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Dagnan Chiropractic – Irving, TX #irving, #tx #chiropractor, #autism, #epilepsy #children, #chronic #fatigue, #chiroprator, #irving,

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Tiffany, Brittney, Dr. Dagnan, Madison, Brenda and Veronica

Our clinic is very unique, because when a patient enters the door, they know they will receive a warm and friendly welcome from me and my staff. We are always striving for excellence by going above and beyond the call of duty. Our patients know they will receive the best of care from our family practice.

I am very passionate about my profession and my business. The clinic and my patients are like part of my family. I truly care about them and have their best interest at heart. I know that when they come in with pain, I can, and will help them. We maintain a very close relationship with our patients. We know our patients on a first name basis � which provides a family like atmosphere. A majority of our patients become personal friends, sharing their life experiences with us. Even though our family approach is special, my adjustments are what keep people happy.

My patients vary in ages from infants to senior citizens. Even though I am located in south Irving, many of my patients come from all over the Metroplex, all over Texas, and some even out of state. They understand that not all chiropractors are created �equal�. That is why I have patients that will make the trip from Frisco, Melissa, McKinney, Mansfield, Sanger, Denton, Ft. Worth, Ponder, and many other cities around the Metroplex.

My clinic maintains current and efficient chiropractic equipment such as; on site X-Ray, Ultrasound, Electro-therapy, Spinal decompression, Cold Laser, Turbo Sonic (Vibration Therapy), an automatic Flexion/Distraction table, on-site Massage Therapy and the new �ACUTRON� � electrical micro current acupuncture with color light therapy.

As a convenience to my patients, I also speak Spanish!

�At Dagnan Chiropractic Clinic you are not just a patient.
you are a friend!�

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BYTSYZ E-Learning, online courses training and assessment #online #training,care #training,online #assessment,safeguarding #training, #safeguarding #children, #safeguarding

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BYTSYZ E-Learning training, online courses

BYTSYZ e-Learning delivers high quality online training courses to health, social, domiciliary, voluntary and childcare sectors. Online courses can be completed from the comfort of your own office or home and at a time that suits you.

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Online courses for organisations

  • All our courses conform to universally accepted Continuous Professional Development (CPD) criteria.
  • Online courses meet statutory training and regulatory requirements
  • 24/7/365 access to learning and management
  • 20% introductory discount to all new corporate customers and access to volume discounts
  • Free and easy to use Learning Management System (LMS)
  • High quality learning materials
  • Special reduced rates are available for schools
  • Detailed employee record
  • Assessed learning

Online courses for individual learners

  • Book online course in a few simple steps
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  • Take as many trial assessments as you may need
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Child Protection / Safeguarding Children online courses

Health and Social Care online courses

Health and Safety online training courses

Introduction and Level 1 Online Courses

Online Courses for Your Business

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I really enjoyed the course, it was extremely informative. The course content suited my style of learning.

HAMID from London (18-06-2017)
The course was very informative.

WENDY from Launceston (06-06-2017)
I found the course really interesting and informative. The format was excellent and it was easily accessed.

Safeguarding children

Our range of online courses is suitable for individuals who have varied responsibility for the safeguarding and protection of children and or vulnerable adults. Visit the Safeguarding children and vulnerable adults training section for more information.

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This online course comprises 2 modules.

ABA Therapy – Applied Behavior Analysis – Autism Therapy #autism #therapy #in #chicago, #il, #aba

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ABA Midwest Education, LTD Associates

ABA Therapy for Chicago and Beyond.

That’s what you can expect when you turn to us for help and professional supports. Based out of Chicago, we are a group of caring, experienced behavior analysts who have been providing comprehensive and focused ABA therapy to families and other entities to enhance the lives of those with autism and other developmental delays. ABA Midwest brings you expertise in ABA program development for those with medically complex issues such as seizures and symptoms that may be related to behavior disorders. We are able to provide additional objective ethical supports to families, schools and other agencies through our understanding of the challenges in the application of behavior interventions. Our behaviorists have decades of experience in the Midwest, across the US and around the world. Our sense of responsibility in delivering ABA Therapy and Behavior Management services started long ago with caring about the issues that you likely are concerned about today.

Our experience as behavior analysts working with other members of a treatment team allows us to have a unique understanding of the issues you face. ABA Midwest is here to deliver effective, ethical, practical intervention programming in a child’s home and in other relevant settings.

We cordially invite you to contact us to learn more about how we can support you.

Contact us with your questions or schedule an initial consult today.

Chicago ABA-VB Therapy: The most experienced clinically driven advisory team yet to provide Comprehensive Applied Behavior Analysis Services with Autism Home Based supports in IL. Visit our URL and see “Who We Are”. We are now providers of home based supports for authentic ABA- VB programming integrated with Risk Assessment, Injury Analysis, Restraint Analysis, High Quality Functional Assessment Methodology and ethical Intervention Services for those with Autism/ ASD and other IDD. We provide individualized Autism Home Supports, Expert Complex Case Consultation, Expert Witness Testimony, ABA Medical Necessity Consultation and Education, Parent and Behavior Therapist Training, Clinical IEP Review, Autism Clinical Navigation, Support for high risk behavioral profile cases including but not limited to medically complex cases with dual diagnosis, seizures and acute psychiatric symptoms. we also can provide medication monitoring supports while collaborating with the patient’s additional rehabilitative team members. Crisis Intervention Supports and Friendly 1-3 day Home, Center, Clinic Program “peer review” and recommendations. Science to Application Workshops and Simple Question Answer (Q,A.) round tables on a wide variety of topics for families, support groups or professionals. We cordially invite neurologists, psychiatrists, psychologists and pediatricians to reach out and learn more about out Comprehensive ABA Treatment and Focused ABA Therapy. We want to share with medical professionals what they may need to be aware of should an insurance utilization reviewer ask you about your recommendation for medically necessary “ABA Therapy”.

Proudly Serving the city of Chicago and its surrounding suburbs and communities including Naperville, Woodridge, Southloop, Westloop, Oaklawn, Orland Park, Lakeview, Lincoln Park, Uptown, Gold Coast, Edgewater, Logan Square, Portage Park, Evergreen Park, Bronzeville, Lincoln Square, Ravenswood, River North, River East, River West, University Village, Wicker Park, The Loop, Bridgeport, Beverly, Andersonville, Archer Heights, Bucktown, Chatham, Edison Park, Park Ridge, Noble Square, Norwood Park, Old Town, Pilsen, Jefferson Park, Little Village, Wrigleyville, Hyde Park, Irving Park, Eastside, Riverdale, Rascal Village, Morgan Park, Mount Greenwood, Albany Park, Forest Park, Oak Park, and DePaul as well as Northwest Indiana.


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Janice M. Pellecchia, M.A. BCBA,

Chicago, IL Psychology

Donate Now! 4 Paws For Ability #service #dogs, #service #dog #for #child, #autism #assitance #dog,

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Donate Now!


1. PayPal

Use the form below to make your donation to 4 Paws For Ability!

If you are donating to a child s fundraising, you must include the name of that child in the Notes for 4 Paws for Ability section of the form.

If you are donating to a specific project, (for example, sponsoring a placement class, an item on the wish list, etc.), please enter it in the Notes for 4 Paws for Ability section as well.

*Paypal deducts a small 2.2% transaction fee.


2. Mail a Check

You can make checks payable to: 4 Paws for Ability .

Please use the memo line to designate what your donation is for. If fundraising for a child, include the In honor of [child s name here] in the memo line. If the donating to a specific program or item, write the name of that program in the memo line, such as 4 Paws Alaska. or Sponsoring a Placement Class .

Mail checks to:
253 Dayton Ave.
Xenia, Ohio 45385



3. Make a donation via GoodWorld

4 Paws for Ability has partnered with GoodWorld for easy online giving! New donors can sign up at this link and will receive $5 to donation back to their organization! Be sure to sign up with us today! https://gdw.io/c7c6af

According to their website, GoodWorld is disrupting philanthropy with simple donations, straight from the heart and is fueling Social Giving, the next wave of seamless, viral charitable payments on Facebook and Twitter with just a hashtag: #donate. Their #donate technology makes it possible to give instantly to the causes users care most about!

Check out this new giving platform today!


4. Call to make a credit card donation over the phone

You can call us at (937) 374-0385 to donate directly by credit card over the phone. Please call Monday through Friday 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. EST if you would like to donate over the phone.


5. Donate via Network for Good

Network for Good makes it easy for you to support any charity, anywhere online through our trusted charitable fund.

*Network for Good deducts a small 3-5% transaction fee.


How else can you help?

Donations come in many forms time, resources, product donations, financial donations, and many more. For more ways to help, check out these links.

The possibilities are endless, and you won t find all of them on our website! See what Allison Henry thought up what will you do to help 4 Paws for Ability?

Help 4 Paws for Ability

Donate Now!
4 Paws for Ability is a nonprofit, 501(c)(3) organization whose mission is to place quality service dogs with children with disabilities and veterans who have lost use of limbs or hearing; help with animal rescue, and educate the public regarding use of service dogs in public places.

How To Help

DSM-5 Changes: Addiction, Substance-Related Disorders – Alcoholism #addictive #disorders,alcohol #abuse,alcohol #dependence,alcoholism,american #psychiatric #association,attention #deficit #hyperactivity,attention

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DSM-5 Changes: Addiction, Substance-Related Disorders Alcoholism

The new Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, 5th Edition (DSM-5) has a number of changes to addictions, substance-related disorders and alcoholism. This article outlines some of the major changes to these conditions.

According to the American Psychiatric Association (APA), the publisher of the DSM-5, the major change with substance abuse and alcohol abuse and dependence disorders has been the removal of the distinction between abuse and dependence. The chapter also moves gambling disorder into it as a behavioral addiction. According to the APA, this change reflects the increasing and consistent evidence that some behaviors, such as gambling, activate the brain reward system with effects similar to those of drugs of abuse and that gambling disorder symptoms resemble substance use disorders to a certain extent.

Criteria and Terminology

I always thought it was completely arbitrary that the DSM-IV made a distinction between someone struggling with substance abuse and dependence. To me and to many other clinicians they instead appeared to be the same disorder but on a continuum of abuse. Finally, the DSM-5 comes around to the convention wisdom of therapists in the field.

Criteria are provided for substance use disorder, accompanied by criteria for intoxication, withdrawal, substance/medication-induced disorders, and unspecified substance-induced disorders, where relevant, according to the APA.

There are two major changes to the new DSM-5 criteria for substance use disorder:

  • Recurrent legal problems criterion for substance abuse has been deleted from DSM-5
  • A new criterion has been added: craving or a strong desire or urge to use a substance

The threshold for substance use disorder diagnosis in DSM-5 is set at two or more criteria. This is a change from DSM-IV, where abuse required a threshold of one or more criteria be met, and three or more for DSM-IV substance dependence.

Cannabis withdrawal is new for DSM-5, according to the APA, as is caffeine withdrawal (which was in DSM-IV Appendix B, “Criteria Sets and Axes Provided for Further Study”).

Of note, the criteria for DSM-5 tobacco use disorder are the same as those for other substance use disorders. By contrast, DSM-IV did not have a category for tobacco abuse, so the criteria in DSM-5 that are from DSM-IV abuse are new for tobacco in DSM-5.

Severity of the DSM-5 substance use disorders is based on the number of criteria endorsed:

  • 2–3 criteria indicate a mild disorder
  • 4–5 criteria, a moderate disorder
  • 6 or more, a severe disorder

The DSM-5 removes the physiological subtype (not sure when this was ever used in the DSM-IV), as well as the diagnosis for polysubstance dependence.

Last, the APA notes that, early remission from a DSM-5 substance use disorder is defined as at least 3 but less than 12 months without substance use disorder criteria (except craving), and sustained re-mission is defined as at least 12 months without criteria (except craving). Additional new DSM-5 specifiers include “in a controlled environment” and “on maintenance therapy” as the situation warrants.