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Income tax application Income Tax Calculator



Income tax application

Income tax application

This is an intuitive and easy to use application whose main purpose is to calculate your taxes with ease based on income and deductions

Income Tax Calculator is a handy and reliable application designed for home users, as well as companies that want to calculate taxes for their income easily.

The calculations are based on a few essential parameters such as taxable income, gross tax and interest. User intervention is required only to input this type of values, as the calculations are performed using the internal engine of the application.

The main window of the application is quite simple and intuitive, providing users with all the necessary fields and tips needed for the task to be carried out. An important thing to mention is that the program s latest version (namely 2013-14) targets calculations for the year 2013 only.

First and foremost, you need to select the due date for the filing return, followed by your status (individual or company), as well as the category (male, female, senior citizen or superior senior citizen).

Then, you are required to enter the taxable income after deductions, the TDS / TCS value and the tax paid in other years. At this point, you are ready to press the Calculate button, following which the application will compute and display the result almost instantly.

If you entered the parameters wrong or just want to clear the calculations, there s the Reset button that turns all values to zero again.

All in all, Income Tax Calculator seems like a reliable way to calculate your taxes. Keep in mind that interest calculations are based on your system time and that some values may be approximated during the computation of the results.

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