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After early tax returns showed basic mistakes, excessive refund requests and taxpayers missing out on refunds altogether, the IRS issued a series of taxpayers tips for requesting the telephone excise tax refund.

“We encourage taxpayers to take a few minutes and review the details of the telephone-tax refund,” said IRS Commissioner Mark W. Everson. “A little extra time will reduce the chance for a mistake, avoid a refund delay and possibly add a few dollars onto refund checks.”

There are a lot of ways to speed up the amount of time it takes to get your refund from the IRS, be it for income taxes, or for the telephone excise tax refund already mentioned. Although everyone seems to hate the IRS – who can imagine a worse job? – they do a fairly great job of explaining their forms and trying to facilitate the taxpaying system. In fact, many times it’s the taxpayer that is at fault, not the IRS; sometimes you just need to ask them for the answer. Since it seems to be a question on everyone’s minds, here’s the IRS’s explanation of how to get your refund faster:

“You have several options for receiving your 2009 federal income tax refund. You can:

* Split your refund with direct deposits into two or three checking or savings accounts

* Direct deposit your refund into one checking or savings account

* Receive your refund as a paper check in the mail, although this option takes a little longer

Splitting your refund is easy. Use IRS’ Form 8888, Direct Deposit of Refund to More Than One Account, to divide your refund among two or three different accounts. If you want IRS to deposit your refund into just one account, use the direct deposit line on your tax form.

With split refunds, you have a convenient option for managing your money — sending some of your refund to an account for immediate use and some for future savings — teamed with the speed and safety of direct deposit.

Whether you file electronically or on paper, direct deposit gives you access to your refund at least one week faster than a paper check. Nearly three out of five taxpayers chose direct deposit for their refunds last year.

Direct deposit also avoids the possibility that your check could be lost or stolen or returned to IRS as undeliverable.

Speed, safety and choice — with direct deposit you can have it all.”

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