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  • Raise Limit for Show Question Details in Quizzes is a new feature being voted on now in the Canvas Community. This feature would increase the amount of questions that will be displayed. You can vote for this feature now in the Canvas Community.
  • K-State Online Classic was retired Jan. 1, 2017 Instructors no longer have the ability to access K-State Online Classic after Jan. 1, 2017. Instructors who need access to their old content in Classic will be required to submit a request form . On Dec 15, 2017. all information residing in K-State Online Classic will be archived and reside permanently offline. At that time, if instructors need access to the old data, a request form will need to be submitted and it may take several weeks to retrieve the information.
  • Video to enhance face-to-face and/or online instruction, presence, and interaction

    Do you want to learn how to use video in different ways to improve instruction, presence, and interaction in both face-to-face and online instruction? Brent Anders, senior electronic media coordinator, recorded a presentation on how video can be created and used to help with instruction of the course content as well as to help establish and increase instructor presence.

    K-State Online Updates

    Updates to Canvas were released on June 24. Canvas operates on a monthly release cycle, with features added or updated every three weeks. To see all the new features and fixed bugs, view the complete June Release Notes . In addition to the Canvas release, Information Technology Services releases updates to services and integrations with K-State Online through the month as necessary.

    Canvas DocViewer — DocViewer automatically converts common documents types into web-viewable and interactive learning experiences. This feature replaces the current Box previewer and Crocodoc annotation tools in Canvas and provides improved performance.

    Group Leader Context Card — Group leader links support student context cards. When an instructor opens a group set in a course and clicks the name of a group leader, the student’s context card displays in the sidebar.

    Sidebar Links — The buttons in the sidebar have been changed for consistency with other sidebars and lists throughout Canvas. This change also improves accessibility in the Course Settings page.

    Assignment Groups and Total Points — In the Student Grades page, the Out of Column displays assignment group point values in courses where students are allowed to view total grades. If a student is not allowed to view total grades, the assignment group displays the total percentage for the assignment group only.

    K-State Online | Home

    K-State Online Canvas is the online learning environment for Kansas State University. K-State Online provides integration with KSIS for course and final grade management, a variety of tools and services to connect student and instructors with the variety of options on the web, mobile apps and mobile browser support, as well as the tools and communication options that instructors, staff and students need.

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