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Do you need to earn an extra income part time? Then this business is the answer!

Here is exactly what is involved in order for you to make money.

Step One – Join:

Join the business by completing the application form sent to you. If you have found this website through an internet search, you can download an application form from the buttons on the right. Complete the application form and either scan it an email it to me or fax it to me.

I will allocate you a membership number (which I then send to head office on your behalf) plus I will create an electronic brochure as well as an electronic application form personalised for you with your details. Print a few copies of both the application form and the brochure. YOU ARE NOW IN BUSINESS!

Step Two – Webinars and Presentations

There are various presentations at venues around South Africa as well as occasional Webinars.

Either arrange for a few friends to go with you to a presentation venue or call me to arrange a webinar. Then invite your friends to be at your home to take part in the online webinar.

Any questions your friends have can be answered at the Webinar you can either speak through your computer microphone or you can type your questions.

Then give your friends the application form for them to complete the form. Send the completed forms to me and I will allocate membership numbers for them.


This business has four tiers where you earn income. People who join under you are placed on your first level.

On level one based on a monthly donation of R190.00, you will earn R12.00 per person.

You need a minimum of 3 people on your first level in order to earn commission.

If you introduced 3 people, you have earned R36.00.

Introduce 6 people and you will earn R72.00.

3 people within the first 30 days will earn a QUICK START REWARD of R140.00 money for you.

6 people within the first 30 days will earn a SECOND QUICK START REWARD of R80.00 money for you.

If you were to introduce 10 people and those people introduce just 3 people each, your earnings would be R8,940.00 (based on R190 donation per person per month):

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