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Do I Need to File a Tax Return?

Whether or not you are required to file a federal income tax return depends on several factors:

Even if you re not required to file a tax return, there are reasons you may want to file a tax return.

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Consult the information below to find out if you are required to file a tax return:

Minimum Income Requirements to File a Federal Income Tax Return

The minimum income required to efile or file a tax return for Tax Year 2015 depends on your income, age, and filing status. The minimum income levels for the various filing statuses are listed in the table below. If you earned below the minimum income for your filing status, you may not be required to file a Federal Tax Return. However, there are reasons why you may still want to file .

Minimum W-2 Income Requirement

Other Reasons to File a Tax Return

Regardless of your gross income, you are generally required to file an income tax return if any of the following are true:

  • You had net self-employment income of $400 or more
  • You had unemployment income
  • You owe Alternative Minimum Tax
  • You owe household employment taxes
  • You owe additional taxes on a retirement plan (an individual retirement arrangement (IRA) or other tax-favored account) or health savings account
  • You must repay the 2008 Homebuyer Credit (or any other recapture taxes)
  • You owe Social Security and Medicare taxes on unreported tip income
  • You earned $108.28 or more from a tax-exempt church or church-controlled organization
  • You received distributions from an MSA or Health Savings Account
  • You received an advance payment on the Premium Tax Credit .

If I Am Under Sixteen and This is My First Time Filing a Tax Return, Can I Efile It?

If you are under age 16 and you have never filed a tax return, you cannot efile your first year. You can prepare your return on, print it, and mail it to the IRS to file it. However, you will be able to efile your return the next year.

Requirements for Dependents to File a Federal Income Tax Return

Are you a dependent and don t know whether or not to file a tax return? Find out how to file a tax return as a dependent .

You May Want to File a Tax Return. (Even if You Are Not Required To)

There are several reasons why you may want to file or efile a tax return even if you do not meet the minimum income requirements:

  • If you had taxes withheld from your pay. you must file a tax return to receive a tax refund .
  • If you qualify, you must file a return to receive the refundable Earned Income Tax Credit .
  • If you are claiming education credits, you must file to be refunded the American Opportunity Credit .
  • If you have a qualifying child but owe no tax, you can file to be refunded the Additional Child Tax Credit .
  • If you qualify, you must file to claim the refundable Health Coverage Tax Credit .
  • If you adopted a qualifying child, you must file to claim the Adoption Tax Credit .
  • If you overpaid estimated tax or applied a prior year overpayment to this year, you must file to receive the refund.

Taxable Income vs. Non-Taxable Income

Whether or not you are required to file a tax return depends on the type(s) of income that you have. There are many kinds of taxable income, as well as many types of non-taxable income. Your gross income generally includes income from all sources, in whatever form it takes. Below are examples of taxable and non-taxable income you may need to consider.

Examples of Taxable Income

  • Wages and salaries
  • Tips and gratuities
  • Unemployment benefits
  • Canceled/forgiven debt
  • Self-employment income

Examples of Non-Taxable Income

  • Child support
  • Insurance proceeds (accident, casualty, health, life)
  • Meals and lodging for the convenience of employer
  • Veterans benefits
  • Aid to Families with Dependent Children (AFDC) is up to 64% Less
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