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Income Protection Insurance

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  • Income protection insurance comparison
  • Income protection insurance comparison
  • Income protection insurance comparison
  • Income protection insurance comparison
  • Income protection insurance comparison

Income protection insurance comparison

Income protection insurance comparison

Income protection insurance comparison

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Income protection insurance comparison

Income protection insurance comparisonIncome protection insurance comparisonIncome protection insurance comparison

Compare Income Protection

Income protection doesn’t just cover the majority of your salary when you’ve been made redundant or experienced an illness or accident – it also helps you find work and get answers to pressing legal questions. Depending on the circumstances, all the benefits you receive from your policy are tax free. Here’s an overview of the added benefits of income insurance.

Benefits from insurance protection policies are tax free as long as the money you use to pay the policy premiums originates from a taxable income. This can be an enormous help to families who find themselves in unexpected circumstances. If the premiums are paid with money that does not originate from taxable income, the benefits from the policy may be subject to taxation.

The best way to determine how the policy will affect your particular financial situation is to inquire with our agents at the time of signing the policy or ask your financial advisor for more specific details.

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Income protection insurance comparison

Why Choose Us?

  • Protection when you can’t work:

Some other insurance companies may require you to obtain another job that is not entirely suitable rather than pay a benefit to you.

Returning to the workplace environment after a lengthy period off can be quite daunting so we will arrange for you to receive a cash bonus if you go back into full time employment.

Being self employed your earned income may cease as soon as you are unable to work through accident or illness. You may be able to start receiving an income from as short a period as seven days from when you cease to work.

Some insurance companies have general exclusions in their policies including war, civil riot, alcohol and drug abuse. These sorts of exclusions could be removed from the cover that we arrange providing extra peace of mind.

Additional Benefits of Income Insurance

We understand how traumatic redundancy or illness can be. That’s why we provide a variety of other services as part of our income protection cover including a legal helpline, a back-to-work centre, as well as counselling services.

Our legal helpline is available 24 hours a day to answer any questions you may have about legal recourses to unfair employment practices or other legal matters. We are very familiar with the process surrounding accidents and injuries and can provide referrals to qualified legal professionals.

We also appreciate that searching for a job can be stressful. Our back-to-work services help connect you with professional placement centres. Nothing is more satisfying that finding employment that is sustainable and in your desired industry. We want each of our policy holders to feel that not only can they rely on our unemployment insurance, but also on our employment placement services. In the case of injury or accident, we help our policy holders by giving them access to health professionals through a GP helpline. We believe that by knowing that a healthcare professional is only a phone call away can alleviate a great deal of stress and help aid in the process of recovery. Our network of qualified GPs can answer questions on a variety of different health concerns.

While experiencing an injury, accident or redundancy can seem debilitating, the vast majority of people make a full recovery.

Income protection insurance comparison

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