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NIKKEI DESIGN, bp in the news.#Bp #in #the #news

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Bp in the news

Bp in the news

Bp in the news

Bp in the news

  • Bp in the news

Bp in the news Bp in the news

Bp in the news Bp in the news

■購読料(国内・税込) 1年(12冊) 22,000円 3年(36冊) 46,200円

Bp in the news

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  • Bp in the news
  • Bp in the news
  • Bp in the news
  • Bp in the news

Bp in the news

Bp in the news

  • Bp in the news
  • Bp in the news
  • Bp in the news
  • Bp in the news

    ERISA Bond #fedility #bond, #erisa #bonds

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    ERISA Fidelity Bond Center

    ‘Surety One’ is a specialist in surety and fidelity bond underwriting. We are one of the largest producers of ERISA fidelity bonds in the nation. Our knowledge, extensive experience with ERISA bonds, and our broad underwriting authorities allow us to fulfill your fidelity bond need immediately. We bond plans with non-qualifying assets, ESOPs, labor union and multi-employer plans. NO ONE is turned away!

    Online Rapid Quote Paper Applications

    Does your plan contain 80% or better qualified assets? Premium Calculator

    Is your ERISA plan an ESOP, labor union / multiemployer plan, or largely non-qualified? Application Instructions

    Federal ERISA Bond Requirement

    Applying for an ERISA fidelity bond has never been easier. Our basic paper ERISA bond application is only five lines long! Trouble understanding the ERISA bond requirements? No problem. For a full explanation of what ERISA law requires or assistance understanding the fidelity bond application, you can review an extensive ERISA bond “Q A” by clicking on the link below, or feel free to contact us. Learn More

    The cases on this website are recent decisions involving ERISA. We provide them for your use if you wish to research the matter further. We warn you, this is some pretty dry stuff. These are BRIEF summaries involving ERISA law, not only ERISA fidelity bonds. In order to read the entire case(s), we suggest an internet or law library search by case name and publication number. Learn More

    Licensing Rating

    ERISA fidelity bonds are required by federal law AND must be issued by a domestic insurance company that appears on the U.S. Treasury list of approved surety companies. Unless the insurance company that you choose appears on this list, your bond is worthless to you. Rating may also be important to you for long term ERISA fidelity bond obligations. Learn More

    Life alert price list #life #alert #price #list

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    Dear Friend and Reader,

    There are so many health products for sale today. What you need to know, and what you can almost never find out is: Are the products any good? Are they safe? Do they work? Are they the best price?

    Finally, I have answered these questions for you. I have personally researched every product in The Health Alert Store. In fact, these are the products I use myself, in my home, for my family and loved ones, and for my patients.

    So you can buy these products with the security that they are the best, safest, most effective, and at the best price. And thank you for shopping with us.

    Dr. Bruce West, DC

    Eczema, poison oak/ivy, rash, dermatitis, bug bites, etc. can be unsightly, itchy and very persistent. Using steroid creams can be dangerous and ineffective causing skin thinning and even cancer. When eczema or other rash/itch conditions are frustrating you or your loved ones, you need Rash Relief to relieve the itch, help repair the skin and stop the infection that is causing this condition to persist. Eczema is caused by a combination of fungus with virus or bacteria. Rash Relief contains herbs like Blood Root and Neem to attack fungus while also providing Humic Acid, Chaparral and Burdock to directly address the virus or bacteria. What�s more, it provides Comfrey, Calendula and Chickweed to promote healthy skin. By stopping the invaders and healing the skin, Rash Relief goes beyond what any simple lotion can provide to actually get rid of tough conditions like eczema. Why just mask the symptoms when you can clear up the condition with Rash Relief. This comprehensive herbal formula treats the whole problem from itch to skin repair and does it naturally, safely and holistically. It�s safe for children too. Contains 45 ml (1.6 oz). Safe for any external use.

    Sleep Apnea Relief combines herbs to address the underlying cause of sleep apnea�a condition where breathing stops during sleep, and a condition that is debilitating millions of Americans by robbing them of the deep sleep their body needs. There is no medical cure for sleep apnea, and even the treatment (breathing oxygen at night with a CPAP apparatus) is cumbersome and effective for only 60% of users. The herbal combination of lobelia, thyme, meadowsweet, chamomile, and cramp bark makes up a sleep apnea remedy that is highly effective for most users. Just one capsule 30 minutes before bedtime stimulates stronger breathing that eliminates the drop in oxygen levels that can trigger sleep apnea. This remarkable bouquet of herbs treats you for all aspects of sleep apnea. It relaxes muscles that restrict nerve flow to the diaphragm, increases drowsiness, and strengthens breathing and lung efficiency, all while protecting the stomach lining. It is 100% safe, natural, non habit forming, and requires no training or pre-conditioning. For most people, one capsules 30 minutes before bedtime will mitigate sleep apnea within 1-2 weeks. And our herbal expert and the man who developed Sleep Apnea Relief, Steve Frank would know. He suffers from sleep apnea himself, which he controls with his product. He goes nowhere without Sleep Apnea Relief. Due to the seriousness of sleep apnea, trying a course of Sleep Apnea Relief is a good idea for anyone who suffers.

    When shingles virus (HVZ) attacks, even swallowing the most powerful prescription anti-viral is not enough. You need on-the-spot action to: stop the virus, ease the pain and help to repair the damaged skin. The powerful anti-viral action of Humic Acid and the herbs in Shingles Relief will shut down that viral activity faster than any other course of action. What�s more, these herbs and plant derivatives are all natural and won�t harm your liver like prescription drugs. Shingles Relief uses nervine herbs like Lavender, Passion Flower, St. John�s Wort and others to calm irritated nerves and reduce itching. Pain relievers like White Willow and Arnica are time-tested remedies for pain that work with the Comfrey and Aloe, helping to repair the skin. This lotion can be gently rubbed on the Shingles or Herpes outbreak two or more times per day to maximize the healing and soothing benefits. Can be used on Shingles, Cold-Sores, Fever-Blisters or any Herpes outbreak. Contains 45 ml (1.6 oz). Safe for any external use. Note: If you have a large outbreak over a large area of skin, we suggest that you start by purchasing 3 containers.

    Health Alert 30 Ryan Ct. #100 Monterey, CA 93940

    � Copyright 2009 Health Alert. All Rights Reserved.

    * These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. If you are pregnant, nursing, taking medication, or have a medical condition, consult your physician before using these products.

    The most important thing in web development is to gather user�s data using forms and

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    Suppose, we have following form in our application to get address of a user:

    Address Input Form

    As per our application requirement Name, City and Pin are the mandatory fields. Validation must be carried out to the form data while it is submitted by user and if any of the validation fails, we have to inform the user for.

    Struts 1 support this type of validation to be implemented in form bean. ActionForm class contains a method named �validate� which provides validation rules to be applied. If we want to add validation to our form, we have to overwrite this method in our form bean and put the validation logic. We will go through detail implementation steps in this post.

    For the fulfillment of the requirement, we have to do following steps:

    1. First of all, we will create a form bean ( which will overwrite validate method to apply validation rules in the specified field.
    2. Then, we will create jsp page for the HTML form (AddressInput.jsp) which will take input from the user. This jsp page will also contain some new struts 1 taglibs for showing errors in validation process.
    3. Next, we will implement a jsp page (ShowAddress.jsp) to show the address provided by the user. �This page will show to the user only if no validation error present in the form data.
    4. Create a controller helper class ( which will show the address provided by user in ShowAddress.jsp if no validation error exist otherwise show the address input form again with the error descriptions.
    5. We will learn a new method of storing string values in properties file and show in the jsp page at run time. This facility is provided by struts1 by the use of �message-resources� configuration in struts-config.xml. We will use �� file to store validation error description and show them on AddressInput.jsp when a validation error will occur.
    6. And finally, we will configure our struts 1 components in struts-config.xml configuration file.

    In, we can see the validate method which do apply the validation rules to the data. Here is the code in

    The new thing here is the validate method which returns object of type ActionErrors, which internally maintain a list of error description.

    errors.add(�name�, new ActionMessage(�errors.required�,�Name�)); �: this line is adding a new error description in ActionErrors. The first parameter �name� indicated that the error is related to the form field �name� and the second field is a new instance of ActionMessage which contains the information about the error message to be shown in AddressInput.jsp file. �errors.required� is the key of the text to be displayed which is stored in the and �Name� is the format parameter as do work with Java Text Formatter API.

    Following are the content of AddressInput.jsp :

    html:errors/ tag is used for showing all the errors associate at the time of rendering of the jsp. This will help us to show the validation that will occur with the form data.

    The execute method of AddressAction class will only check if no error present in data then it will show the ShowAddress.jsp to the user and if error exist then AddressInput.jsp with error description will be shown to user. Here is the execute method of AddressAction class :

    getErrors. This method returns ActionErrors instance that was return in the validate method of form bean.

    mapping.getInputForward(). This method returns the ActionForward object associated with the input jsp that is AddressInput.jsp.

    Following is the content of :

    errors.header, errors.prefix, errors.suffix and errors.footer are build in keys for html:errors/ in struts 1 to format the view of errors in UI. errors.required is defined by us to show error message. <0> indicate the replacement of first format parameter specified in ActionMessage instance. For example

    1. ActionMessage(“errors.required”,”Name”) is the ActionMessage instance.
    2. In property file the value :

    errors.required = <0> cannot be blank.

    The output of this message will be:

    Name cannot be blank.

    Let�s see the configuration done in struts-config.xml:

    Here are two new attribute configurations with our action class:

    1. input=�/AddressInput.jsp�. When using validation in struts �input� attribute in action should be specified if we want to show errors in same form page.
    2. validate=�true�. This attribute says struts that validate method is to be call on form bean.

    Now if we run the program in Tomcat 6 the following screen will come to you :

    And after filling the form as above when you will click on �Submit� button following screen will open that will show you the address entered by you :

    If we do not enter �city� and �pin� then click on �Submit� button following ui will indicate the errors :

    Validation Error Form

    That is all from this topic HAPPY CODING !
    You can download code of the example from following links :
    Code. Download
    War. Download

    Virginia Beach City Public Schools – Job Opportunities, human resources virginia beach.#Human #resources #virginia #beach

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    Job Opportunities

    • Human resources virginia beach
    • Human resources virginia beach
    • Human resources virginia beach
    • Human resources virginia beach
    • Human resources virginia beach
    • Human resources virginia beach
    • Human resources virginia beach
    • Human resources virginia beach
    • Human resources virginia beach
    • Human resources virginia beach
    • Human resources virginia beach

    Virginia Beach City Public Schools Career Expo

    Saturday, April 29 9 a.m-1 p.m. Green Run High School

    Thank you for considering employment with Virginia Beach City Public Schools (VBCPS). We would like for you to know VBCPS is a dynamic school system and one of the highest achieving school divisions in Virginia. This page serves as the starting point to access a list of job vacancies along with completing and submitting your VBCPS employment application.

    How to Complete an Application

    Available job opportunities and types of employment applications.

    • Administrative – Includes certified administrators such as principals, asst principals, central office
    • Certified Includes positions requiring a teaching license and psychologists, school social workers, occupational/physical therapists
    • Support / Classified – Includes all non-teaching, non-administrative applicants including bus drivers, bus assistants, custodians, cafeteria workers and facility maintenance workers
    • Substitute Includes all substitute positions
    • Supplemental – Includes all coaching, athletic trainer, security/police officer, and tutor positions

    Human resources virginia beach

    If you already have started or completed a VBCPS online application:

    1. Select “Log on to Manage Your Application” from the blue column on the left side of this page.
    2. Sign in with your Username and Password.

    Human resources virginia beach

    If you do not have a VBCPS online application:

    1. Read the “How to Complete an Application” instructions above regarding application types to determine your type.
    2. Select “Complete and Submit an Employment Application” from the blue column on the left side of this page.
    3. You will now be on the Virginia Beach City Public Schools Applicant Login page. Read the instructions on the left side, and then select “Create New Account” to begin the application process. You will create a username and password; please write these down, because you will use them each time you log in to your application.
    4. Please complete each page in your application. Be sure to click save and next at the bottom of each page.
    5. You must log in to your application at least once every 30 days to keep your account active.

    It is the policy of the Virginia Beach City Public Schools that applicants for employment shall be afforded equal opportunity without regard to race, color, religion, national origin, political affiliation, disability, sex, or age. Virginia Beach City Public Schools encourages the applications of minorities, women, and persons with disabilities for all vacant position

    Human resources virginia beach

    Classic Shell – Start menu and other Windows enhancements, shell care.#Shell #care

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    Classic Shell

    Shell care

    to receive news and power tips

    Shell care

    Shell care

    Visit the Classic Shell forum to find custom menu skins and start buttons.

    Aug 12th, 2017 – General release 4.3.1 is out

    Jul 30th, 2016 – General release 4.3.0 is out

    May 22nd, 2016 – Beta version 4.2.7 is out

    May 21st, 2016 – Beta version 4.2.6 is out

    May 21st, 2016 – Released version 4.2.5c with updated security certificate

    Choose between 3 different styles:

    Shell care

    Shell care

    Shell care

    Shell care

    Download DisplayFusion from here

    Many usability improvements to Explorer (every feature can be turned on or off):

    Shell care

    Note: Windows RT is not supported.

    Jcee – testing, feature requests, forum moderator

    JohnEdwa – custom skins and feature requests

    Loginvovchyk – Russian translation, documentation and installer

    Andreas Roth – German translation

    BasCom – German translation

    largo – French translation

    Ted – Swedish translation

    W. Jordan (Zuo Weiming) – Simplified Chinese translation

    Javier Ballesteros – Spanish translation

    alan ( – Traditional Chinese translation

    Michal V rady – Czech translation

    Awadh – Arabic translation

    Stephanie Jones – Greek translation

    Robert – Slovak translation

    Igor R ckert – Brazilian Portuguese translation

    Fred van Waard – Dutch translation

    Federico Bertagna, aka Sleeping – Italian translation

    bovirus – Italian translation

    Francisco Gonzalez Galan – Spanish translation

    Home – Dental Clinic at World Tower #one #world #dental #clinic

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    – Your Trusted Sydney CBD Painless Dentistry Specialist

    Dr. Knox Kim, JP Principal Dentist

    “ We want to adapt tomorrow’s dentistry for today.
    That’s why our dentistry has to be different.”

    Our clinic is also known as Laser Dentist at world square for its locality.

    Customer service is the key to our success technology is the icing on the cake. We are focused on being very good at what we do. We keep up with the latest technology and maintain our status as top 1 % high-tech clinic in Australia.

    We give each individual patient our dedicated attention during treatment, to make their visit comfortable, and ensure that they understand their current phase of treatment. We want to ensure that they are happy with their progress.

    We do this by using the latest technology available such as a CEREC, to complete cosmetic restorations in only one visit.

    The latest Waterlase MD Turbo is the most readily appreciated facility which many of our patients love to have, instead of traditional drill we use we use microscope dentistry for state-of-the-art diagnosis and lasers and digital needles for painless treatments.

    Also, our clinic is one of the few in Australia equipped with Velscope, the oral cancer screening system. If oral cancer gets detected in the early stage, survival rate is more that 90%. However, without Velscope, oral cancer can be easily missed with the naked eye.

    This is just the beginning. The end result is always the same – the best results for you.

    LITTLE CAESARS: What Franchisees Make on a $5 Pizza – Unhappy Franchisee, servpro sacramento.#Servpro #sacramento

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    LITTLE CAESARS: What Franchisees Make on a $5 Pizza

    Question: Can Little Caesar’s franchise owners really make money on a five-dollar pizza? surveyed franchisees from different franchise chains regarding the cost to them of some current and recent promotions. The Smart Money article points out that franchisees generally bear the brunt of a promotions’s cost, including the food, labor, rent and utilities, among other things.

    Here’s the Little Caesars HOT-N-READY pizza promotion, which report a $.90 profit per $5 pizza:

    Promotion: HOT-N-READY Pizza Get one 14-inch large cheese or pepperoni pizza for $5 at participating locations.

    Pre-promotion price: $10.99 (one large one-topping pizza)

    Bottom line for restaurant: Profit of roughly 90 cents a pizza

    Introduced six years ago, Little Ceasars [sic]HOT-N-READY Pizza promotion offers 14-inch cheese and pepperoni pies for just $5. Even though some stores charge about 55 cents more than that, margins are still slim. The cost of a single pizza s ingredients and packaging amounts to about $3.50, according to a franchise operator in Georgia. Tack on another 60 cents for rent, labor and utilities and franchisees earn roughly 90 cents a pie. Little Caesars spokeswoman Colleen Kmiecik says the company s own calculation on per-item profitability differs from those provided to us by franchisees, but she declined to provide specific figures. She also says the company provides long-term profitability information to its franchisees to show how the promotion will boost their bottom line, but would not provide further details.


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    62 thoughts on LITTLE CAESARS: What Franchisees Make on a $5 Pizza

    Comment navigation

    I m a franchisee in michigan and currently looking to move in a better environment so I can sell LC pizza all yr round.I read all of ur comments but in my own experience LC help me in my worst sorry ti disagree with almost everybody s number.if u own a store fully paid ur looking at a good return on ur investment if not u will stills survive.don t forget the store pay for itself in 7 yrs that means u already have a 15 percent return every yr aside from what u take I wish I could open as many store I can even with a partner to achieve faster growth.anybody know a little Caesars for sale in Cali,Arizona,Vegas and any warmth weather territory pls email me at [redacted] and I will be happy to entertain any make this story short location and good operators can give u that security that ur looking for

    I am starting to look into buying into LC frachise. I would greatly appreciate any and all guidance. I am located in California.

    I m looking for investor who would like to partner with me in opening a LC in Sacramento California. Please e-mail me if your interested and we can work out the numbers.

    I would like to open a little LC also.How much are u talking about investing.

    I am planning on opening a LC in California. I am looking for an investor.. If interested please email me at [redacted]

    So yea im not a franchisee call me.. a former customer of little caesars The price is right from a customer stand point but simply put I cannot eat their pizza I eat other pizza but little caesars pizza gives me the absolute worst heartburn ever.. and I have no idea why googling little caesars heartburn turns up just an enormous amount of results and complaints I used to eat it often I just thought I had some sort of problem that was just me Until I searched google and saw these results then I stopped eating little caesars pizza after about 3 months (no heartburn might I add) I was for some reason craving some crazy bread and a LC pizza So I went back and got some Needless to say I had extreme heartburn I mean when you taste acid coming up in your throat its a problem havent had a LC pizza since and havent had heartburn since (except when I got a pizza hut pizza that too gave me a little heartburn but not as bad as LC)

    So.. now The only pizza I eat is from non-chain pizza joints that use home made sauce I never get heartburn from them..

    I have come to the determination that there is some preservative used in processed mass produced sauces that somehow causes a negative reaction to the tomatoes.. that may or may not cause heart burn in some people either way I am kind of angry that I cant have LC pizza anymore I mean It does taste good price is awesome.. one kind of close to me.. but its not worth the 6 hours of heartburn and sleepless nights

    I would advise franchisees to contact corporate to see if they are aware of the issue and maybe correct it.. because its god awful heartburn..

    I m from corning ny and I have unusual request for anyone looking to start a franchise for LC, START ONE UP IN CORNING NY. About 15 years ago there use to be one in my area but has been gone since and closest one to me is hours away so I m sure there would be some good business in this area for little ceasars. Thx

    I am thinking about to get LC . What is the profit margins and how much does it take to open one LC .

    Looking into LC franchise. Can anyone share profit margins and any cons? Thanks.

    I have the perfect place that would be most profitable. I believe we can get the cost to make the 5$ pizza way down, I dont understand why it costs 3.50,,I think someone is not researching deep enough,therefore profits are much much higher. I need investor,,but very very interested.

    I ve been interested in investing in Little Caesars Pizza in NJ for quite some time. Is anyone on this forum a current NJ owner and/or operator available to provide advice or possibly looking for an equity partner?

    I am interested in opening a LC in Tracy, CA.

    ABT Design – Fire Protection #aaa #fire #protection #services

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    ABT Design Fire Protection

    ABT Design and Fire Protection has been servicing the Long Island area providing restaurants and commercial business with fire protection parts, inspections and services since 1996. Fully licensed, certified and insured, ABT Design and Fire Protection guarantees all of its work to be in accordance with all NFPA and UL standards in order to keep your business safe.

    Servicing all Nassau and Suffolk County s Fire Protection needs from Fire Supression System Inspections, Fire Extinguisher Inspections, Fire Suppression System Sales, Fire Extinguisher Sales, Recharges, Hydro Tests and Fire Suppression System Hood Installations. Authorized installers and distributors of Ansul, Range Guard, Pyro Chem, Badger and more.

    What We Do

    Complete Design and Fire Protection Services for Restaurants, Auto Body Shops, Schools, Government Buildings, and any other business or home that requires fire extinguisher inspections or fire suppression system inspections.

    Opening a new restaurant and not sure where to start with your cooking equipment design, we will be more than happy to assist you, or taking over an existing restaurant and need to get your system back into compliance, give us a call. Due for your annual fire extinguisher inspection or semi-annual fire suppression system inspection contact us to set up an appointment.

    ABT Design Fire Protection is fully licensed and insured to professionally take care of all your fire protection service needs. Our experience staff is available to answer all your questions and concerns.

    • Satisfaction guarantee
    • Free Estimates
    • Award-winning service
    • Annual Service Contracts
    • FIre Suppression System Inspections
    • Fire Extinguisher Inspections Service
    • Installations, Retrofits and Repairs

    Food Waste: ReFED #economic #degree

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    Search Results

    Welcome to ReFED

    Beta Test Our Date Labeling Tool

    Food Waste Policy Finder

    Food Waste Innovator Database

    Recent News

    Choose a filter button or bar to see the impacts of each solution.

    • Financial Benefit
    • Waste Diverted
    • Emissions Reduced
    • Water Saved
    • Jobs Created
    • Meals Recovered

    The aggregate financial benefit to society (consumers, businesses, governments, and other stakeholders) minus all investment and costs per ton of food waste diverted. It shows the amount of benefit received per ton of reduction and is calculated as the Economic Value per Ton.

    Tap on the bars below to see the details for each solution.

    • Consumer Education Campaigns
    • Standardized Date Labeling
    • Packaging Adjustments
    • Donation Matching Software
    • Standardized Donation Regulation
    • Value-Added Processing
    • Donation Liability Education
    • Donation Storage & Handling
    • Spoilage Prevention Packaging
    • Donation Transportation
    • Waste Tracking & Analytics
    • Trayless Dining
    • Smaller Plates
    • Manufacturing Line Optimization
    • Cold Chain Management
    • Donation Tax Incentives
    • Improved Inventory Management
    • Produce Specifications (Imperfect Produce)
    • Secondary Resellers
    • Home Composting
    • Commercial Greywater
    • Centralized Anaerobic Digestion (AD)
    • Centralized Composting
    • Water Resources Recovery Facility (WRRF) with AD
    • Animal Feed
    • Community Composting
    • In-Vessel Composting

    Download Data Set Share Data Set

    Scroll for more solutions.

    The multi-billion dollar food waste problem

    Every year, American consumers, businesses, and farms spends $218 billion a year, or 1.3% of GDP, growing, processing, transporting, and disposing food that is never eaten. That’s 52 million tons of food sent to landfill annually, plus another 10 million tons that is discarded or left unharvested on farms. Meanwhile, one in seven Americans is food insecure.

    Food waste consumes:

    of all fresh water

    of all fertilizer