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Am I entitled to income support?

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I am a 37 year old married woman, who recently applied for employment and support allowance and was told i didn’t have enough contributions to qualify. I am also a mother of 2. My husband is claiming ESA contribution based, as he is not entitled to income based. Can anyone tell me if I am entitled, thanks.

Hi, I’m not sure where your based but I’m going to assume England (if this is wrong- sorry, and ignore.

child support has nothing to do with standard of living – with income only – it depends on the state.

I am seperating from my abusive husband. and i am in the process of securing a private let. unfortunately my business was hit by the credit crunch so i am not working at the moment. the only income i have at the minute is 54.27 in child.

Go to Citizens Advice – they will help you through the forms (which can be daunting at best) and advise.

Will I be able to claim income support if my partner works 23 hours a week , iv read that between us, if we work less than 24 that we can, but I’m not sure if this applies to couples who are expecting a baby. Thanks

it 16hours a week (well used to be) its unlikley u will get much if anything as he works.

who works full time, I’m just wondering if there is anything I will be entitled to? Iv’e tried to look on google but can’t really find anything. Also will I still be entitled to the sure start maternity grant?

Hi Its an unfortunate situation when you have a partner who is prepared to stand by you and your child.

Im a 20 year old guy currently off work due to mental health problems. Im claiming income support, but 40 a week isn’t enough to live on. I’ve rang the social up and there saying that i cant claim anything! And that my money wont go up untill.


I have been on maternity leave sine July 08 and am due to go back end of April 09. I do not want to return as I want to stay at home and look after my child. Am I entitled to income support if I give my job up? I have worked out that I will be worse.

if ur a single parent with a child under 12 u dont have to be available for work and should be entitled.

i live on my own with my 2 year old and my 6 month year old i am over 18 i currently recieve tax credits and chb but recieve a really low rate of income support and no dependent children payments please help? do you get dependant children payments for.

From April 2006 there are no child dependant payments made with any DWP benefit, all payments for children.

Could anyone tell me what I am entitled to if I haven’t paid enough National Insurance contributions in the last few years (I was a degree and then PhD student and did low paid work) and now live with my partner who earns 25,000 a year. I am waiting.

Unfortunately it looks like you will not be entitled to either. Incapacity is based on your National.

I am 21 in june, I want to go to uni to study nursing I live in a flat that is housing assosiation and am on jsa and housing benefit if I go uni will I get housing benefit and income support? What are my options? Thank u

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