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SPark Field Hockey Club is a premier, not-for-profit field hockey club in Maryland whose missions is to promote the development of high quality field hockey players who are competitive at any level. Through its developmental leagues and travel teams, SPark Field Hockey Club provides young women between the ages of eight and eighteen with world-class technical training in a positive, competitive atmosphere so that all athletes can reach their full potential.

  • Congrats to SPark U19 – Pool WINNER at Shooting Star Easter tournament!
  • Congrats to SPark U14 Blue and SPark U14 White – NIT POOL WINNERS!
  • Congratulations to the following winners of the SPark Basket raffle: #1: Debi Davis, #2: B. Colabucci, #3: Marquardt, #4: Phyllis Kissin, #5: Payton Kenney, #6: Kathy Hersey, #7: Caitlin Koehler
  • Congratulations to SPark U19 Blue, U19 White, U19 Gold, U19 Silver, U16 Blue, U16 White – all qualified for the National Indoor Tournament!First time EVER that SPark has qualified ALL U19 teams!

Congratulations to these SPark athletes!

Message Board

Cancellations: Please note that we do NOT follow the AACO Inclement Weather Cancellation Policy. Please check the SPark Message Board for league, tournament, or practice delays or cancellations.

Congrats to the following SPark athletes selected to compete at the NFC tournament: U19: Megan Brannen, Josie Formica(alt); U16: Mikayla Borneman, Sydney White; U14: Zoe Day, Logan Dean

SPark athletes named to NFHCA High School National Academic Squad:Connor Allen, Megan Borneman, Payton Kenny, Kelly Koehler, Meghan Ronan

SPark athletes named to Maryland All-State teams:1st team: Sophia Hartman,McKenna Lee, Jenna Partilla, Teresa Pelli; 2nd team: Megan Munley, Ellie Schepens; Honorable Mention: Rachel Sindler

SPark athlete named to Harrow/NFHCA High School All Region team:Connor Allen

SPark athletes named to Washington Post All-Met teams:2nd team: McKenna Lee; Honorable Mention: Sophia Hartman

SPark athletes named to Baltimore Sun All-Met teams:2nd team: McKenna Lee, Jenna Partilla, Teresa Pelli

SPark athletes named to the Capital Gazette All County team:1st team: Sophia Hartman, McKenna Lee, Jenna Partilla, Teresa Pelli; 2nd team: Logan Beal, Megan Borneman, Maia Cheeks, Emily Eckels, Paige Ford, Jenna Garden, Emma Jeffries, Peri Long, Megan Munley, Ellie Schepens, Rachel Sindler

SPark athletes named to the Public School Coaches All-County Team:1st team: Sophia Hartman, McKenna Lee, Peri Long, Megan Munley, Jenna Partilla, Teresa Pelli, Ellie Schepens; 2nd team: Logan Beal, Megan Borneman, Emily Eckels, Paige Ford, Emma Jeffries; Honorable Mention: Taylor Aguilar, Mikayla Borneman

SPark athletes named to the WCAC All Conference team:1st team. Stephanie Heffron, Maddie Mayuga; 2nd team: Rachel DeVore; Honorable Mention: Anna Pizzano

SPark athletes named to the All County Bayside North Conference team:Conner Allen, Mackenzie Peacock.

SPark athletes named to the IAAM All Conference team:Josie Formica, Rachel Sindler, Sydney White

Notable SPark Achievements:

NIT: 2017 U14(2), 2016 U19, 2016 U14, 2015 U12, 2013 U19, 2011 U16, 2011 U14, 2009 U14, 2008 U19, 2007 U16, 2005 U19, 2003 U16, 2001 U14

Festival: 2007 U19, 2006 U19, 2004 U19

Disney: 2010 U16

NICC: 2011 U16, 2010 U19, 2010 U14, 2009 U19, 2008 U16

Maryland Club Championship: 2013 U19, 2010 U19

Regional Club Championship: 2016 U14, 2014 U16

SPark Futures Elite Championship Participants:

Marissa Balleza 3x, Maeve Doherty 3x, Ena Belch, Noelle Frost, Regan Leavitt

SPark USA Outdoor Junior U17 Participants:

Noelle Frost, Regan Leavitt

SPark Junior Olympics Participants:

Marissa Balleza 3x, Maeve Doherty 3x, Elizabeth Mata 3x, Kelsey Fielder 2x, Regan Leavitt 2x, Casey Pohlmeyer 2x, Jaclyn Anspach, Ena Belch, Sabrina Davis, Kayla Devlin, Noelle Frost, Anna Haley, Amanda Himmelheber, Abbi Horn, Ashley Leverett, Lindsey Ladas, Danielle Maines, Regina Openshaw, Melissa Rize, Emily Thomas

SPark National Futures Championship Participants:

Marissa Balleza 5x, Elizabeth Mata 5x, Casey Pohlmeyer 5x, Sabrina Davis 4x, Maeve Doherty 4x, Abbi Horn 4x, Regan Leavitt 4x, Danielle Maines 4x, Regina Openshaw 4x, Amanda Himmelheber 3x, Claire Horn 3x, Kat Varga 3x, Connor Allen 2x, Jaclyn Anspach 2x, Hannah Balleza 2x, Mikayla Borneman 2x, Melanie Borneman 2x, Kayla Devlin 2x, Kelsey Fielder 2x, Noelle Frost 2x, Anna Haley 2x, Lindsey Ladas 2x, Sophia Openshaw 2x, Ally Pollack 2x, Melissa Rize 2x, Lila Slattery 2x, Samantha Slattery 2x, Emily Thomas 2x, Jessica Valvano 2x, Lauren Aguilar, Logan Beal, Ena Belch, Megan Borneman, Nell Bragdon, Megan Brannen, Kori Edmonsen, Maddie Gutkowski, Alyssa Kessler, Ashley Leverett, Madelyn McAteer, Molly McAteer, Emily Penn, Kaylee Pohlmeyer, Marissa Poliks, Olivia Reiter, Elizabeth Schepens, Emma Slattery, Kayla White, Sydney White, Kayley Williams, Amy Wright

SPark Women’s National Junior Indoor Team Participants:

Marissa Balleza, Maeve Doherty, Elizabeth Mata

SPark Women’s National Indoor Team Participants:

Hannah Balleza, Ashley Dalisera, Maeve Doherty, Lyndsey Heppner, Carissa Hyman, Elizabeth Mata, Casey Pohlmeyer, Jamie Tierney

SPark USA High Performance Team Participants:

Casey Pohlmeyer 2x

SPark Men’s National Indoor Team Participants:

NCAA National Champions:

D1: Amanda Himmelheber, Kayla Devlin, Ally Pollack

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