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The Tooth Company is a registered dental provider for Work and Income New Zealand (WINZ). We can provide quotations for any emergency or general care you require.

If you require a quotation for Work and Income New Zealand covered dental treatment make an appointment for a free 5 minute consultation – the dentist will provide you with a quotation form to take with you to your nearest WINZ office – once this approved treatment can begin as soon as possible.

At The Tooth Company we have the latest state of the art imaging equipment to provide accurate diagnosis of a range of dental issues. All of our x ray equipment is fully digital and all surgery’s are equipped with intra oral cameras providing an interactive experience during your examination.

Need a WINZ quote?

If you’d like to make an appointment today or contact us with any questions about a quote – we are always happy to have a chat and offer our help.

Pricing Payment

Our company ethos is to provide the best dental care in New Zealand at an affordable price. We do not cut corners and we are open and honest about all of our treatment planning and pricing. We source the best materials from world leading company’s such as Ivoclar and Henry Shein to ensure you receive the best quality treatment possible.

You will find most of the treatments on the site have an indicative pricing range however certain treatments will require consultation to tailor plans.

All of our dentist s tailor plans to suit all sorts of budgets – big or small.

The Tooth Company offers a range of different payment methods.

  • We Accept all Major Credit Cards (Visa and Mastercard) EFTPOS Cash

The Tooth Company has partnered with QCard to provide up to 12 months of interest free finance. This means you can get underway with treatment immediately. Lending criteria does apply – one of our administration team will help you through the process.

The Tooth Company is an ACC registered provider.

Some ACC Treatments incur a surcharge of which your dentist will advise of at the time of consultation

The Tooth Company is a WINZ registered provider.

WINZ quotations are free of charge

  • Southern Cross Healthcare Easy Claim

The Tooth Company provides Southern Cross Easy Claim

Bring your Southern Cross number/card and we take care of all the payment with Southern Cross

  • Southern Cross Affiliated Provider

The Tooth Company is an Affiliated Provider of Southern Cross Healthcare

Our Oral Surgery procedures are often covered through Southern Cross Healthcare

  • Ministry of Health Free Teenage Dental Care

The Tooth Company – Smales Farm holds an agreement for the provision of free dental care for secondary school students years 9-13. Enrollment for 2017 is now open.

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Payouts for underpaid beneficiaries

Work and income nz

Beneficiaries who were underpaid by a day’s worth of benefit are now getting their money, some receiving hundreds of dollars in back pay.

Work and income nz

New Zealand money. Photo: RNZ / Alexander Robertson

Work and Income has paid most benefits a day late for almost 20 years and is trying to pass legislation to wipe the debt.

But beneficiaries are claiming back the extra day’s pay and, in some cases, getting it.

Benefits are meant to start the same day a stand-down period ends, usually a couple of weeks after someone first applies.

Since then, advocates have been helping people claim the extra day’s pay, sending out hundreds of review forms, which are forwarded on to Work and Income.

Aaron Tily, who lives in Ashburton, has just received $93.

“Quite relieved, because it took quite a bit of time,” he said.

“My family was thinking it might have been a bit of a scam, and I was starting to think that as well.”

The Facebook group set up to get people claiming the extra day now has more than 4500 members.

Those members have been posting about how much money has arrived in their account, which in some cases amounts to hundreds of dollars.

Work and income nz

Beneficiary advocate Kay Brereton Photo: RNZ / Teresa Cowie

Beneficiary advocate Kay Brereton said the payouts so far ranged from $40 to $300, depending on how many times people had been on and off the benefit.

“This is what we want to encourage, is people to get off the benefit and have jobs and just use the benefit when they need to, and don’t have a job.

“It’s these people that have been disadvantaged, and it’s these people who are being back paid, so it’s fantastic.”

RNZ asked the Ministry of Social Development under the Official Information Act how much the government could owe beneficiaries because of the mistake, and how many had filed reviews, but the ministry refused to release the information.

Ms Brereton said more than 500 people had asked for the money back so far, and she expected many more would now the payments had started.

Another advocate, Shelley Hannah-Kingi, said hundreds of thousands of beneficiaries could have been affected.

“Rightfully, these people should have been back-dated, because some of them have missed out on more than one day.

“Some of them, seasonal workers, could be one day for each 18 years.” If every eligible person applied, the government could find itself $100m in debt, she said.

But it was also about the principle.

“Because they’re owed it under law and it’s not ethical to not follow our laws just because people are poor, and we make bad judgments about them. That’s not okay.”

Minister of Social Development Anne Tolley would not confirm people were being backpaid – saying only that reviews were dealt with on a case by case basis.

In a statement, she said benefits were now issued on the correct day, bringing it in line with the law.

“Having revisited this issue, I directed Work and Income to change its practice so that it technically aligns with the letter of the law and last year’s court decision, ahead of an upcoming law change which clarifies the policy intent.”

It affected many people, she said.

“Seasonal workers who are likely to have been going on or off the benefit once or twice a year. Educational support workers quite often don’t get paid in the holidays in those jobs, so they will go on and off the benefit maybe three times a year.”

Copyright 2015 , Radio New Zealand

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The Disability Allowance is a weekly payment to help people meet the costs associated with a disability or health condition (including mental-health conditions). You can find out more by following the link below. You might be surprised to find out just how many things you can get help with if you live with the effects of a health condition.

About the Disability Allowance

The Disability Allowance is a weekly payment for people of all ages who have a disability or ongoing health condition and need help with the additional costs directly associated with that condition.

It is available to people who qualify for a Community Services Card including those on a benefit or people who are working. There is an income test. An application can also be made on behalf of a child if they are aged 18 years or under and financially dependent on the person who is making the application.

To qualify for Disability Allowance the person must:

have a disability or health condition that is likely to last at least six months have regular, ongoing costs because of a disability which are not fully covered by another agency are a New Zealand citizen or permanent resident normally live in New Zealand and intend to stay here meet the income and asset test.

Allowable costs covered by a Disability Allowance

Following are some examples of costs that a Disability Allowance may be paid for; noting that the cost must be directly related to the person s disability:

Alternative treatment: must be supported by a medical practitioner as being necessary to be publically funded for the person s condition, and the treatment provided or supervised by a health practitioner (under the HPCAA).

Ambulance fees and subscriptions: when a person is required to pay ambulance fees or subscription fees on an annual on-going basis.

Authorised consumables: can cover the ongoing additional cost of consumable items needed by a person, eg hearing aids, vet s fees etc for guide dogs, incontinence pads (if they are not provided through Health).

Clothing: for additional clothing costs that a person has which may arise because of greater frequency of washing, wear and tear resulting from use of a prosthetic aid or wheelchair or the need to have clothes or shoes made-to-measure.

Counselling: for counselling fees if the need for counselling is directly related to the person s disability. It is limited to 10 sessions with the opportunity for some additional sessions if clinically indicated (uncommon).

Day care for the elderly disabled: to help meet the costs of an elderly disabled person (usually aged 65 or over) to attend a day care centre, and/or the cost of transport to the centre.

Gardening, lawns and outside window cleaning: covers the costs of gardening, lawn-mowing, and outside window cleaning for the person s own home or private residence where the person or another resident in the home is unable to do these tasks themselves.

Gym and swimming pool fees: may be paid when the exercise activities are directly related to a person s disability and will have a therapeutic value.

Medical alarms: to cover the costs of medical alarm rental and monitoring if a medical alarm is necessary for normal daily living and without it, the person s life or health would be put at risk, or their disability would be aggravated.

Medical fees: to cover the cost of appointments with general practitioners, specialists or hospital fees if the costs are additional and ongoing. This can also include fees for the some other health services (if a registered medical practitioner verifies the need and its relationship to the documented disability or health condition), for example occupational therapy, physiotherapy, audiology, podiatry or dental services.

Pharmaceutical charges: to cover the costs of regular and ongoing pharmaceutical charges. Note: It is generally only paid to assist with the cost of pharmaceutical products that are subsidised or partially subsidised under the New Zealand Public Health and Disability Act.

Power, gas and heating: for the additional electricity, gas or heating costs that a person has. It is for the costs over and above the normal power consumption of similar-sized households.

Rental equipment: for necessary rental equipment when the client has a need for the item or service but can t receive funding through the District Health Board or another state funded agency and their life or health would be put at risk, or their disability aggravated if they could not hire the equipment.

Special foods: to cover the additional costs of special foods, ie for costs over and above the normal cost of food. Vitamins, supplements, herbal remedies and minerals can also be included when they are recommended as necessary for the management of the condition.

Telephone: for telephone costs to a person with a disability only when the ongoing cost of the telephone is directly related to the person s disability.

Transport disability: for additional travel costs that a person has because of their disability. These additional travel costs can be incurred when a person with a disability is carrying out everyday activities. Examples of everyday activities may include (but is not limited to) shopping, vocational services and work.

Transport personal health: to cover the costs of regular travel to a health practitioner for supervision or treatment of the person s disability.

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Expense Budget Spreadsheet Template for Business

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A budget helps an individual to reach both the spending and saving goals as it tracks the spending rate, income and expenses. The challenge always is developing a budget spreadsheet, whereby you might omit or forget to list all items. Therefore, it is easy and cheaper to do it through the help of a template. The expense budget spreadsheet template is part of a financial planning series referred to as the process of making a budget using a template.

Expense budget spreadsheet template gives the individual a chance to predict the amount of cash flow the individual has. The expense budget spreadsheet template has various uses, which include, easy budgeting by feeling in the details on the monthly budget template in accordance to your financial income and expenditure desires. Apart from that, it allows the individual to put each item he or she purchases in the item category and after adding up. It is then compared to the total amount spent with the amount budgeted. This helps the individual to add up income and expenses and find the difference between the two. Some like the wedding budget template help are used to show how much you should spend on each item in the wedding. They also help you think of expenses you might not have thought of.

In addition to this, the expense budget spreadsheet template can be used to create a yearly budget and track the expenses one’s expenses from month to month thus useful for planning large purchases or making major life changes such as kids, school, changing jobs and marriage. The expense budget spreadsheet template provides for different budgets so that the individual has freedom to choose the one that he prefers. They include budget by month, which lists the monthly expenses, tracks the income and tally the monthly averages, yearly budget, and personal budget, household budget mainly for families where mostly the income of the parents is tallied and budget worksheet. The expense budget spreadsheet template should be updated periodically as an income or expense item changes in amount or at the end of every month as you receive the statements. The ultimate benefit is this template is that you do not have to prepare any other spreadsheet but rather use the expense budget spreadsheet template provide online for all you are budgeting.

Preview of Expense Budget Spreadsheet Template for Business :

Income and expenditure template

10 Helpful Spreadsheet Templates To Help Manage Your Finances, income and expenditure spreadsheet.#Income #and #expenditure

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Popular Topics

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Income and expenditure spreadsheet

Income and expenditure spreadsheet

10 Helpful Spreadsheet Templates To Help Manage Your Finances

I ve always thought that one of the reasons why staying afloat is so challenging is because money is such an abstract concept. It s just numbers on a page, or pieces of paper in a wallet. But what if that wasn t the case? What if you could easily and accurately visualize your financial health? Wouldn t it be great if you knew where your money was, at all times?

Thankfully, Vertex42 (which we ve covered in the past Vertex42: Download Free Excel Templates Calculators Vertex42: Download Free Excel Templates Calculators Vertex42 is a resource where you can download free Excel templates, financial calculators, calendars templates and articles that are designed to educate, increase productivity and help people manage their time and finances effectively using Excel. Read More ) has a range of spreadsheets that make this possible, and more. Don t believe me? Here are ten of the best financial spreadsheets they have to offer.

Family Budget Planner

When you ve got a mortgage, children and a car payment to keep on track with, it s hard to balance the budget. You need a level of financial awareness that perhaps even Paul Krugman doesn t possess. Or, you could just fire up Excel. This spreadsheet can give even You Need A Budget YNAB Makes It Easy to Make a Budget and Stick to It YNAB Makes It Easy to Make a Budget and Stick to It Does your checking account remind you of a debt-burdened Southern European nation? You Need A Budget. We know it’s tough to keep track of spendings. YNAB can help. Read More a run for its money (no pun intended), and allows you to create a yearly budget to project earnings and expenditures, whilst taking care of variable expenditures and changes in income.

Income and expenditure spreadsheet

Personal Monthly Budget Worksheet

If you ve not got a family and you re eager to take control of your finances, why don t you check out this personal monthly budget spreadsheet. It allows you to create a budget just for you Make a Personal Budget on Excel in 4 Easy Steps Make a Personal Budget on Excel in 4 Easy Steps Do you have so much debt that it will take decades to pay off? It’s time to make a budget and apply a few Excel tricks to help you pay off your debt sooner. Read More , and then compare it against what you actually spend and comes with fields for daily expenditures, as well as entertainment and discretionary spending. It s easy to use too. This spreadsheet only spans a single page, and can be printed on one sheet of paper in portrait orientation.

Income and expenditure spreadsheet

College Budget Template

Going to university is scary. You re away from your parents, and everything they did for you washing, cooking and cleaning is now something you have to deal with. Alone. You ll also have to take care of your finances, and avoid the allure of overdrafts and credit cards. How do you do that? With this college budget spreadsheet, of course. This allows you to plan for the cost of studying over the course of months, semesters and years, and to keep your bank account in the black.

Income and expenditure spreadsheet

Christmas Gift / Holiday Spending Budget

It s the most wonderful time of the year, as the song goes. It s also the most eye-wateringly expensive time of the year, as families push themselves further and further into debt to buy lavish presents. It doesn t have to be this way. This spreadsheet allows you to set a total budget, allocate it on a person-by-person basis, and use that as a guide to for your gift-buying strategy.

Income and expenditure spreadsheet

Travel Budget Worksheet

I love to travel. I ve been to ten different countries this year. The reason I ve been able to do that is due to meticulous research and planning the costs of each leg of my trips. You can see the world too, with this beautiful travel budget worksheet. It allows you to set a total budget, subtract accommodation and transportation, and then factor in discretionary spending.

Income and expenditure spreadsheet

Money Manager for Kids

Many parents give their children an allowance. It s a great way for them to learn about the inherent value of money, and to buy the things they want. It s also a great way to teach them about budgeting and saving. Why not also allow them to visualize their progress with this money manager for kids? It s a budgeting template, but packaged to appeal and cater for young minds.

Income and expenditure spreadsheet

Income Statement Template

An income statement is a document that declares how much you earned, and how much you expended. They re used in businesses and households alike to visualize how much they re spending, and to give a picture of the health of your finances. This spreadsheet is designed for the small business owner, and allows you to thoroughly and meticulously take control of your business s finances.

Income and expenditure spreadsheet

Savings Goal Tracker

Saving money is hard. Especially when you ve not really got a solid goal, other than to have savings . And let s face it, there are a lot of shiny things on sale, that can easily pry your money from your wallet. How do you deal with this? By visualizing your goals, and charting your progress towards them. And what better way to do that than with this spreadsheet?

Income and expenditure spreadsheet

Credit Repair Spreadsheet

Times are tough. Many people are struggling. And many people find themselves in a hole, missing credit card and car payments, and when they climb out they find their credit is shot. Broken. But something can be done. Repairing one s credit is not only possible, it s also relatively painless. With this spreadsheet, you can work towards rehabilitating yourself in the eyes of the credit reporting agencies.

Income and expenditure spreadsheet

Extra Payment Mortgage Calculator

Mortgages are a bit like house guests. The sooner you re shut of them, the better. The best and quickest way to get rid of a mortgage is to make extra payments. So, why not check out this extra payment calculator, which can show you the benefits of reduced interest when you pay off your mortgage in extra chunks. Brilliant!

Income and expenditure spreadsheet


Vertex42 has a startling array of spreadsheets that make managing your finances absolutely effortless. Did I miss any? Let me know in the comments box below.

Featured image credits: Georgejmclittle via Shutterstock.

Average Salary Information for US Workers, wages and salary.#Wages #and #salary

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Average Salary Information for US Workers

Wages and salary

How much is the average salary for US workers? Salaries vary based on gender, education, occupation, industry, geographical location, ethnicity, and other factors. Here s information on the average salary in a variety of categories, and calculators to use to determine the salary for specific occupations.

Average Salary Information for US Workers

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median wage for workers in the United States in the fourth quarter of 2016 was $849 per week or $44,148 per year for a 40-hour work week.

Wages were 2.9 percent higher than at the same date for the previous year, a gain of 1.8 percent.

However, salaries can vary significantly based on both on occupation and location. For example, people working in professional, management and related occupations earned an average of $63,076 annually, while those working in service occupations only earned an average of $28, 080 annually. Jobs in large metropolitan cities which have a higher cost of living tend to pay more than jobs in more rural areas.

Average Salaries for US Men and Women

The BLS reports that for the fourth quarter of 2016, men earned a median average of $927 per week while women earned only $758 or 81.8 percent of what males earned.

Average Salary Based on Education

Workers age 25 and over without a high school degree had median weekly earnings of $519 at the end of 2016 compared with $698 for high school graduates. College graduates with at least a bachelor s degree earned $1,270 per week.

College graduates with advanced degrees earned a median average of $1476 each week.

Median Salary vs. Average Salary

What s the difference between the average salary for a job and the median salary? The median salary (also called the midpoint) for a job is the wage at the middle of a range. Half of the workers in the United States earn below this level and half earn above it.

The average salary (also called the mean) for a job is an average of all the salaries for a specific job.

To get the average salary, you add all the salaries for a job and divide it by the number of people working at that occupation. As mentioned above, the average salary can vary based on location, the supply and demand for the job, and other factors.

How to Find the Average Salary for a Job

When you are evaluating careers or job searching, it can be useful to know what you can expect to make. It can also be a good bargaining tool, when negotiating a salary with a new employer or a pay raise with a current one, to know the average salary that others with your job title make in your geographical region. The link below provides salary profiles for a variety of different occupations, plus links to salary calculators and tools for comparing salaries and discovering how much you can earn.

Salary and Cost of Living Calculators

There are a variety of calculators you can use to find out what the average salary is for a job in your occupation and location of interest. In addition, you can use a cost-of-living calculator to determine how much it actually costs to live in a specific location.

Here a few of the most-used online calculators:

Salary.com reports will give you the average salary for just about every occupation, as well as information on benefits, negotiation, and human resources issues.

Use PayScale s Cost of Living Calculator to determine how much your current salary is worth in a new city and to compare the cost of living in two different cities.

Evaluate a job offer or compare your salary with equivalent positions.

Use PayScale s Salary Chart to review the median salary for a variety of jobs.

Understanding the confluence of average salaries in your profession and the cost of living in any given area will provide you with the facts you need whenever you are considering applying for a new job or moving to a different geographical region.

Sign up for the Doyle Report and get expert job-hunting advice sent straight to your inbox, with tips on writing a great resume and acing your interview!

Topic No, define wages and salary.#Define #wages #and #salary

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define wages and salary

Define wages and salary

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Define wages and salary

  1. Home
  2. Tax Topics
  3. Topic No. 401 Wages and Salaries

Topic Number: 401 – Wages and Salaries

All wages, salaries and tips you received for performing services as an employee of an employer must be included in your gross income. Amounts withheld for taxes, including but not limited to income tax, social security and Medicare taxes, are considered “received” and must be included in gross income in the year they’re withheld. Generally, your employer’s contribution to a qualified pension plan for you isn’t included in gross income at the time it’s contributed. Additionally, while amounts withheld under certain salary reduction agreements with your employer are generally excluded from gross income, such amounts may have to be included in wages subject to social security and Medicare taxes in the year they’re withheld. See Publication 17, Chapter 5, Wages Salaries and Other Earnings, and Chapter 6, Tip Income, for specific information.

Your employer should provide you a Form W-2 (PDF) showing your total income and withholding. You must include all income and withholding from all Forms W-2 you receive on your tax return, and if filing jointly, you must also include all income and withholding from your spouse’s Forms W-2. Attach a copy of each Form W-2 to the front of your tax return as indicated in the instructions. Please note that self-employment income is generally reported on Form 1099-MISC (PDF). For more information on business income, refer to Topic No. 407, Business Income, and Publication 334, Tax Guide for Small Business. For information on tips, refer to Publication 531, Reporting Tip Income, Publication 1244, Employee’s Daily Record of Tips and Report to Employer, Topic No. 761, Tips – Withholding and Reporting, and Is My Tip Income Taxable? For information on excess social security or railroad tax withholding, refer to Topic No. 608, Excess Social Security and RRTA Tax Withheld.

If you receive a Form W-2 after you’ve filed your return, file an amended tax return, Form 1040X (PDF). For more information on amended returns, refer to Topic No. 308 and Amended Returns. Your Form W-2 should be made available to you by January 31, 2017. For information about incorrect Forms W-2 or non-receipt, refer to Topic No. 154, Form W-2 and Form 1099-R (What to Do if Incorrect or Not Received).

Sample Income Statement, Basic Accounting Financial Information, sample balance sheet and income statement.#Sample #balance #sheet

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Money Instructor

A Sample Income Statement

In this series of articles, we’re going to take a look at the Income Statement, why we use it, and what we learn from it. The income statement is the first completed financial statement in the complete package of Income Statement, Balance Sheet, Owner’s Equity Statement and Statement of Cash Flows. In many ways, much of the information we put together for the other statements, is a direct result of the information given on the Income Statement. For this reason alone, the importance of the Income Statement cannot be overstated; but there are other reasons for the significance of the Income Statement and the important role it plays.

For purposes of clarity, there is a sample Income Statement below, and as we progress through this series, we will use this sample for reference.

There are 10 articles in the series on the Income Statement:

  1. A Sample Income Statement
  2. How To Prepare an Income Statement
  3. Reading an Income Statement
  4. Format of the Income Statement
  5. Income Statements and the Owner Equity Statement
  6. The Importance of the Income Statement
  7. Income Statements and Budgets
  8. The Balance Sheet and the Income Statement
  9. The Income Statement and Investor Information
  10. The Income Statement and the Statement of Cash Flows

The Income Statement is a direct result of the information that is recorded in the journals and ledgers, and then transformed into concise, compiled revenue and expense figures. It is usually prepared directly from the monthly closing of the books and provides an accurate picture of the revenue and expense of the business for a specified period of time; usually a month, quarter or year. The Income statement is used by management within the company, but also by investors and creditors outside the company to evaluate profitability, performance and aid in the assessment of risk for the investor or creditor.

One individual report, with one basic analysis can never provide the big picture that we seek when we begin to assess a company or business, but the Income Statement is one of the initial places of business profit and loss reporting; this makes the case for the belief that accurate initial information, helps a business or company stay on track and maintain financial health.

The sample Income Statement below is what is known as the single-step format, and is the most easily read format. We will take a look later at the single and multiple step formats, and how to dissect the different information contained within each one.

Income Statement and Balance Sheet Lesson Plan, Relationship, Teaching Worksheets, sample balance sheet and income

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Topic: A look at the Balance Sheet and Income Statement and how they interrelate.

Concept: To introduce students to the two financial statements that are reflected in the Accounting Equation and how these two statements are linked and related.

  • Students will understand what an income statement is and which accounts can be found on an income statement
  • Students will learn the basic format of an income statement
  • Students will understand what a balance sheet is and will identify which accounts can be found on a balance sheet
  • Students will learn the basic format of a balance sheet
  • Students will be introduced to the relationship between the balance sheet and the income statement

Seventh Grade – Eighth Grade – Ninth Grade – Tenth Grade – Eleventh Grade – Twelfth Grade – Adult Education

Sample balance sheet and income statement

Sample balance sheet and income statement

Sample balance sheet and income statement

Sample balance sheet and income statement

Sample balance sheet and income statement

Sample balance sheet and income statement

Sample balance sheet and income statement

Sample balance sheet and income statement

Sample balance sheet and income statement

Sample balance sheet and income statement

Sample balance sheet and income statement


Copies of an Annual Report from a well-known company.

Lesson Activity

Understanding the balance sheet and its relationship with the income statement is an important concept in accounting. This lesson introduces the relationship and is a precursor to the next two lessons which look at each statement and associated accounts in more detail

1. Have students look at the Financial Statements prepared in the annual report.

2. Discuss the various income statement Accounts

  • Look at the types of revenues.
  • Discuss the various expenses.
  • Discuss net income and explain how it is calculated.

3. Discuss the various balance sheet account entries

  • Look at each section (assets, liabilities, equity) in detail.
  • Briefly discuss the entries and explain concepts such as depreciation, accrued liabilities, and retained earnings.

4. Have students identify the common link between the balance sheet and the income statement: earnings

5. Discuss where earnings are shown on the balance sheet and what earnings represent: an increase in the equity of the company.


Have students complete worksheet. A suggested passing grade is 70% or greater.

Sample balance sheet and income statement

Print out the teaching lesson pages and exercise worksheets for use with this lesson:


Sample balance sheet and income statement

This is a lesson on the purpose of the Income Statement, the Balance Sheet, and how they can be used together.

Sample balance sheet and income statement

Example Income and Expenditure Form – Debt Advice Blog, income and expenditure form.#Income #and #expenditure

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Example Income and Expenditure Form

Income and expenditure formAn Income and Expenditure Form is an overview of the following:

  • Details about the Income you receive.
  • Information about your expenses.
  • A list of your creditors and how much you pay them.

An income and expenditure could also be called a Financial Statement or Statement of Affairs.

The Income and Expenditure Form available at Debt Advice Blog can be used when you are making an offer of repayment towards your debts. There are a lot of different sections to complete and some of these may not be relevant to you. If that is the case leave the rows as they are and move to the next one.

Completing the Income and Expenditure Form

This income and expenditure form opens with Microsoft Excel. It may also work with OpenOffice which you can download for free. Although there are a large number of income and expense options on the form, you may find only some of them apply. That s normal as it has been designed to cover as much as possible.

Completing the Income Section

The form is easy to use if you have a reasonable knowledge of Microsoft Excel. Simply enter your income information into each relevant row and the spreadsheet will do the rest.

Completing the Expenses Section

There are a fair few options here and some may not be relevant for you. Fill in the rows that are applicable for you until you are finished. The spreadsheet will take care of all the calculations for you.

Completing the Debts Section

Enter the information about your debts. This should include:

  • The name of the Creditor (The person you owe the money to).
  • The amount you owe to the creditor.

The last box will calculate an offer of repayment automatically for you. If there aren t enough rows insert more although there are 11 provided. If there are too many delete the rows that aren t required.

Download the Income and Expenditure Form

Please visit the Downloads Page on Debt Advice Blog to download a copy of the Income and Expenditure Form. The form can be opened with Microsoft Excel.

You have a Negative Figure and Can t Pay your Debts

If after completing the Income and Expenditure Form you find you have nothing left then you should get some help. Please visit the Get Debt Help page on this site to find a list of organisations who can help you with your debt.