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BYTSYZ E-Learning training, online courses

BYTSYZ e-Learning delivers high quality online training courses to health, social, domiciliary, voluntary and childcare sectors. Online courses can be completed from the comfort of your own office or home and at a time that suits you.

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Online courses for organisations

  • All our courses conform to universally accepted Continuous Professional Development (CPD) criteria.
  • Online courses meet statutory training and regulatory requirements
  • 24/7/365 access to learning and management
  • 20% introductory discount to all new corporate customers and access to volume discounts
  • Free and easy to use Learning Management System (LMS)
  • High quality learning materials
  • Special reduced rates are available for schools
  • Detailed employee record
  • Assessed learning

Online courses for individual learners

  • Book online course in a few simple steps
  • High quality secure paper certificate and e-Certificate service
  • 24/7/365 access from home or work
  • A long period of time in which to complete the course
  • Take as many trial assessments as you may need
  • Take your final assessment when you are ready
  • Online help and support
  • Online courses meet statutory and mandatory training and regulatory requirements

Child Protection / Safeguarding Children online courses

Health and Social Care online courses

Health and Safety online training courses

Introduction and Level 1 Online Courses

Online Courses for Your Business

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TRACEY from Stockport (20-07-2017)
I really enjoyed the course, it was extremely informative. The course content suited my style of learning.

HAMID from London (18-06-2017)
The course was very informative.

WENDY from Launceston (06-06-2017)
I found the course really interesting and informative. The format was excellent and it was easily accessed.

Safeguarding children

Our range of online courses is suitable for individuals who have varied responsibility for the safeguarding and protection of children and or vulnerable adults. Visit the Safeguarding children and vulnerable adults training section for more information.

New online courses!

This online course comprises 2 modules.

Best first cars for new drivers 2017 #best #auto #insurance #for #young #adults

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Best first cars for new drivers 2017

New drivers need a car that inspires confidence, and these are 10 of the best first cars to buy now

For many, passing your driving test is a rite of passage, another step towards adulthood and independence. However, you’re not going to get very far if you’re reliant on mum or dad’s car to get you mobile, so we’ve come up with 10 of the best cars for first time drivers. Of course, these models aren’t just for newly qualified teenagers, and are perfect for every type of new driver, because they’re cheap to run, not too powerful, easy to maneouvre and packed with safety kit.

If you’ve passed your test, it’s likely that paying for lessons has left you strapped for cash – not many people have the funds to be able to jump straight out of a driving instructor’s Vauxhall Corsa and into a Ferrari California – and these 10 models deliver the kind of running costs that are very manageable.

However, the biggest shock when buying your first car won’t be the fuel costs or finance repayments, it’ll be the insurance. You are required by law to have insurance cover, so first-time drivers are a captive audience for insurance companies, and they ramp up their premiums as a result. There are ways to help keep your costs low, though.

Firstly, find a car that has a low insurance rating. All of the cars in our top 10 have low insurance group ratings for their class, which will help to keep costs down. Secondly, there are insurance companies that offer to fit a ‘black box’ recorder to monitor your car use and driving style, which can help to reduce your outgoings, too.

When you’re looking at new cars, you may be attracted by free insurance deals, but while these will cut your costs, there will usually be age restrictions, usually age 21 and older. If you’re eligible, it’s a great way to build up your first 12 months of no-claims discount, and you’ll be surprised by how much your insurance costs will drop after the first year.

If you’re a parent who is helping your child to get on the road by buying their first car, then you’ll want a car that’s safe. It’s worth looking at a car’s Euro NCAP crash test results, but bear in mind that cars tested after 2015 faced a tougher regime, so you can’t directly compare ratings between models. However, any new car is going to be a safe place when compared to an older used model. Do check that electronic stability control (ESC) is included in a car’s kit list, too, as it can sometimes be optional on the very cheapest cars.

Diesel cars have attractively low fuel economu figures, but a diesel can be unreliable if you don’t use it on long-distance runs regularly. If you’re just going to use your car for trips to the shops, a petrol car is a better option. In reality, petrol cars will be more than economical enough.

When you’re inexperienced behind the wheel, it’s important that a car gives you confidence. Look for a car with light steering and a tight turning circle, while large windows will help you see where you want to go and what’s around you.

Thankfully, these days small cars can be upgraded with options such as parking sensors which and sat-nav, which will help you concentrate on driving. Most young drivers will want a decent stereo, while gadgets such as Bluetooth and a USB connection can be had on these entry level models, so you can keep connected and help you.

Top 10 best first cars for new drivers 2017

First Cars on Auto Express.

Everything you need to know about learning to drive, getting your driving licence and choosing your first car.

Learning to drive

Passing your driving test

Getting your first car

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