FBR E Filing Portal for Income Tax Filing in Pakistan – What – s New,

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e filing portal of income tax

E filing portal of income tax

FBR E Filing Portal for Income Tax Filing in Pakistan

Filing income tax returns in Pakistan is an important obligation on all resident citizens of Pakistan. To file tax returns does not necessarily mean paying some money to the government. If your income makes it obligatory to file tax returns, nevertheless, you may not have to pay any amount as income tax. It is due to the reason that the taxable income is subject to some deductions (the expenses you incur). In this blog post, we will discuss the FBR E Filing Portal.

Income Tax Filing in Pakistan

The taxable income is the amount that is used to calculate the tax liability of a person or a company. Federal Board of Revenue (FBR), Government of Pakistan is trying to make it easy for the citizens of Pakistan to submit income tax returns. In the past, the income tax authorities have not been paying the due attention to the income tax filing process. Due to this reason, people kept avoiding and delaying the income tax filing.

What is FBR E Filing Portal?

The FBR E Filing Portal allows us to submit income tax returns in Pakistan. You can visit this link and register to proceed. Once registered, you will be able to submit your income tax returns. But wait; before you do this, you are supposed to know the latest Income Tax Rules. That is the real problem! If you do not know the latest tax regulations, we are here to help you.

Contact Us for Tax Filing in Pakistan

Just let us know and we will do file your tax returns. Income Tax Return Filing Pakistan is the leading Income Tax Consultancy in Pakistan. We have always been helping the citizens and companies working in Pakistan in NTN Registration and Income Tax Filing. The tax filing at our firm starts at Rs.2,000. So call us now and get our services at a discounted rate.

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