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Example Income and Expenditure Form

Income and expenditure formAn Income and Expenditure Form is an overview of the following:

  • Details about the Income you receive.
  • Information about your expenses.
  • A list of your creditors and how much you pay them.

An income and expenditure could also be called a Financial Statement or Statement of Affairs.

The Income and Expenditure Form available at Debt Advice Blog can be used when you are making an offer of repayment towards your debts. There are a lot of different sections to complete and some of these may not be relevant to you. If that is the case leave the rows as they are and move to the next one.

Completing the Income and Expenditure Form

This income and expenditure form opens with Microsoft Excel. It may also work with OpenOffice which you can download for free. Although there are a large number of income and expense options on the form, you may find only some of them apply. That s normal as it has been designed to cover as much as possible.

Completing the Income Section

The form is easy to use if you have a reasonable knowledge of Microsoft Excel. Simply enter your income information into each relevant row and the spreadsheet will do the rest.

Completing the Expenses Section

There are a fair few options here and some may not be relevant for you. Fill in the rows that are applicable for you until you are finished. The spreadsheet will take care of all the calculations for you.

Completing the Debts Section

Enter the information about your debts. This should include:

  • The name of the Creditor (The person you owe the money to).
  • The amount you owe to the creditor.

The last box will calculate an offer of repayment automatically for you. If there aren t enough rows insert more although there are 11 provided. If there are too many delete the rows that aren t required.

Download the Income and Expenditure Form

Please visit the Downloads Page on Debt Advice Blog to download a copy of the Income and Expenditure Form. The form can be opened with Microsoft Excel.

You have a Negative Figure and Can t Pay your Debts

If after completing the Income and Expenditure Form you find you have nothing left then you should get some help. Please visit the Get Debt Help page on this site to find a list of organisations who can help you with your debt.

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