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Household budget planning

If you re trying to keep an eye on your finances and keep control of your spending, household budget planning is a vital part of the process. We all need to know if we are living within our means, or if we are overspending on a monthly basis. However keeping track of your spending when you re on a budget is a little like keeping track of your eating when you re on a diet it s very easy to forget about all those little extras that seem tiny at the time, but when added up they make quite a difference!

We have put together a simple Excel spreadsheet that allows you to enter all your expenditure and your income, and tells you if you living within your means each month. We have tried to cover most types of income, and everything that you would spend on in a typical month, so that nothing gets forgotten. The spreadsheet will tot up each category so that you can see how much you are spending in each area. There s a total expenditure figure for the month, a total income figure, and then a grand total that will either be positive (hurrah!) or negative if you ve overspent.

The spreadsheet contains a sheet prepared for each month of the year, so it s ready to go!

It might take a little time to fill in first time around, but once you ve got a couple of months under your belt, you ll find it much quicker, as all your regular standing orders will be easy to slot in. Just sit down with your bank statement and you ll soon whizz through it. One note of caution, though make sure that you don t double-count items from your credit card bills if you enter the individual items from the credit card bill, don t enter the payment you make when you pay off the credit card bill as well, or you ll have counted those items twice! However if you re paying off old credit card bills (ones where you haven t entered the individual items) then go ahead and include those payments.

In case you don t have Excel, or just prefer the old pencil and paper method, here s a copy of what the table looks like and all the items you should remember to include:

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