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Income Tax Return Filing by IndiaFilings, filing of income tax return.#Filing #of #income #tax #return

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Income Tax Filing

Its is mandatory for individuals, NRIs, partnership firms, LLPs, Companies, Trust to file income tax returns each year. Individuals and NRIs are required to file income tax return, if their income exceeds the exemption limit. Partnership firms are required income tax return – irrespective of amount of income or loss. All companies are mandatorily required to file income tax return. Finally, it is mandatory for most types of trust to file income tax every year, while some types of trusts are required to file return of income if its gross total income exceeds the exemption limit.

Income tax return form can be e-filed or manually filed. Income tax returns do not have the ability to accept any attachment while efiling or manually filing. Hence, all relevant documents pertaining to the income tax filing like proof of investment, TDS certificates, pay slip, rent receipt, etc.) must be retained by the taxpayer and should be readily available if requested by tax authorities during assessment, inquiry, etc.

IndiaFilings is the largest business services platform in India, offering a variety of services like company registration, trademark registration, GST registration, income tax filing and more. IndiaFilings can help you file income tax returns. Get a free consultation for income tax filing through IndiaFilings by scheduling an appointment with an IndiaFilings Advisor.

Top Income Tax Return Types


Income Tax Form ITR-1 (SAHAJ) is for individuals having income from salaries, one house property and other sources like interest, etc., This is the most used income tax return type.


Income Tax Form ITR 4 is for individuals and Hindu Undivided Families having income from a proprietary business or profession. This form is used by proprietorship firms.


Income Tax Form ITR 5 is used by most partnership firms as it is intended for persons other than individuals, Hindu Undivided Families, companies and person filing Form ITR-7.


Income Tax Form ITR 6 ​is used by companies like one person company, private limited company, public limited company and other for-profit companies.


Income Tax Form ITR 7 is used by persons, political parties, news agencies, universities and entities in receipt of income from property held under trust for charitable or religious purposes.

Income statement – What is an income statement, Debitoor, example of an income statement.#Example #of

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Income statement – What is an income statement?

An income statement shows a company’s revenues less their costs and expenses over a given period (e.g. a financial year or one month)

Keep track of incoming and outgoing cash flow in your business by generating reports with just a click with Debitoor accounting invoicing software. Try it free.

An income statement (also commonly known as a profit loss statement, or P L) is an integral component of a company’s financial statements, along with other reports such as the balance sheet.

It shows how a company’s revenue is converted into net income: first by displaying the revenues recognized for a specific period, and then by subtracting the costs and expenses from these revenues (including write-offs and taxes).

The results of an income statement show a company’s net income (or net loss). What this means for the business is an indication of how profitable it has been over the given period.

The income statement is also used in order to show internal and external company stakeholders whether the company made or lost money during the reporting period.

Income statement format

A typical income statement shows a company s revenues, followed by their cost of goods sold, their expenses, and any other sources of income (other than daily sales, e.g. the revenue from a one time sale of a factory). It concludes with the company s net income for the period.

Positive values (revenues) are expressed as whole numbers with no additional text, while negative values (losses) are indicated by being wrapped in parentheses, e.g. (1,000).

It s important to note that an income statement expresses the financials over the course of a specified period of time (as opposed to the balance sheet, which shows just a single moment in time).

This is why every income statement will include a statement near the top that is similar to: For the period of: dd/mm/yyyy – dd/mm/yyyy across the top.

Income statement as a success indicator

The goal of the income statement is to describe how successful the operations of the business are. The main objective is to make a profit, and the statement displays the extent to which this objective has been successful.

Income statement and Debitoor

In the larger Debitoor plans, you have access to several reports including your VAT report, balance sheet and the profit loss (income statement). Because Debitoor accounting invoicing software has been designed to be intuitive and easy to use, these reports can be generated and customised with just a click!

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Term Insurance – Definition Meaning 2016-11-07

Definition of term life insurance Definition of term life insurance

Definition of term life insurance

Definition of term life insurance Definition of term life insurance Definition of term life insurance

Definition of term life insuranceDefinition of term life insurance

Term insurance, a type of life insurance, provides coverage for a certain period of time or years. If the insured dies over the policy tenure a death benefit (or sum assured) is paid out. No payout is made if the insured survives the tenure.

The purpose of taking life insurance is to provide life cover to the policyholder and financial security to his family.

There are two ways the individual can take life insurance:

1. By opting for a pure life cover, also known as term insurance

2. By taking life cover with a savings component built-in,also called endowment insurance

Why term insurance is better

Term plans provide pure life cover. This means there is no savings / profits component. They are basic plans which make life insurance more affordable vis-à-vis other options. It is possible for the policyholder to opt for a larger life cover at a lower premium when compared to a similar endowment plan.

Some of the key features that make term plans indispensable include

Since term life insurance plans are more affordable it is possible for an individual to opt for a higher life cover for the same premium as an endowment plan. For e.g. a 30-year old can get a term plan with a cover of Rs 1 crore for a 30-year term by paying a premium .

The Rs 1 crore endowment plan will most likely out of bounds for most 30-year olds. However, taking a term plan for a similar cover is relatively more feasible.

The policyholder can attach riders to the term plan, thereby enhancing the utility of the policy. So by opting for a critical illness rider or a critical illness plan, for instance, he is entitled to receive the sum assured on being diagnosed with the critical illness. This is in addition to the death benefit of an equal amount on death over the term of the policy. There are other riders to choose from like – loss of employment cover,disability cover, waiver of premium cover, among others. The policyholder should select riders based on his specific needs to make the life cover more suitable and meaningful.

Certain insurance companies offer the flexibility to enhance the life cover during critical stages of the policyholder’s life. For instance, the policyholdermay be permitted to enhance life cover by 50% at the time of marriage and by 25% at the time of turning a parent. This makes it possible for him to start with a modest cover and then enhanceit as responsibilities increase as also the ability to pay higher premium.

While insurance companies have been quick to innovate in general, they have been most innovative with regards term plans. For instance, companies have been quick and proactive in cutting premium rates even offering extra discounts to certain categories like non-smokers, for instance. Buying term plansis now quite convenient thanks to the internet. It is possible for a healthy individual, as defined by the insurer, to buy a term plan over the internet without taking a medical test.

Definition of level term life insurance, PolicyGenius, definition of term life insurance.#Definition #of #term #life

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Level term life insurance

A term life policy guaranteed to have the premium remain the same for the duration of the contract. This is what most people refer to as term life. Purchased for a set number of years (5, 10, 30 years, for example), the premium and the death benefit remains the same (level) until the end of the term. Many of these policies can be converted to a permanent policy at the end of the term, or can be canceled at any time.

  • Definition of term life insuranceFrom the guides

Definition of annual renewable term life insurance

Mortgage Protection Insurance — protect your biggest investment

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Here s what to expect, from buying a policy to making a claim.

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All about the two different types of life insurance.

Real Life Stories

People buy life insurance for a variety of reasons.

Definition of term life insuranceDefinition of term life insurance

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Definition of term life insuranceDefinition of term life insurance

Definition of term life insurance

Definition of term life insurance

Definition of term life insurance

Definition of term life insurance

Definition of term life insurance

Definition of term life insurance

Definition of term life insurance

Definition of term life insurance

Yes, we have to include some legalese down here. Read it larger on our legal page. Policygenius Inc. (“PolicyGenius”) is a licensed independent insurance broker. PolicyGenius does not underwrite any insurance policy described on this website. The information provided on this site has been developed by PolicyGenius for general informational and educational purposes. We do our best efforts to ensure that this information is up-to-date and accurate. Any insurance policy premium quotes or ranges displayed are non-binding. The final insurance policy premium for any policy is determined by the underwriting insurance company following application. Savings are estimated by comparing the highest and lowest price for a shopper in a given health class. For example: for a 30-year old non-smoker male in South Carolina with excellent health and a preferred plus health class, comparing quotes for a $500,000, 20-year term life policy, the price difference between the lowest and highest quotes is 60%. For that same shopper in New York, the price difference is 40%. Rates are subject to change and are valid as of 2/17/17.

E-File: Electronic Filing for Income Tax Returns, filing of income tax return meaning.#Filing #of #income

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E-File Income Tax Return

Filing of income tax return meaning

E-File is the term for electronic filing or sending your income tax return from tax software via the Internet to the IRS or state tax authority. It s simple and efficient and has become increasingly popular since it was introduced nationally in 1990. In 2016, nearly 90 percent of federal taxes were filed electronically.

E-filing is safe! Filing your taxes electronically is actually more secure than snail-mailing your filing to the IRS.

There is less chance that the data contained within your tax documents will be compromised, as it s encrypted when sent electronically.

The Many Benefits of E-Filing Your Taxes

The benefits of filing taxes electronically over mailing in your return are numerous. From convenience to speed to accuracy, e-filing has become the most popular way to file for American taxpayers, and with good reason.

  • Easy: With e-filing, you can file your taxes from anywhere, including the comfort of your own couch. Tax data can be sent any time before the deadline, day or night, according to your own schedule. All popular tax software programs have e-file options, and there are even apps, such as TurboTax SnapTax, that allow you to file directly from your smartphone. The IRS also has an official app, IRS2GO, which allows you to track your tax filings once they ve been submitted.
  • Faster: When you file electronically, you don t have to bother with making copies, purchasing stamps or heading to the post office. Once the documents are ready, you simply click a button on your computer to send them directly to the IRS. Also, the IRS processes electronically submitted taxes more quickly, usually within three weeks. Any refunds can be deposited directly into your preferred bank account, meaning you get your money back more quickly.
  • More Accurate: Because the tax software programs do the math for you, the chance of a mathematical error on your returns is greatly reduced.
  • Higher Refunds: Many online filers report that it s easier to take advantage of tax credits and tax deductions when they e-file. This may lead to higher refunds or lower tax bills.
  • Cheaper: Because e-filling simplifies the tax preparation process, you may be able to forego hiring an accountant or tax service to prepare your taxes for you. This could save you $100 or more. Invest in a good tax software program and you ll be on your way to savings. Additionally, e-filed returns cost 20 times less to process compared to a paper return, which saves taxpayers a lot of money.
  • Maintain Your Tax History: E-filing allows you to keep an ongoing record of all your returns. No more digging through files to locate your tax returns from three years ago. Having your tax history at your fingertips can also make forward financial planning easier.

Given the ease and accuracy of electronic filing, it s no surprise that it s become so popular. E-filing can be done from a number of desktop or online tax software titles, and there is free tax software that includes federal e-File.

Here – s Why You Need To Have Multiple Streams Of Income, multiple streams of

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Here s Why You Need To Have Multiple Streams Of Income

Most people are not financially independent and most people only have one income stream their job. Creating multiple streams of income is crucial for building financial independence and protecting your finances.

Personal finance expert. Escaped rat race at 29.

Multiple streams of income

Multiple streams of income

Multiple streams of income

Multiple streams of income

What would you do if your boss fired you overnight? With no more paychecks coming in, how would you pay the bills, put a roof over your head, and feed your family?

I know what I would do: nothing. Because I have several bosses, including myself. When you have multiple income streams, losing one is not that big a deal. I know you probably think you can’t work any more than you already do, with your full time job and other personal commitments.

That is fine. It doesn’t prevent you from trying to add one or more streams to your monthly income.

That can include:

  • Dividends from stocks
  • Interest from the bank (if you re not getting at least 1% interest from your savings account, consider switching to a high interest savings account like this one)
  • Rental income on an investment property
  • Income from a room you rent on Airbnb, or from renting out your car on Turo
  • Freelance income
  • Extra shifts at a local store around the holidays
  • A business you start on the side
  • Marketing your skills, from being an awesome yogi to fixing computers
  • Services rendered to neighbors
  • Something relating to your passion such as basketball referee or teaching a painting class on weekends

And much more. As you often hear say when it comes to investing, don’t put all your eggs in the same basket. Solely relying on employment income is doing just that, putting yourself at risk through lack of diversification. Having several income streams makes you much stronger in case of a layoff.

As a real life example, here is where my money comes from every month:

  • Rent from three tenants
  • Renting a guest house via Airbnb
  • Cooking for guests
  • Trading forex
  • Dividends
  • Owning three personal finance sites
  • Freelance writing
  • Translation jobs
  • Renting out my car and motorcycle
  • Bank interest
  • P2P lending

That’s 15 income streams right there (counting three rents and three websites as six streams), plus one stream per freelance or translation client. Some streams are recurring, some I only get a few times a year. Sometimes I’ll have a dozen freelance clients, sometimes I’ll have none.

What is unlikely is losing all my clients the same month my three tenants vacate my rental, the stock market crashes and all my peer to peer loans default. So while my monthly income will fluctuate, it will never be $0. And I will never have to rely on any specific one of them, like you are doing with your day job.

How Can I Get Started?

In an ideal world, you will build a stream of passive income, through dividends or real estate for example, one stream at a time, until the combined income surpasses what you make at your day job, and you become financially independent.

In reality, that does take a lot of time and hard work to achieve. But in the meanwhile, every income source is a little help when it comes to building your retirement nest egg.

Because there is an added bonus to having multiple income streams. Financial independence is a simple concept, albeit not an easy one to implement.

You need to spend way less than you earn, so you can achieve a high savings rate, which, once invested wisely for a decade or two, will bring you the freedom to not have to work for money any longer.

Spending much less than you earn can be done two ways:

  • By decreasing your expenses or
  • By increasing your income

If you take a good look at your expenses, you will probably find some areas where you can easily reduce waste and spending without drastically impacting your quality of life.

However, once you are down to a reasonable level of spending, the only way to cut off some more is by implementing radical changes, such as moving to a tinier place, in a worse neighborhood, or taking in a dozen roommates.

While most people can stand to significantly reduce their expenses, you can only reduce your expenses so much before you start sacrificing quality of life.

On the other hand, there is no limit to increasing your income. If you make $2,500 a month and spend $2,250, your savings rate is 10%. Bring your expenses down to $2,000, and you are saving 20% every month. Good job! However, going under $2,000 might feel like a bit of a stretch.

There s No Ceiling On Hustle

But if you can find one client, willing to pay you $50 per week for a two hour lesson (what worked for me was tutoring, French classes and piano lessons. You can teach anything you are good at) or a freelance project, you have made another $200 this month. Find a couple more clients, and you are now making $500 more every month.

You have learned to live on $2,000, so your savings rate is now a whopping 33%. Assuming a safe withdrawal rate of 4%, you need a nest egg of $600,000 to retire on $2,000 a month.

Keep earning $3,000 and living on $2,000, and invest your savings at 8% annually, after 20 years, you will have $592,947.22 in the bank.

Financial independence is just 20 years away. If you keep living on $2,000 and making $2,500 however, it will take just over 27 years to reach financial independence. Still good news if you are a young professional in your mid 20s, you could retire in your early 50s.

But if you are in your mid 30s already, and don’t want to work past 60, you need to boost your savings rate. And nothing will help you do that better than having several income streams.

6 Keys to Building Multiple Streams of Income, multiple streams of income.#Multiple #streams #of #income

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6 Keys to Building Multiple Streams of Income

Multiple streams of income

Bill Achola teaches small business owners, content marketers, and bloggers how to write the right content that can help you attract more email subscribers and sales. Full Bio

Multiple streams of income

For most successful entrepreneurs, building multiple streams of income is the key to financial success and independence. You have to diversify your income to achieve a consistent cash flow throughout the years.

Let us take lessons from the story of Ramit Sethi and how he was able to build his massive income-generating streams. According to him, before you start building your streams of income, you need to consider some key points.

1. Attitude –

Your attitude over money matters. To many, money is just a piece of paper, especially if it’s just a $1 bill. To the prosperous, a one dollar bill is a seed which they can plant and turn into a money tree. Imagine setting aside 1 dollar a day. That will be 7 dollars in a week and $365 in a year. Let’s say you have more dollars to spare. You put aside $5 a day. That will be $35 in a week and $1,825 in a year. You can speed up the process by saving more dollars each day.

2. Consistency –

Saving and investing can be boring and difficult at times, but you can’t stop. You will reap what you sow in the future and you’ll be surprised at how far your dollar has gone.

3. Focus –

Start with a single stream of income first. Do not be distracted with new strategies or new business opportunities. Continue with what you started until you are able to generate a consistent income. Then you can add another stream of income.

4. Leverage –

Instead of adding a completely different stream of income, you can add a complimentary income stream by leveraging business that you already worked so hard for.

5. Invest –

The stock market can be overwhelming, but you can focus on these three tasks to make it simple: filtering, timing in and timing out. Mutual funds are a great investment and they are everywhere. How do you choose? Select the one that has the longest track record. Furthermore, the longer you invest, the lower is the risk.

6. Educate yourself –

Before you engage in a business or investment, you must arm yourself with knowledge. Learning about the particular business market will help you make an informed decision and plan better.

It is great to have financial freedom, but it does not happen overnight. If you decide to create multiple streams of income, build your initial income stream first. When you are comfortable with it and know how to handle it well, then you can start building your next stream of income.

You have to know your niche clearly. You have to know who to sell your product/service to, what solutions you can provide to your customers, what outcomes you can help your customers achieve and why they should work with you. You should have a signature strategy that you will apply on all your income streams to help your customers achieve results. Without a strategy, marketing your product will be hard and your time and energy will just go to waste due to frustration.

Once you have a clear marketing strategy, use it on your initial income stream and find ways to make it more effective. After finding the right formula, apply it to all your streams of income.

It is not true that building multiple streams of income can make you a millionaire overnight. You must have a clear focus and strategy that is consistent in all your streams of income. In addition, just because a new strategy is making a buzz in the business world does not mean your strategy no longer works. To ramp up your revenue stream, you should perfect your strategy and apply it on all your existing and future income streams.

To sum it all up, you should have a clear mind and a clear focus when you want to build multiple streams of income. Start with one stream of income, apply your strategy and learn from it. Get all the positive points, eliminate the bad points and apply your perfected strategy to all your income-generating endeavors.

If you know of other ways on how to create multiple income, please share it on the comments section below. Share this article with your friends and start earning while enjoying the things you love most.


But unlike money, you can t make more. You can, however, maximize each and every second you spend. Lifehack s mission is to help you make enormous gains with the limited time you have. With the insights we provide, your seconds can be worth hours, and days can be worth years in value.

Building Multiple Income Streams as a Career, multiple streams of income.#Multiple #streams #of #income

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Building Multiple Income Streams as a Career

Over the past few weeks, I have been thinking about my career quite a bit. Perhaps with a few exceptions, I felt that career is a dead concept for many of us. What would prompt me to say such a negative thing? Basically, I dodged a downsizing bullet not too long ago. It s sad to see 10, 20, or even 30 years relationships be destroyed by these downsizing initiatives. But the reality is, there s no such thing as growing up with a company anymore.

Building multiple streams of income is the career of the 21st century

Traditionally, it was possible to achieve a comfortable retirement with a good career and some retirement investments to supplement your pension and social security. In this era, it s no longer practical for us to count on our job, as such, we should do what we can to become less dependent on it. I strongly believe that it s more logical to focus on creating multiple sources of income call it the career of choice for the new millennium if you wish.

Multiple streams of income

This is basic risk management and it s no different than diversifying your investments. In investing, we know that a small minority could do very well by picking a handful of investments i.e., Warren Buffet. However, for the majority of us it s better to buy and hold a globally diversified portfolio of low-cost investments. The same concept applies to income generation. It is wise to not relying on your job as the only source of income.

Some advantages of having multiple income streams:

  • If you lose your job, your income is lowered as opposed to disappeared.
  • It will help you reach your financial goals faster.
  • It gives you a taste of financial freedom after all, financial freedom is basically when you no longer need your job to cover your living expenses.
  • It gives you greater flexibility and leverage. You re in a much more powerful position when you know that you are not 100% dependent on your job to make do.

Have you ever had a close call with downsizing? Have you thought about building an alternative income stream?

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Multiple streams of income

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What is best opportunity in having a income passive streams business in 2013.

Its time for everyone to look, for opportuities that will supplement their income.

Find something that you can do part-time.

Networking is very important.

Is it a sad state of affairs that most everyone is now forced to find ways to supplement there income, which if that means taking on a part-time job, means reducing time spent with family.

Creating multiple passive incomes is crucial in this day and age, your right on in that respect.

Paul I wish you every success. I was laid of in 2007 and again in 2008. Since then I have been unemployed. A read a CNN article a few minutes ago in which mention was made that most employers stay clear of the unemployed, they prefer candidates who are employed. I have stopped submitting resumes and is looking to work from home building multiple income streams; so far I haven t been good at anything and most of my savings and 401K is gone. Still trying to find my niche.

Although I don t have a corporate job anymore the truth is: the only thing I miss is the money. I agree with the comment above a career is a dead concept”. Independence and freedom is what we need and the career is a prison. Just a question of better furnished or lesser furnished prison.

I began searching for feedback on multiple income streams, and found your reply to this blog. I totally share your sentiments, although I am almost to-the-date four years late in my reply.

It is my hope your situation has changed. I hope you have sought and developed multiple income streams. As I sit here re-evaluating my gifts, skills and talents, my biggest challenge is building a client base, and bootstrapping as I build, since my only financial backing is generated by products and services I sell.

There are several things I do, but, my passion lies with only one. It allows me to work from home, I can set my own schedule, I can sell online, and at vendor fairs locally or nationally.

If you are a subscriber to this blog, I would like to know what multiple income streams you have acquired. I ve considered learning a new skill to promote. However, upon my assessment of my current skills, I had to put on the brakes and promote what I have.

My current potential streams of income include: Licensed Nail Technician; Freelance Writing (Copywriting, Proofreading, Grant Writing, Copy Editing); Leather Artist/Designer(can sell on Ebay and Etsy), Consulting (Small Business: writing business and marketing plans). I have enough talents and skills to make multiple streams of income my business. However, I have been working for others for that false sense of financial security of a steady paycheck until my at least one of my multiple streams of income becomes steady.

Today is the day I have decided to stop working for others and commit to building my own multiple streams of income.

Again, I would like to hear about an update from you if you still read this blog.

Life Insurance Rates: Compare Life Insurance Quotes, life of insurance.#Life #of #insurance

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Life Insurance Rates

We have made it easy to choose the right life insurance policy at the lowest price.

Affordable Life Insurance Rates

Join the countless satisfied customers that have found affordable life insurance policies by utilizing our completely free service. Instead of having to visit a life insurance agent in person or comparison shop across multiple websites, you now have the ability to compare life insurance rates from the comfort of your own home. Don’t wait any longer to find cheap life insurance. Within minutes you will receive life insurance rates from leading companies such as Gerber Life Insurance, MetLife, AIG Insurance, Prudential, and many more. Simply enter your zip code and get your free life insurance rates today!

Life of insurance

So, now that you have found the ultimate resource that allows

you to compare life insurance rates, what type of coverage do you need?

Life of insurance

Life of insurance

Brian is a certified life insurance, estate planning and financial service specialist with over 15 years of experience.

If you are one of the many consumers wondering if you are required to undergo a medical exam when applying for coverage, we have answers.

Whole Life Insurance

  • “Provides Complete Protection”
  • Fixed premiums that offer stability
  • Tax-deferred cash value that will grow
  • Guaranteed death benefit payout
  • Ability to borrow against cash value
  • Coverage for your entire life if kept current

Term Life Insurance

  • “Offers Affordable Coverage”
  • Least expensive form of life insurance
  • Easy to understand and manage policy
  • Complete coverage at a great low rate
  • Guaranteed death benefit for current plans
  • Flexible term lengths

Universal Life

  • “The Flexible Payment Option”
  • Adjustable premiums for maximum flexibility
  • Guaranteed interest rate
  • Annually adjustable death benefit
  • Guaranteed monthly income option for beneficiaries
  • Policy can be maintained indefinitely

Survivorship Life

  • “Protects Your Legacy”
  • Covers two people, commonly spouses
  • Control over estate and legacy
  • Beneficiaries receive full amount of policy tax-free
  • Also known as second to die life insurance or joint insurance
  • Intended for wealth preservation

Life of insurance

Free Life Insurance Quotes in Minutes

Your time is valuable. We have simplified our form to make it easy to complete within minutes. Once you have provided some basic contact information and medical details, you’ll receive life insurance quotes from a number of prestigious companies and can choose the premium that fits your budget. Buying life insurance is easier than ever before. Some life insurance companies require a basic medical exam, which can be completed at your home or office in a manner of minutes. You may even qualify for a streamlined non-exam plan from select providers.

Life of insurance

The Importance of Life Insurance

Life insurance is one of the most important decisions you can make to give you and your loved ones financial security and peace of mind. If you were to die prematurely, how would your mortgage or debts be paid off? What would replace your much-needed income? How would your children be able to attend college? Buying life insurance answers these lingering questions and can put an end to uncertainty. Even if you live a healthy lifestyle, life insurance is an essential component of planning your retirement.

Once you submit the simple form, you can rest assured that our advanced matching process will put you in touch with reputable local agents who will help you find the best life insurance cost and a plan that meets your needs. If you have questions about life insurance claims or need to file a claim, our informative guides can help you. You may be wondering if a medical condition will affect your life insurance rates. The answer could be closer than you think. These guides also allow you to compare the different aspects of each life insurance policy and choose the best life insurance type for you and your family.

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Call Center (877) 407-6153

All other trademarks and copyrights are the property of their respective holders.

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Health Wealth » Get Free Life Insurance Quotes

Simply complete a few easy steps to compare life insurance quotes side by side.

Compare these life insurance brands side by side

  • Life of insurance
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  • Life of insurance

Life of insurance

fast and efficient excellent well done!!

To the point (much like myself)

it was fast and strait to the point of understanding.

Easy to use and excellent response time.

very helpful. thank you

Quick and easy,excellent service.

Life of insurance

  • Your data is handled securely by the latest Internet technology and encryption
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  • We do not sell your data to any 3rd parties
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Life of insurance

Comparing life insurance, made easy

More About Life Insurance

Statistics show that more than 30% of South Africans do not have a life insurance policy. Have you considered how your loved ones would maintain or indeed improve their lifestyle should the worst happen and you are not there to help pay for their education, living expenses and much more?

Hippo will help you find the right life insurance to suit your needs. See a range of life insurance companies in South Africa on our online results page.

Did you know? Hippo also compares other related products such as Funeral Insurance, Medical Aid and a whole lot more.

Life Insurance FAQ

Find out more about Life insurance by reading some frequently asked questions and our experts answers to them.

Life Insurance Glossary

What does Life Insurance mean and other common term used within the Life insurance Industry explained. Read more.

Life of insurance

Life Insurance is Series-ly Important

South Africa often seems like a really dangerous place with protests, high assault statistics and the kind of driving yo.

Life of insurance

How Health Experts Feel About Your Self Diagnosis

A good medical aid policy may prevent growing cyberchondria. Find out what South African health experts think of your In.

Life of insurance

An Insurance Tale of Two Families

It’s a fact of life that every day we face some uncertainty about what could go wrong, what challenges we could face and.