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Mobile App Development Company, iPhone, Android, Web Apps Developer India and US, cheap iphone app developers.#Cheap #iphone #app #developers

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Mobile App Development Company

Leading mobile (iPhone / iOS, Android) application development companies in India offering mobile apps development services for enterprises and startups – Delivered 1028+ native and cross-platform mobile apps.

Web Development Services

Build secure and scalable web applications supported by innovative solutions, ingenious methodology and global delivery model. 3757+ web projects delivered worldwide.

Hire Dedicated Resources

Choose from flexi-hiring models that are guided by proven methodologies and quick turnaround to deliver extraordinary business solution.

Trending Technologies

Embrace future with the power of emerging technologies to deliver breakthrough products and get the first-mover advantage in business

Game Development Services

Leading Game development Company in India having delivered 49+ mobile game applications with breathtaking animation and superb gameplay across mobile platforms.

CMS & Ecommerce

Explore Open Source development with custom CMS and E-Commerce Solutions – supporting quick, accurate, and high performance deliverables to improve business ROI.

Enterprise Solutions

Enterprise solutions to transform your business and address key challenges to drive maximum value, accelerate workflows, and improve efficiency.

Mobile App Development Company

Enterprise mobile app development Company offering end-to-end mobility solutions for businesses worldwide – Delivered 850+ native and cross-platform mobile apps.

Web Development Services

Build secure and scalable web applications supported by innovative solutions, ingenious methodology and global delivery model. 3500+ web projects delivered worldwide.

Hire Dedicated Resources

Hire dedicated resources ГѓВўГЇВїВЅГЇВїВЅEchoosing from flexi-hiring models that are guided by proven methodologies and quick turnaround: to deliver extraordinary business solution.

Open Source Development

Explore Open Source development with custom CMS and E-Commerce Solutions – supporting quick, accurate, and high performance deliverables to improve business ROI.

Delivered over 5250 projects across 39 industries,worldwide Our portfolio ranges across diverse industries, companies and geography with strict adherence to high quality and time

Cheap iphone app developers

Audio freeware plugins by Sascha Eversmeier #php #developers

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free audio plugins (VST & AudioUnits)

This category serves you with audio plugins I developed (between 2001 and 2004). All downloadable stuff here is freeware. To explain things a bit, here is a short overview of necessary terms:

  • VST plugins. This is a standardized software architecture for realtime audio processing.
    It was invented by steinberg media technologies and is designed to be platform independent (well, read below). The technology supports PC (Windows 9x, XP, 2000) and MacOS machines.
  • Audio Units (AU) plugins. AUs came to life from the work of Apple and Emagic on a new standard for the MacOS X platform. They sit on top of ‘core audio’ system, thereby taking full advantage of Apples’ new architecture.
    More info on AudioUnits can be found on www.osxaudio.com .
  • Host. That’s the program you will need in order to use a vst or AU plugin. The most common hosts are Cubase, Logic Audio and Wavelab. But there are many more and some programs that provide a DirectX plugin interface (Windows platform) can host VST plugins by installing a DX-to-VST adapter/wrapper.
    But the implementation of the vst architecture may differ. There may be vst plugins that refuse to work on some vst-capable host or are limited in operation.
  • Compatibility. platform independency does not mean you can run a PC-based plugin on a Mac and vice versa. Plugins are binary files and expect an environment they were made for.
    Basically, the source code for VSTs is portable, but the binary file is not. The programmer has to ‘compile’ (that is: to build lots of 011011000111 the CPU can read) this file on the target platform directly.
    I am always testing my plugins within cubase (3.7 5), Samplitude 6 (with the supplied wrapper from fxpansion) and Samplitude 7.
    The Mac versions (VST and AU) are tested by Urs Heckmann at least with Emagic Logic.
  • Performance. You should use a computer that runs fast enough for realtime audio applications. My software is not intended to be excessive or ‘hungry’. I would recommend a minimum CPU speed of 233MHz (1 instance of a plugin) for my current versions.
  • Freeware. To cut things short: using my software is free of any charge. But I kindly ask you to give me some written feedback after some period of use.
    I try to deliver reasonable quality and performance, but as usual, you are using the plugs at your own risk.
    A full disclaimer can be found in the manual file included with each download.
  • My plugins were written with microsoft visual c++ 5, the steinberg vst plugins sdk and a resource control system called girlfriend (that I’ve upgraded to wife in the meantime. ).

    I’d like to thank Thomas Serafini for our discussions on how to simulate some aspects of the analog world, his intensive multiple testings and motivation. Especially THD wouldn’t had been possible without this all!

    Big thanks go out to Dan Suter, mastering engineer at echochamber . His ears, experience and supply of information had been of great value during the development of endorphin.

    Any Mac version of my plugins is compiled by Urs Heckmann (www.u-he.com ), the author of ‘more feedback machine’. Thanks to Urs for constantly keeping me up to date in this weird plugin world and patiently trying to explain things that my head is too small for. )

    Most of all, thanks to my girl Birgit for endless patience, understanding, supporting my ideas and watching over me in every way.

    Appster – IOS Developer Review #mobile #app #developers #nyc

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    About Appster

    Phone #: +1 844 277 7837

    Appster provides a full spectrum of services dealing with Product Strategy, Business Planning, Detainment Strategy, User Acquirement and Growth Improvement.

    Appster is a wide-ranging developer with the offices in Silicon Valley (San Francisco), Melbourne (Australia), New York City and India. If you are dreaming of creating the best possible app as a productive business strategy, you are welcome to choose this organization.

    The Reasons to choose Appster

    There are millions of developers worldwide, so why is it necessary to choose Appster? There are three primary reasons for this:

    • Technical Support and Maintenance
    • Usage of Recent Technologies
    • Cooperation with both Startups and Established Enterprises

    In addition, there are some features that guarantee the successful cooperation of the firm with the client:

    • Presence of Large Datacenters and Post-Development Stage
    • Exclusive Long-Term Business Contracts (with the option of free exit from the project any time)
    • Impressive Startups within the Frames of Entrepreneurial Movement
    • Responsible Customer s Support
    • The Absence of B.S. Consulting
    • Tight Partnership with Startups
    • Fixed Payments and Flexibility of Contract
    • A Plethora of Design Frameworks
    • User Growth Partnership
    • Protection of Intellectual Property
    • Business Model Consulting of any Digital Product

    Appster Services:

    The Services of the company include:

    • Web development solutions
    • Software development for enterprises
    • Development of mobile applications

    Appster Development Process.

    The process of generating a new project within the company includes seven stages:

    • Attentive prior planning stage includes the needs of the project and its leading goals. The team prepares a detailed business plan on how to introduce the idea into life without any restrictions;
    • Choice of wireframes for every particular screen to let the user know about the general outer features of the application;
    • Introducing additional design nuances such as concept, graphical elements, icons, etc.
    • Developing of the code for a new application in order to guarantee its usability;
    • Test stage to make sure about the quality of the product;
    • Eliminating any possible drawbacks about the product;
    • Submitting the application to the app store to make your business flourish.

    Additionally, we have to mention about the leading directions of company s activity for today:

    • Mobile App Strategy (4-day development of the app’s idea)
    • Mobile App Development (iOS/Android/Web) finally provides a premium app
    • Mobile App Design (individualized approach to the design of any application)
    • Post Launch (The guarantee of the further implementation of the app)

    Reviews of Appster

    Judging by the comments on the Clutch.co, Blue Rocket is a reliable partner for business decisions providing a clear communication on every stage of development. Here are some examples:

    «Appster possesses an unsurpassed communication style. The company is inclined to help every time you need it, and the customer s support works throughout the whole day».
    Business Manager, FOSH

    «One can rely on the company, since they are meeting deadlines and are comfortable to work with… When you cooperate with Appster on any project, you really feel as if you are a relative in a friendly family».
    Co-Founder, QuidProQuo (Startup)

    «The team of Appster stands out with their professional style and has been cooperating on every aspect of communication. The company treats the client like a celebrity and makes him a repeat customer in the future».
    Founder, Planet of the Apps (Startup)

    Best Web Hosting Sites 2017 #web #hosting #for #developers

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    Read The Best Web Hosting Sites For 2017 Here!

    When it comes to web hosting, there are numerous options out there and they all have their pros and cons. Some offer unlimited domains, but severely limited bandwidth which can lead to downtime issues. Others are overpriced and offer few services for a very high price. The process of choosing the best web hosting sites for 2017 can be time consuming and somewhat intimidating, but that need not be the case. Indeed, there are five good web hosting companies competing for world customers that offer superior packages and ideal pricing. To know each of them completely, just spend a minute to read the whole 2017 best web hosting list below.

    1. HostGator

    • Unlimited Disk Space Bandwidth
    • Free SiteBuilder
    • Easy Control Panel
    • 1-Click Script Installs
    • 4,500 Free Website Template
    • 99.9% Uptime Guarantee

    2. HostMonster

    • Unlimited Hosting Space
    • Unlimited Site Bandwidth
    • Free Domain Forever
    • Host UNLIMITED Domains
    • Unlimited Pop/Imap Email Accounts
    • SSH Access (Secure Shell)

    3. BlueHost

    • Unlimited Domain Hosting
    • Unlimited GB Hosting Space
    • Unlimited GB File Transfer
    • Free Domain Forever
    • Free Site Builder w/ templates
    • CGI, Ruby (RoR), Perl, PHP, MySQL

    4. JustHost

    • Unlimited GB s of Space
    • Unlimited GB s of Transfer
    • FREE Domain for Life
    • Unlimited Domain Hosting
    • Unlimited MySQL Databases
    • Unlimited Web space

    5. InMotion Hosting

    • Unlimited Disk Space
    • Unlimited Monthly Data Transfers
    • Free SSD Drives
    • Various Data Centers Option
    • $250 Free Advertising Credits
    • 2 Websites on 1 Account

    Who We Are

    We are professional web developers who have found the highest quality hosting companies for you. We look for companies that make their hosting platform easy to use and reliable. We have found companies that guarantee satisfaction and live up to that guarantee. You can be confident that all of them are the best web hosting companies in their class for 2017.

    How We Evaluate Hosts

    We seek out hosting companies that make their hosting platform easy to use and reliable. We have done our due diligence to find the best companies. By speaking with each hosts staff and sales members we learn more than what is presented in their marketing material. We have hosted web sites on each company s hosting servers and experience their platform first hand. We extensively utilize their adminstrator interface (cPanel), uncover their redundancy systems, and find out each hosts systematic software and hardware upgrade approaches.

    We call each company s technical support staff to help us solve the same pre-determined self-inflicted test problems and measure their level of effectiveness, friendliness, and knowledge. We read their help documentation and use their GUIs to perform basic and complex web master administrative tasks.

    We can say with confidence that the top 5 best web hosting sites listed here really deliver the best services for the customers. We have evaluated over 40 companies and will continue to update our list as we examine more. If you have any question, feedback or even suggestion with our best web hosting 2017 sites list, never hesitate to contact us. We ll be glad to hear from you.

    Latest Articles


    Disclosure: We receive compensation from companies on this site – full disclosure & privacy policy .

    Ruby on Rails Developers Europe #rails #developers

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    Why is Ruby on Rails a solid choice for many business projects

    Speed / Flexibility

    • applications can be developed much faster than with other technologies
    • an MVP can be built within a short span of time
    • the flexibility of Ruby on Rails allows for easy modifications in response to customer’s requirements
    • in response to changing business needs, Rails web applications can easily be enhanced with new features as well as integrated with other systems and databases
    • with rapid development, RoR is one of the best platforms to develop cloud-ready applications
    • RoR allows to move smoothly from an initial idea to estimating, MVP and, finally, to the web application

    Development / Maintenance

    • Ruby on Rails development goes well with agile approaches and the scrum methodology
    • multiple gems and libraries enable Ruby developers to focus on delivering code that is relevant for a given business issue
    • as an object-oriented language Ruby enables to write applications which are easy to maintain
    • easier maintenance means a longer lifespan for a given code base
    • with automatic repetitive tasks, Ruby on Rails developers can work on the business architecture of your product instead of repeating several tasks manually
    • a vibrant open source community ensures a fast development of the framework with new features and enhancements continually flowing in

    Web projects / application types, where Ruby on Rails might be the tech stack to use:

    Functionality-rich web services ; if you want to create an application which aggregates a lot of different functionalities such as a multi-sided platform encompassing a community platform, a cms, forums, geolocation, blogs (HearingPages. Global Sourcing Platform. PacTrac ) or a solution with a combination of: a news service, a media content platform, a crm and a community service (New Your Jets ), Ruby on Rails provides you with ample flexibility to account for the richness.

    Web projects / applications for which time to market is critical / the cost of delay is high ; new ventures which depend on fast execution for success should consider using Ruby on Rails. Twitter and Groupon as well as SourceRooms TraceMyCall. Credit Card Selector come to mind as notable examples of ventures created in RoR.

    enterprise use cases Ruby on Rails development projects

    Ruby on Rails as a mature technology stack may very well be a good choice for a mature business. In our portfolio there are quite a few customers with established, profitable businesses who are, or were trying to take their product to the next level. Thorough consideration of possible technology stack options has often led them to choose Ruby on Rails for the purpose. The two survey based, report generation systems presented below are good examples of solutions designed and developed for enterprise contexts.

    Metreno is a SaaS system for tests generation, sales and management. which allows our client to efficiently generate, distribute and administer HRM-related tests and surveys to their enterprise customers. The Metreno business model incorporates the idea of consultants and partner companies selling tests further into the corporate market, through a dedicated webshop module. Consultants can manage candidates/individuals and assign them to specified tests, as well as send tests to designated candidates via email. They can view and analyse the result using the web interface. Depending on the survey module context, survey workflow can differ in minor and major details. For instance: co-workers and managers can use evaluation or video surveys, instead of classic questionnaires. Finally, the system has built-in options to generate customized reports from gathered survey data, in a form of PDF-report.

    Additionally, the application has been fitted up with back-end tools for managing users, companies and transactions, including the following modules:

    User/Companies Management, Subscriptions and Payment Tracking, Invoicing, PDF Report Charts Generation, Surveys Survey Recipients Management, Email Templates, Translations Management and numerous import/export functionalities.

    ViClarity is a strategic performance and compliance management SaaS application. ViClarity is offering its enterprise clients the possibility to track and monitor performance and compliance inside their organizations. ViClarity gathers and verifies performance / compliance data, enabling real time evaluation of performance, highlighting underperforming / noncompliant parts of the system. ViClarity not only enables the ongoing monitoring of key strategic, operational or compliance objectives, but effectively drives accountability at different management levels in the organization, educating users of the system on their responsibilities.

    Just as in the Metreno case, managers using ViClarity can generate a PDF-report from user inputted data, which could later be used as an important artifact. For example, during strategic planning meetings in the organizations, where the collected data can be used for evaluating the company’s strategic direction.

    Work with Ruby on Rails development experts

    Selleo have worked with Ruby on Rails since the company foundation back in 2005. Ruby on Rails have always been the core web technology with which the Selleo team have implemented their projects.

    Selleo Ruby on Rails developers have used their skills and expertise to professionally serve entrepreneurs, business enterprises, agencies and NGOs from 16 different countries in Europe, Asia and America .

    Our teams have gained rich experience on multiple Ruby on Rails projects implemented since 2005. In doing so, we have embraced Agile and Lean practices and developed an efficient, result-driven nearshore / offshore software development process.

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    SharePoint Development

    We at Mindfire Solutions have been working in SharePoint since last 7+ years and have implemented over 100 projects for global clients worldwide using SharePoint 2013, SharePoint 2010, Office 365 – SharePoint Online, SharePoint 2007 (WSS 3.0 / MOSS 2007), and more.

    We have a dedicated team of 25+ certified SharePoint developers who are trusted and vouched for by clients for technical expertise and delivery excellence in executing SharePoint projects of all sizes. Having served SharePoint clients worldwide in diverse industries such as Healthcare . IT, FMCG, Education, Insurance, Telecom, Utilities, Travel Tourism, etc, we are perfectly positioned to assist you on your project. To know more about the projects we have accomplished, you can view our SharePoint Projects page.

    Download Brochure

    We at Mindfire Solutions provide a wide range of SharePoint services backed by the strong track record of our SharePoint development expertise. From SharePoint project outsourcing to having dedicated SharePoint developers / consultants on contract, we have a solution for all your SharePoint needs. If you are new to SharePoint, please feel free to view the benefits of using SharePoint for your business.


    Mindfire’s SharePoint development experience has equipped it to provide multiple SharePoint services, catering to the varied requirement of our customers. Here are the services that we provide from our advanced engineering development centers in India.

    Deployment Planning Services (SDPS)

    Our team has developed SharePoint deployment plan customized to client’s environment and business needs. We understand the infinite possibilities with SharePoint and optimize the core SharePoint capabilities. We incorporate best practices to help lower the risks and costs of planning a deployment. Contact us for your SharePoint deployment.

  • Our SharePoint development team has worked on providing custom look and feel to different client web sites. The team has wide experience in using varied techniques for web site branding which includes creation of Custom Site Definitions, Custom Themes and Custom Site Templates, SharePoint Designer.
  • Web Development Portal Development

    Custom Solutions Development

    Custom WebParts Development

    Our SharePoint team has strong experience in delivering custom web part solutions to significantly enhance SharePoint 2013, SharePoint 2010 and SharePoint 2007 (WSS 3.0, MOSS 2007) capabilities.

  • Custom Workflow development for SharePoint 2013, SP 2010 and 2007

    Enterprise Content Management (Sharepoint CMS)

    Our SharePoint web experts have worked on both the SharePoint Administrative OOTB concepts and SharePoint Designer 2007 to deliver rich content management systems and portal sites. The team has deep understanding with the XSL, XML and XSLT concepts which helps building sites using SharePoint Designer with an ease.

  • Online Custom Solutions Development
  • Our SharePoint engineers have migrated older solutions using other content management systems and earlier versions of SharePoint to latest versions. We have done migration from SharePoint 2007 to SharePoint 2010 as well as from SharePoint 2010 to SharePoint 2013.
  • Enterprise Portals and Business Intelligence

    Customization and automation using Content Types and Event Receivers

    Package installers using WSP Builders

  • App Development Company #iphone #application #developers

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    Our bespoke solutions mean we truly commit to our clients’ business objectives, and help them to efficiently solve their challenges. Combining extensive knowledge with industry foresights, our team continues to craft world-class software that takes businesses of all kinds to new heights.

    UX/UI Design

    Our dedicated team of in-house specialists in Australia provides user interfaces that don’t just look good, but exceed expectations too. Ultimately, we fuse aesthetics with the importance of user behaviour, creating the perfect balance of art and science.


    Putting brands in the spotlight is kind of our thing, and with an in-house team that’s built upon gaining momentum in the digital space, we’re able to do just that. Our search engine optimisation services put our clients where they belong—on top of Google search results.


    Actions speak louder than words. With a collection of conversion optimisation specialists in our pocket, we’ve got the resources to ensure your website is contributing to your success, not fighting against it. The Appscore team can efficiently point out what areas of your site need improvement, helping you to better influence your conversion rates and return on investment.


    Keeping you behind the steering wheel of your campaign, Appscore’s pay-per-click solutions give you the chance to land on top of Google search results pages through a set-and-forget option that allows you to take charge of how much you’re spending.

    Working with Appscore was
    a fantastic experience for our team.
    Outcomes exceeded all expectations.
    I would not hesitate to recommend
    Appscore to anyone!

    Jimmy Jones, Doggy Treatz

    We offer a full suite of rapid development and digital marketing services that we use to create solutions tailored to your unique needs. Each service is designed to show you how to capitalise on your brand’s digital presence.

    Australia’s trusted mobile app developers

    A good team will create a good app. A mobile-first company like Appscore will create strategic solutions that are tailored to your unique needs, whether it be a game design for iOS, or a professional solution that will simplify business processes. In today’s ever-changing digital landscape, the smaller the screen, the bigger the pulling power. More traffic now comes from mobile than any other device, including desktop. As the digital landscape continues to move at breakneck speeds, so does the evolution of Appscore. Our company now adds web development and digital marketing (SEO, PPC, social media and CRO) into its product offering and continues to be a recognised voice of authority in the field. Of course, creating innovative apps for both iPhone and Android will always be centric to what we do here at Appscore.

    We can create your brand an iOS specific mobile app or tailor your existing one to work across a multitude of devices, including those with Windows and Android compatibility. It’s through this holistic approach to mobile that we can offer our clientele across Australia premium services that cover all the bases. Welcome to Appscore; one part app development, one part creative hub – for all your digital needs.

    We provide digital services and app development for today’s big brands

    We’re partnered with the very best, from Apple and Telstra to Microsoft and Samsung, and are a member of the Consultants Network. Our clients include the likes of Yarra Trams, Nestle, Chandler Macleod, and Mercedes-Benz. The Appscore point of difference is our unwavering dedication to extending our offering beyond exceptional app design and development. Our office is an eclectic mix of app developers, designers and creatives, working together to achieve one common goal: to provide incomparable services for our clientele.

    Mobile Apps Development Company India, Mobile Application Developers #signity #solutions, #mobile #app #development, #mobile #application #development #company, #mobile #apps #development #company #india, #mobile #application #development #companies, #mobile #apps #development #companies, #mobile #app #developers, #mobile #application #developers, #mobile #apps #developers, #web #design #company #india

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    Authorized CRM Partners

    We are global Salesforce Consulting partners and our Certified consultants have got extensive experience required for successful implementation.

    We as Zoho Authorized Partners & consultants provide Top-notch consultation & support services based on the business requirements.

    The Cash Back App

    Through Cash Back app the users can get incurring income as long as they use the application. It rewards the shoppers with instant cash on daily purchases. Being integrated with social media channels, the users can easily and conveniently share the app with friends and family.

    Read more

    3 Curious Monkeys

    A kid friendly and super creative app where children can enjoy dressing 3 multilingual and interactive monkeys. Children can explore Indian culture by experimenting endless combinations of colourful Indian accessories and traditional fabrics.

    Evolve Camps

    Evolve Camps makes it convenient for your users to book online adventure sports programs like Skateboarding, Skiing, Mountain Biking and so much more. In addition, they can check for upcoming evolve camps, programs, photos, videos, and get latest updates from the camp organizers before and after the camps.

    Gives your kids an opportunity to try something different and boost their confidence by letting them enroll into adventurous camps.


    Slipstone is an app for photo-centric inspections, with more details and less effort app. In order to maintain consistency between inspectors.

    This is an application deals with the Property Management. In this app Admin can add new properties for their customers. Then he assign the inspection task to a company or to his own company.


    Grupio makes it convenient for your attendees to access concise and relevant event information about weekly events, conferences and trade shows. In addition, they can check for event schedule, sessions, speakers, exhibitors and get latest alerts and updates from the event organizers before and after the event.


    Payme, a famous payroll application that provides a full range of contracting solutions and other payroll services to meet the needs of the individual workers, the recruitment agency and the employer. Through this app, the users can attach receipts, copy claims and also maintain the records of their spending.

    Tambola Bingo

    Tambola, an online multiplayer game popular among each age group from children to adults. To make it more captivating and engaging, our application is integrated with social media channels so that people from all around the world can interact with each other while having fun.

    CTO – The Cash Back App

    It’s always great working with this group, would highly recommend! The Project Manager is always there to speak with and is a pleasure to work with. The team at Signity have been amazing to work with, better than the other developers I’ve worked with so far! I would highly recommend them to others.

    John Bock

    Founder – Buzzme App

    Great job working with signity solutions team. Even with the difficult schedule we were able to set up meet times and discuss whatever needed to be communicated. Very prompt in responding to email and keep a close eye on performance of their team and client feedback.


    I would highly recommend this agency. They keep a close eye on performance of their team and client feedback. Even I received regular follow-up mails from CEO asking performance of developer/team and asking for any assistance. I am really satisfied with work done. I would definitely choose them again for any mobile app work.

    Sheetanshu Pandey

    CEO Co-Founder-Grupio

    Amit and his team are great. They were able to complete the requested job faster than I had expected and went above and beyond to identify things I was unaware of. They went on to make these other small corrections without additional cost during the updates. I have hired this team before and will hire them again, as I am reminded of their high level of professionalism, integrity and ability. Thanks Amit.

    Mike Brcic

    CEO – Sacred Rides

    It’s always great working with this group, would highly recommend! The Project Manager is always there to communicate via different social media channels and is always pleasure working with. The team at Signity have been amazing, better than any North American developers I’ve worked with so far! I would highly recommend them to others.


    They always get back to us when we have something to add or change for the game and are very professional, we wish to hire them again and again. There attention to detail is amazing and they’re very talented.