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What Is Taxable Interest Income? #income #tax #credit

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What Is Taxable Interest Income?

There is probably no one who likes taxes. Most of us pay our fair share, whether income taxes, property taxes, sales taxes or other taxes. Taxes are levied by the federal government, the states and municipalities. Investment income is subject to federal taxes. Many states also tax investment income, although laws vary. Interest income is one component of investment income.

Investment Accounts and Tax Status

Not all investment income is subject to taxes. Interest and dividend income received in qualified retirement plan accounts and traditional IRA accounts are exempt from taxes. Investments in these plans grow untaxed. Taxes are paid when you withdraw funds. Roth IRAs are also tax-exempt accounts. Funds grow untaxed and, if taken out according to IRS guidelines, are not taxed. Interest income received in nonqualified investment accounts, including individual and joint brokerage accounts, may be subject to taxes.

Sources of Interest Income

Interest income comes from many different sources. Not all interest income is taxable. Some income is federal tax-exempt, some exempt from state taxes, and some interest may be subject to taxes by one government entity, such as a state, and not by the federal government. Bonds are one source of interest income. These include certificates of deposit, Treasury securities, government agency bonds, corporate bonds and municipal bonds. Many financial institutions pay interest on checking accounts and savings accounts. Mutual fund distributions may include interest payments.

Taxable Interest

Interest income received during a calendar year subject to taxes is taxable income. Interest received on certificates of deposit, bank accounts and corporate bonds is subject to federal taxes. Interest from U.S. Treasury securities is subject to Federal taxes. Most government agency bond interest is taxable. Quite a few states tax dividend and interest income. Taxpayers receive a Form 1099-INT from the payer in the year following the interest distribution if the interest paid was more than $10. The interest must be reported on the federal tax form, whether or not taxes are due. Some dividends received are categorized as interest, including dividends from credit unions, savings and loans, and mutual savings banks. The institution records the interest on a Form 1099-INT that it mails to the account owner.

Nontaxable Interest Income

Most municipal bonds are tax-exempt at the federal and state level. The state tax exemption usually applies to municipal bonds issued by the investor s home state and municipalities. Other municipal bonds, such as Puerto Rico bonds, may be tax-exempt as well. Municipal bonds from states other than the investor s state of residence are usually subject to state tax. The municipal bond interest must be reported on the tax form whether or not taxes are payable. Series EE and I savings bonds are tax-exempt if the money is used for educational expenses. The exemption phases out at specific income levels.

ZIP Code Rankings #where #to #get #income #tax #forms

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Based on the American Community Survey 2013 5-year estimates (ACS0913 ), ten ZIP Code Areas had a median household income of $250,000 or more during 2009-13. More than 130 ZIP code areas had a median housing value of $1,000,000 or more. These data were released in December 2014 and will be the most current measure until updated in December 2015. See the list of all ZIP ccdes showing median household and related measures in the table shown below. This section reviews measures of economic prosperity for all ZIP code areas. Use the interactive table in this section to view, rank, compare and query ZIP code attributes.

Examining demographic-economic characteristics by ZIP code is important for several reasons. We are familiar with our own ZIP codes as a geographic location. We tend to be interested in our area compared to other areas. ZIP codes provide an easy way to do that. Also, many secondary data resources are tabulated by ZIP code area; some important data are only available by ZIP code. See more about ZIP Code areas.

Resources width: 250px; margin: 0 10px 5px 0;” src=”” />
View developed with CV XE GIS software. Click graphic for larger view.

Additional views: (click link)
ZIP 77010 (Houston) in context of ZIP code boundary (red boundary) and Open Street Maps

ZIP Code Areas: Population Economic Prosperity — Interactive Table
Table initially sorted by median household income.
Use the interactive table shown below to examine attributes of ZIP Code areas.
Click column header to sort; again to sort other direction. Usage notes below table.
See related Ranking Tables Main Page

Usage Notes
Click ShowAll between queries/filters.
Query for 3-digit ZIP Code: Click ShowAll button; replace “100” (no quotes) with 3 digit ZIP; click Find ZIP button.
— performs find for exact match on column 1 (ZIPCode).
Query by city name: Click ShowAll button; replace “Los Angeles” (no quotes) with case sensitive partial/all city name; click Find Name button.
— performs find for exact match on column 5 (City Name).
Median household income is top coded at $250,000. Areas showing $250,000 are $250,000 or more.
Median housing value is top coded at $1,000,000. Areas showing $1,000,000 are $1,000,000 or more.
-1 value indicates no estimate available for this area.

Support Using these Resources
Learn more about demographic economic data and related analytical tools. Join us in a Data Analytics Lab session. There is no fee for these one-hour Web sessions. Each informal session is focused on a specific topic. The open structure also provides for Q A and discussion of application issues of interest to participants.

ProximityOne User Group
Join the ProximityOne User Group to keep up-to-date with new developments relating to geographic-demographic-economic decision-making information resources. Receive updates and access to tools and resources available only to members. Use this form to join the User Group.

Additional Information
ProximityOne develops geographic-demographic-economic data and analytical tools and helps organizations knit together and use diverse data in a decision-making and analytical framework. We develop custom demographic/economic estimates and projections, develop geographic and geocoded address files, and assist with impact and geospatial analyses. Wide-ranging organizations use our tools (software, data, methodologies) to analyze their own data integrated with other data. Follow ProximityOne on Twitter at Contact ProximityOne (888-364-7656) with questions about data covered in this section or to discuss custom estimates, projections or analyses for your areas of interest.

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ZIP Code Tabulation Areas (ZCTAs )

ZIP Code Tabulation Areas (ZCTAs) are generalized areal representations of United States Postal Service (USPS) ZIP Code service areas.

The USPS ZIP Codes identify the individual post office or metropolitan area delivery station associated with mailing addresses. USPS ZIP Codes are not areal features but a collection of mail delivery routes.

How ZCTAs are Created

The Census Bureau first examined all of the addresses within each census block to define the list of ZIP Codes by block. Next, the most frequently occurring ZIP Code within each block was assigned to the entire census block as a preliminary ZCTA code. After all of the census blocks with addresses were assigned a preliminary ZCTA code, blocks were aggregated by code to create larger areas.

The Census Bureau assigned blocks that contained addresses, but did not have a single most frequently occurring ZIP Code to the ZCTA with which the blocks had the longest shared boundary.

If the area of an unassigned enclave was less than two square miles, it was assigned to the surrounding ZCTA. The Census Bureau used block group boundaries to identify and group unassigned blocks. These unassigned blocks were merged into an adjacent ZCTA based on the length of shared boundary.

For the Census 2000 ZCTAs the Census Bureau created ZCTAs that ended in XX to represent large areas of land without ZIP Codes or HH to represent large areas of water without ZIP Codes. For the 2010 Census, large water bodies and large unpopulated land areas do not have ZCTAs.

ZCTAs were created using residential and nonresidential ZIP Codes that are available in the Census Bureau s MAF/TIGER database. ZIP Codes assigned to businesses only or single delivery point address will not necessarily appear as ZCTAs.

In most instances the ZCTA code is the same as the ZIP Code for an area.

In creating ZCTAs, the Census Bureau took the most frequently occurring ZIP Code in an area for the ZCTA code. Some addresses will end up with a ZCTA code different from their ZIP Code.

Some ZIP Codes represent very few addresses (sometimes only one) and therefore will not appear in the ZCTA universe.

Differences between Census 2000 and 2010 Census ZCTAs

Key Differences between Census 2000 and 2010 Census ZCTAs

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Pass-through Entity (PTE) e-File

PTE Tax Software

The following software products go through our approval process in order to process Virginia PTE tax returns through the Federal/State e-File program.

The Virginia Department of Taxation (Department) does not promote or endorse any particular online filing product. It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that a product meets their e-Filing needs. Approval by the Department only means that the vendor has met established software specifications.

  • Please note that by clicking on an e-File vendor’s link, you will leave the Department’s web site and enter a privately owned web site created, operated and maintained by a commercial e-File vendor.
  • By linking to this private business, the Department is not endorsing its products, services, or privacy and security policies.
  • We recommend you review the e-File vendor’s information collection policy or terms and conditions to fully understand what information is collected by this private business.

Filing Reminders and Changes

  • All PTE tax returns must be filed electronically.
    • This took effect beginning with Taxable Year 2014 returns and their tax due payments.
      • All PTEs can file/pay through the Federal/State e-File program.
      • PTEs meeting certain conditions can file/pay through the Department’s eForms system.
        NOTE. Details regarding these conditions for the 502EZ can be viewed in the eForms FAQs .
    • PTEs that are unable to file and pay electronically must request a hardship waiver .
  • Virginia accepts original and amended e-File PTE tax returns for Tax Years 2013 and forward.
  • Direct Debit is available for tax due payments.

PTE e-File Program

Virginia’s PTE e-File program works jointly with the IRS Federal/State e-File Program.

This allows the federal and state PTE tax returns to be filed electronically through a vendor’s website or a purchased software package. e-File software checks for completeness, corrects errors, generates the applicable schedules and electronically transmits the return and payment to the e-File processing systems.

The e-File program provides many benefits:

  • Security Confirmation – notification that the return was received and either accepted or rejected
  • Convenient Easy – available 24/7 with step-by-step instructions provided
  • Accurate Processing – fewer errors due to review by e-File software
  • One-Stop-Shop – prepare and file the federal and state return simultaneously
  • Electronic Banking – convenience of Direct Debit for the tax payment owed
  • Warehouse Payments – file now and select a later date for the Department to debit the tax payment from your bank account
  • Saves Paper Time – no printing and mailing of paper returns

Using PTE e-File

In order to successfully e-File you must use one of approved software products listed below.

  • Verify that the software product supports the forms and tax year(s) that you want to file.
    NOTE. Some products support federal and state filing and some products support only state filing.
  • Ensure that your computer’s operating system is compatible with the software chosen.
  • Be able to create a readable PDF for each required state attachment.
    NOTE. This requires a scanner that scans documents into a PDF or another tool that allows you to save a file as a PDF.

You will receive an acknowledgement within 48 hours from when your return(s) is received and it will advise if the return is accepted or is rejected by the e-File System. In most cases, rejected returns can be re-transmitted after correcting the error that caused the rejection.

When an e-Filed return is rejected at the federal IRS level, Virginia does not receive the electronic copy of the data. Once the return is accepted at the federal IRS level, Virginia receives the electronic information and will supply its own acknowledgment of accepted or rejected.

A return must be transmitted and accepted by the due date of the return to be considered timely filed.

Direct Debit and e-File

PTE e-File software offers the option of paying the tax due through a direct debit. Prior to initiating an ACH Direct Debit transaction, notify your bank that the Department is authorized to debit your bank account.

Some banks use a “filter”, which prevents unauthorized debits from a customer’s account. If your bank requests a filter number or Company ID for the direct debit transactions, please contact Customer Services at (804) 367-8037 to obtain this number.

If your bank denies your EFT payment, the Department handles it like a returned check and late payment charges will apply.

How to Get Help

If you have additional questions regarding PTE e-File, please review these PTE e-File FAQs .

Online Services – Income Tax #free #income #tax #software

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Income Tax

Service Update

Please note that if you are enrolling for our Individual Tax Service you will require an activation and security code to activate your account. These codes are usually issued via email and post but you can obtain these codes over the phone by calling 685400 (option 2) during office hours, where we will be able to give you these codes over the phone after asking you to answer security questions.

Service Update

Please note that if you are enrolling for our Individual Tax Service you will require an activation and security code to activate your account. These codes are usually issued via email and post but you can obtain these codes over the phone by calling 685400 (option 2) during office hours, where we will be able to give you these codes over the phone after asking you to answer security questions.

This Service allows you or your agent to submit and view your tax returns and receive instant notification of receipt of the return. You can view details of assessments and balance details easily and securely. In addition, you can make online payments by BACS credit transfer, credit card or debit card.

To access this Service you must first register once with the Government Online Services and then request an activation code to enrol for Income Tax Services.

Related Links


Normally available 24 hours a day. Only enquiry functions are available Monday to Friday from 00:05 to 03:00 am GMT.

OGL All content is available under the Open Government Licence. except where otherwise stated

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Suncorp Income Protection Insurance

Looking after your income is as important as looking after yourself

  • 75% of your income covered up to $10,000 a month
  • 75% of your income up to $4,000/mth for three months
    if you are involuntarily unemployed (optional cover)
  • Hundreds of occupations covered
  • Easy buy online, no medical tests required at application

Why should I have Income Protection with redundancy cover?

Income protection is designed to help keep your life on track while you can’t work due to sickness or injury. It can provide valuable financial support which lets you focus on getting well again. You also have the option to add redundancy cover to help protect your lifestyle while you’re looking for work.

You might like to consider Income Protection with optional redundancy cover if you:

  • Rely on your income for daily life
  • Have bills, credit card, rent or a mortgage to pay
  • Want extra security for you or your family
  • Want to maintain your lifestyle regardless of what happens

Why insure with Suncorp?

  • Over 630,000 customers across Australia NZ
  • We pay an average of $1.5M in claims every day
  • Cancel anytime within 30 days

Join 630,000 customers across Australia *

Apply online today

Features benefits

  • Up to $10,000 monthly benefits You can choose to insure up to 75% of your monthly income from $1,000 to $10,000 per month for disability, and from $1,000 to $4,000 per month for optional redundancy cover.
  • No medical tests at application Apply in minutes and get immediate cover. All you need to do is answer a few simple questions.
  • Flexible payout periods You choose how long we will pay approved monthly disability benefits for up to 2 years in the event of a claim, or 3 months if you are made redundant.
  • Cover up to age 65 Provided your cover has not ceased under the terms of the policy, we guarantee to renew your disability cover every year until your 65th birthday, even if your health changes. Your optional redundancy cover is a yearly renewable contract which is valid until you reach your 65th birthday (unless it has ceased earlier).
  • Easy claiming In the event of a claim, simply call us on 1800 257 008 and we will then send you a claim pack with full details on the documents we require including passport/identification, financial documents and medical notes. You’ll receive your first monthly benefit 30 days after you complete your waiting period.

This is just a summary. For full details about what is and isn’t covered, check the PDS (Product Disclosure Statement) for such things as when you may or may not be eligible for a benefit such as the redundancy benefit (if applicable), and waiting and no claim periods, payout limits and exclusions.

How much is it?

How much you pay depends on your age, gender, occupation, smoking status, benefit period and amount of cover requested. Please note your premium for the disability benefit will usually go up each year because of your age and indexation. Read the PDS for more details.

Sample premiums

The premiums in these tables are a sample only as not all ages or monthly benefits are represented. The premium which applies to you may differ depending on your own circumstances. These tables do not include any renewal premiums.

Matt, 25, Non-Smoker

Occupation: Teacher Monthly Benefit: $3,500 Monthly Premium: $30.83

Peter, 35, Non-Smoker

Occupation: Carpenter Monthly Benefit: $4,000 Monthly Premium: $76.62

Susan, 30, Non-Smoker

Occupation: Receptionist Monthly Benefit: $2,300 Monthly Premium: $25.40

Jane, 35, Non-Smoker

Occupation: Accountant Monthly Benefit: $6,250 Monthly Premium: $94.11

Best Income Tax Return Filing Software Providers in India, Digital Signature for Income Tax Filing #fixed #income #trading

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EASYOFFICE software is the No.1 tax software for CA and Tax consultants in India. This complete taxation
software is a bundle of many software modules like Income Tax software. eTDS software. Service Tax software.
Balance Sheet software. Audit Report software. Wealth Tax software. CMA Data software etc. The software is rated
as the ‘Best income tax software’ for Chartered Accountants. This software due to its user-friendly interfaces,
Advanced online Tools, robustness, convenience and speed is being extensively used by Chartered Accountants (C.A.). Tax Advocates, Tax Consultants and Corporate for the Income tax computation. tax return preparation, TDS returns. Service Tax Returns, preparation of Audit Report, Audit forms, Balance sheet and other functions of CA office in India.

EasyOffice Income tax software is a Income tax calculation software, ITR software and income tax e-filing software. Income tax software is enabled with different types of Assessees Status. Income tax software prepares ITR in electronic format as per the e-filing schema provided by the Income tax department, Government of India. our Income Tax software is provided with unique pre-validation facility – At the time of generating e-return, if any mandatory detail is not entered, then the errors along with the description are listed out and the cursor will re-direct to the particular field. After Validation of e-Return the ITR form – e return is directly upload from the software in Income tax Department e-filing website.

This software is already Trusted by Thousand of users and counting more.

TaxAct – Free download and software reviews – CNET #income #tax #refund #form

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Editors’ Review

TaxACT 2013 Deluxe Edition is 2nd Story Software’s best value if you’ve previously filed your federal income tax returns with TaxACT. It has everything in TaxACT’s free service, including free federal filing, guaranteed accuracy, and assistance if you’re audited, plus state tax filing for a small fee. The Deluxe edition includes extra tax calculators, expert advice, free phone support, and more. You can download TaxACT Deluxe as standalone software, but we tried the Webware version, which integrates with your secure TaxACT account. Like TaxACT’s other products and similar services, you can try TaxACT Deluxe for free and pay when you file. But you can also try it without registering or sharing personal data, which will appeal to privacy-minded users. You’ll need to register to take advantage of all of TaxACT Deluxe’s features and to file, of course.

We clicked TaxACT Deluxe’s “Start for Free” button, selected the “Register Now” tab (instead of “Register Later”), and then clicked “Start My Return.” Tabs labeled “Basic Info,” “Life Events,” “Federal Q 1 of 1

Add Your Review

You are logged in as . Please submit your review for TaxAct

Thank You for Submitting Your Review, !

Note that your submission may not appear immediately on our site.

Update Your Review

Since you’ve already submitted a review for this product, this submission will be added as an update to your original review.

Thank You for Submitting an Update to Your Review, !

Note that your submission may not appear immediately on our site.

What is Taxable Income? (with pictures) – mobile wiseGEEK #irsefile

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wiseGEEK: What is Taxable Income?

Taxable income is gross income made by an individual or business that is considered taxable by a state or country, or both in the US. There are certain things, depending upon income level and other country-mandated deductions, that are reduced from the amount of income considered taxable. For example, a certain amount of contributions made toward a person’s 401k is not taxable income, and amounts deducted for social security payments in the US are usually removed and considered not taxable either.

The degree to which your income is taxable is dependent, in a progressive tax system, on certain allowable deductions. If you make income below the poverty level, it’s unlikely that you’ll pay much in the way of taxes, if any at all. People with middle incomes are granted individual deductions for self-support when they file their taxes, and also for the support of any others in their home, like spouses and dependent children. These deductions are subtracted from gross income levels to determine your tax bracket or tax rate when you are filling out income tax forms.

There are a number of defined deductions, like donations to charity, payment for childcare expenses, and payment for education expenses that can reduce taxable income. When you’re filing federal taxes for the US, you’ll usually go through a list of deductions you can take, which are then subtracted from your gross pay. Once you’ve made all these subtractions, federal forms like the 1040 read to the effect of “This is your taxable income,” and then ask you to look up your tax based on this amount.

You’ll then be asked to compare the amount you were taxed with the amount of tax allowed for your income bracket. If you paid more than that allowed by your taxable income, you’ll get a refund, and if you paid less, you’ll owe the IRS money. However, there are certain deductions to taxes owed that can reduce total tax. These are called tax credits, and they are deducted not from your taxable income, but from the tax you owe on that income. Tax credits can quickly cheer up your mood if you can take quite a few of them, and they reduce the amount you owe to what you have already paid (or more than you have paid) through paycheck deductions.

There are certain types of income that can be taxed under very different rules than standard income made when you work for an employer. If you inherit large sums of money, win the lottery. make an enormous profit on stock or receive a huge, unexpected bonus, this income can be taxed at different levels and different percentages than other income considered taxable. Much depends upon the amount of extra money you make, win, or inherit, but these are all considered “income” of a sort. They do have to be accounted for on your federal tax returns, and may change the amount you must pay at the end of the year.

Article Discussion

Oasis11- I agree with you. The Republicans always try to repeal the estate tax, but somehow it never gets passed. Maybe if there were more Republicans serving in congress the estate tax might get repealed.

Repealing the estate tax is part of the Republican Party platform so a majority is the one way to make that happen.

1) Good article- I would like to add that estate taxes are exempt for an inheritance of 3.5 million or less. Beyond the 3.5 million the tax rate goes to 45%. So anything over 3.5 million is taxed at the 45% rate.

While I understand that estate taxes offer the federal government a large source of revenue, I feel that it is unfair to tax an inheritance regardless of the amount.

Money in an estate has been taxed through the lifetime of the deceased; therefore taxing again upon the person’s death seems like double taxation. I feel that estate taxes should be repealed.

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Income Protection


No matter what life throws at you.

Our Income Protection helps you protect your all-important income through illness, injury or even redundancy. Our Rate Saver Cover offers up to 85% of your income, up to $10,000 a month. If you re unable to obtain underwritten cover, our Time Saver Cover offers 85% of your income up to $7,500 per month.

Benefits at a Glance

  • Affordable. tax deductible premiums from just a dollar a day# for lower levels of cover.
  • With Rate Saver, you can cover up to 85% of your income, up to $10,000 a month**. Premiums are also tax deductible.
  • For those unable to obtain Rate Saver Income Protection due to their health, lifestyle or occupation, our Time Saver Cover offers 85% of your income up to $7,500 per month.
  • Easy – If you’re aged 18 to 60 and an Australian resident (or New Zealander living in Australia on a permanent basis), you can apply for Income Protection over the phone or online in minutes, simply by answering a few questions, including lifestyle and medical details. No medical tests are required.
  • Choice of payout period – Choose a benefit payout period of 6, 12, 24 months for Time Saver Cover. A payout period of up to 5 years is also available with Rate Saver cover.
  • Choice of Waiting Period – With Rate Saver Cover you can choose a waiting period of 14, 28, 60 or 90 days for Sickness or Injury claims. There is a fixed 28 day waiting period for our Time Saver Cover. Please be aware that you will receive your payout after your claim is approved and your waiting period has finished. Payouts are one month in arrears.
  • Enjoy 12 months for the price of 11 when you choose to pay your premiums annually.
  • 30 day money back guarantee.
  • Straightforward claims process – an experienced Claims Manager will make the process as stress free as possible if you need to make a claim.

Optional Cover

  • Involuntary Unemployment Cover – choose to insure up to 85% of your income up to $3,000 a month if you find yourself involuntarily unemployed due to a redundancy or if your business becomes insolvent.
  • Permanent Disability Cover add up to $500,000 cover in case sickness or injury leaves you permanently disabled and unable to perform your daily activities.
  • Holiday Injury Benefit – receive an extra one-off payment of up to $3,000 if you’re injured during state school and public holidays, or if you’re injured more than 200km from home.
  • Kids Injury Cover – give your kids an extra measure of protection with payouts of up to $50,000 for a range of common childhood injuries.
  • Homemaker Cover – add your partner to your policy, so if they are unable to complete their usual household duties due to sickness or injury, they can receive a payment of up to $3,000 a month. Plus we’ll give both you and your partner a 5% discount.
  • Family discounts – Add another adult to your policy and receive a 5% joint policy discount.

Exclusions & Restrictions

  • Mental health disorders, normal/uncomplicated pregnancy and claims that arise from self-harm are not covered. Our Time Saver Cover excludes pre-existing medical conditions.
  • Waiting period for cancer, stroke or heart attacks – 6 months after your policy starts.
  • Waiting Period for Involuntary Unemployment Cover You need to have held Involuntary Unemployment Cover for 6 months before you can make a claim. After this, you can make a claim if you are made involuntarily redundant and are out of work for longer than 28 days.
  • Waiting Period for Sickness and Injury Cover You can choose a waiting period of 14, 28, 60 or 90 days under the Rate Saver option. The waiting period under the Time Saver option is 28 days.
  • Please see our Combined Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) & Financial Services Guide (FSG) for full details on what is and isn’t covered by the policy.

Want to know more about this product?

Download our Combined Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) & Financial Services Guide (FSG).

2016 Insuranceline

#Premiums vary depending on personal circumstances, waiting periods, and generally increase with age and level of cover. Payouts are tax assessable. **Cover depends on occupation, salary, health and lifestyle.

*Report of the Disability Committee, Institute of Actuaries of Australia, Sydney, 2000.

^Offer available to Insuranceline customers who complete an application for a Life Insurance, Income Protection or Funeral Insurance policy between 1 July 2016 and 16 September 2016 (inclusive) and are issued with a policy with a commencement date prior to 00.01AM (AEST) 16 October 2016. To be eligible, policyholders must hold the policy for 2 consecutive months and pay 2 months premiums in full. One per policy. Full terms and conditions at

The information provided on this website is general advice only and does not take into account your individual needs, objectives or financial situation. Before you decide to buy or to continue to hold an insurance product, you must read the relevant Combined Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) and Financial Services Guide (FSG). The PDS/FSG contains important information which will help you understand the product, including what’s covered and what’s not covered and to decide whether it is appropriate for you.

Promoted by Insuranceline, a trading name of TAL Direct Pty Limited (of Level 16, 363 George Street, Sydney NSW 2000) ABN 39 084 666 017 AFSL 243260. TAL Life Limited ABN 70 050 109 450 AFSL 237848 issues the life insurance benefits. St Andrew’s Insurance (Australia) Pty Ltd ABN 89 075 044 656 AFSL 239649 issues the Involuntary Unemployment Cover. Pet Health Plan is issued by The Hollard Insurance Company Pty Ltd ABN 78 090 584 473, AFSL 241436.

The way in which Insuranceline St Andrew s collect, use, disclose and secure your personal information is set out in their respective Privacy Policies available at and

Australia s # 1 choice Australia s # 1 based on market share, as stated in the Direct Life Insurance Report 2015, Rice Warner Actuaries Pty Ltd.