Online Tax Return 2017 – Do your Etax return online in 10 minutes, income tax

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2017 Online Tax Return: The Best Way to Do Your Taxes in 2017

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Income tax return onlineThe step-by-step Etax 2017 online tax return lets you choose the sections you need, saving you time and trouble.

  • Fast easy online tax return
  • No software to install – just use your browser on a computer or mobile
  • Safe and secure
  • Live chat support and phone support with qualified Etax Accountants
  • Automatic tax deduction tips, based on your occupation
  • Expert advice helps prevent ATO problems and helps increase your tax refund
  • Direct electronic ATO lodgement
  • Confidence benefits of lodging your tax return online via a registered tax agent (with accountants who are on your side)
  • Our goal is to maximise your tax refund

A quick tour of the Etax online tax return

Here s a screenshot of the Etax online tax return. We ve highlighted some special features that make your tax return easier

Income tax return online Your Etax return is as short, or as detailed, as you need it to be. No unnecessary reading = you save time. (click image to learn more)

Income tax return online

Attach receipts and documents directly to your online tax return

Income tax return online

Automatic online tax refund calculator—accuracy increases as you enter more details

Income tax return online

Saves details automatically as you go

Income tax return online

Etax works great on any online device: Laptop, mobile, tablet, plus a new mobile app

Click here to see the online tax return how to page – you ll be an online tax pro in 3 minutes.

Doing your tax return online is quickly becoming the most popular option. There s no need for appointments at the tax agent office when you can get the same service right here, online.

And there s no need to go it alone with the ATO when you can combine online convenience plus professional support and advice.

The step-by-step Etax 2017 online tax return lets you choose the sections you need, saving you time and trouble.

  • New Auto Prefill: Enters up to 70% of the return for you
  • New Online Help Info Helps you see what goes where
  • Smart Deduction Tips helps you remember all the bits you should claim
  • Save receipts and documents right onto your return
  • Mobile friendly: Do your tax return and exchange online messages with your Etax accountant, all from your tablet or mobile phone!
  • No appointments, no offices, low fees, expert checking and advice
  • Section Selector: Only shows what you need. Less reading!
  • Confidence: Your Etax online tax return is checked twice by qualified accountants for accuracy and extra deductions prior to lodgement. (Better support and expertise than at most tax agent offices)
  • Do it, then forget it. Finish your online tax return in 15 minutes—the Etax team handles the rest.

Ready to do your tax return online?

For 2016, the redesigned online tax return and new smart features make your taxes easier than ever.

Not sure about something in your return?

Down at the bottom of your return, there s a section for Other items and attachments . You can enter a question or comment, attach a file or photo, and an accountant will get back to you or add the information in the right place for you. Easy!

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