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With the aim to implement a green policy, The Revenue Department of Thailand has allowed Tax payers to file their taxes online since a few years. Such a measure avoids paper use but also important human resources assigned to the management tax collections. It is therefore not unlikely you to receive a call or a mail by the Revenue Department in order to incite you to do it.

How should you do? First connect yourself to the website of the Revenue Department (www.rd.go.th). Then click on the link called “E-Filing” and follow instructions.The tax payer has to fill-in a form called Por Or 01 on which addresses, company name, tax ID should be included. Once done, just print the form and physically bring it to the Revenue Department along with your company affidavit or tax ID in case the registration concerns an individual. As usual, (some of you are already very familiar with that) each document should be signed by the Director of the company or the by the Tax Payer. Also bring a signed copy of your passport. In case you send your accountant or an employee, do not forget to prepare a Power of Attorney appointing the person handling the E-filing registration.

As soon as the online registration is done, you will receive a user name and a password. However note that you need the approval by the administration to start to use this service in the same month the tax is payable. This process is said to take 2 weeks but it is generally quicker (3 to 4 open days).

Once the file completed, just register the Revenue Department as a third party in your e-banking. In case you do not have e-banking you can pay at the counter of a bank or to various shops and places indicated on the document.

Reminder: your VAT is payable on the 15th of each month, Witholding taxes and Personal Income Taxes are payable on the 7th of each month.

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