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Find Out How Business Income Insurance Keeps Your Business Running

Business income insurance can help keep your commercial agribusiness from closing its doors due to a force outside your control. If you’re closed for business, you still have to pay the bills, employees, rent or mortgage, suppliers, taxes and yourself. Unexpected events that could cause you to close your doors for a time include:

The goal of business income coverage is to make your business whole should a covered event occur. Consider this example:

A business suffers a fire at its manufacturing facility that stops all operations for three months. During this time, the business continues to pay salaries, utilities, rent and other fixed costs necessary for operations to restart. In order for the business to become whole, the business is entitled to reimbursement for net income and operating expenses paid during the recovery period.

Why business income insurance is necessary

Business income insurance can help your commercial agribusiness:

  • Keep capital flowing through your company
  • Keep your business afloat if a loss forces you to close for a short time
  • Recover from a computer hacking or virus
  • Pay for extra expenses
  • Pay for lost net income and continuing expenses

Lost income and extra expenses you incurred after a loss are automatically covered at all locations. Business income coverage is also available to protect against mechanical or electrical breakdown.

Additional business income coverages

You can purchase additional coverage to suit your needs, including:

  • Civil authority
  • Accounts receivable
  • Extended business income
  • Seasonal coverage
  • Loss of data

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