods in question are substitutes, complements or unrelated.

Types and Example:

(i) Substitute Goods. When two goods are substitute of each other, such as coke and Pepsi, an increase in the price of one good will lead to an increase in demand for the other good. The numerical value of goods is positive.

For example there are two goods. Coke and Pepsi which are close substitutes. If there is increase in the price of Pepsi called good y by 10% and it increases the demand for Coke called good X by 5%, the cross elasticity of demand would be:

Since Exy is positive (E 0), therefore, Coke and Pepsi are close substitutes.

(ii) Complementary Goods. However, in case of complementary goods such as car and petrol, cricket bat and ball, a rise in the price of one good say cricket bat by 7% will bring a fall in the demand for the balls (say by 6%). The cross elasticity of demand which are complementary to each other is, therefore, 6% / 7% = 0.85 (negative ).

(iii) Unrelated Goods. The two goods which a re unrelated to each other, say apples and pens, if the price of apple rises in the market, it is unlikely to result in a change in quantity demanded of pens. The elasticity is zero of unrelated goods.

Relevant Articles:

Low-Income Broadband Pilot Program #median #household #income

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#income from internet


Low-Income Broadband Pilot Program

In 2012, the Commission launched a pilot program to collect data on what policies might overcome the key broadband adoption barriers — cost, relevance and digital literacy — for low-income consumers and how the Lifeline program could be best be structured to provide support for broadband. On the one hand, the 14 pilot projects shared a set of common elements that reflect the current model of the Lifeline program — e.g. all relied on existing ETCs to provide service, and the ETCs had to confirm that individuals participating in the pilot were eligible and qualified to receive Lifeline benefits — but on the other hand, each project tested different subsidy amounts, conditions to receiving service, and different outreach and marketing strategies. The result was a highly diverse set of 14 funded pilot projects that implemented different strategies and provided a range of services across varying geographies. The Wireline Competition Bureau has prepared a STAFF REPORT to assist the Commission in considering reforms to the Lifeline Program. The Staff Report summarizes each of the 14 pilot projects and the data collected during the course of the projects.

As part of the Low-Income Broadband Pilot Program, participating providers were required to collect and submit anonymized data to enable both the Commission and outside parties to conduct independent studies and provide observations about the pilot program. The data collected during each project in calendar years 2013 and 2014 is provided below, along with final reports filed by pilot participants that include their own analysis and lessons learned from the projects. To facilitate use by outside parties, the Bureau also is providing instructions on how to read the data sets: Guide to Datasets