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3 of or belonging to a united group; joint
(C15: from Latin corporatus made into a body, from corporare, from corpus body)

body corporate
n (Law) a group of persons incorporated to carry out a specific enterprise
See corporation 1

corporate anorexia
n a malaise of a business organization resulting from making too many creative people redundant in a cost-cutting exercise

corporate culture
n the distinctive ethos of an organization that influences the level of formality, loyalty, and general behaviour of its employees

corporate identity. image
n the way an organization is presented to or perceived by its members and the public

corporate raider
n (Finance) a person or organization that acquires a substantial holding of the shares of a company in order to take it over or to force its management to act in a desired way

corporate restructuring
n a change in the business strategy of an organization resulting in diversification, closing parts of the business, etc. to increase its long-term profitability

corporate venturing
n (Finance) the provision of venture capital by one company for another in order to obtain information about the company requiring capital or as a step towards acquiring it

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