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How to Pick the Best Residual Income Model, best residual income opportunities.#Best #residual #income #opportunities

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How To Pick The Best Residual Income Model For You

Best residual income opportunitiesPerhaps you re looking to earn some extra money in addition to your normal salary. Or maybe you just plain want to leave your ordinary, boring eight to five job. No matter what your reason is, there is no better way to see your goals through to the end then to follow the residual income model and achieve your dreams.

Just in case you ve never heard of this model before, it s quite powerful. Basically it s a practice (or theory if you will) that money can be made passively without much involvement from yourself.

That s the whole idea behind the concept of residual income. You will only need to do a certain job a few times (mostly in the beginning). And then it will continue to earn money as time passes on. Eventually, you will be earning money for something you did weeks, months or even years ago.

If you have limited time on your hands this can be a great way to make extra money. And fortunately there are several different types of residual income models out there to choose from all with their own pros and cons.

Here is the best way to choose the right one for you.

Does The Residual Income Model Provide Continuous Income?

Before you read any further, I highly encourage you to check out this list of 19 great residual income ideas I put together.

For me, my favorite income model from this list is blogging. (Obvious I own this website!)

Here s what I like about working with websites and blogging:

  • I get to research and write about stuff I like.
  • I publish it once and then never do anything with it ever again.
  • For months and years later money trickles in from my websites.

That s a very important fact. Most residual income models claim to bring you money continuously. However, that may not always be the case. The amount you receive may be temporarily high at one time, and then nothing at a later time. Inconsistency is not good!

When choosing the best model for your needs, you should take a look at the model and your potential earnings. Will you truly continue to make money after you do the work? If so, will this money appear in a continuous fashion or is it possible that you will make small amounts several weeks apart? If you are looking to replace your current job, you will need continuous income but if you are simply looking to supplement it, occasional earnings may be enough.

What Are The Long-Term Earnings?

While examining whether a given residual income model will provide you with continuous income, you should also try to determine how much you will earn in the long-term. You want to make sure that your efforts are worth it and that means that you will be able to not only achieve your return of investment, but will be able to keep earning afterwards.

For example, let s return back to my blogging example. Do you want to know how the BIG bloggers actually make their BIG five figure months? They promote affiliate products and get a cut of every product sold.

But here s the secret part. They don t necessarily use their own audience to sell to. Nope. They use other people s!

Just check out the residual income earnings potential in this model example I worked up here. You might be surprised by the possibilities of how much money there is to earn!

When considering this aspect of residual income, be sure to consider not just the length of time for which you can expect to receive income, but also the quantity of income you will receive.

How Many Ways Can You Earn?

Best residual income opportunitiesIt is a given that models that offer more ways to earn money will offer a higher pay out in the end. That s because you ll be making money in multiple different ways. But because of that, before you opt for a particular model, you ll want to examine the ways in which it will allow you to create an income.

For example, here s a brief list of 15 different ideas I had for making money on the side. Though most of them are pretty diverse, they are all things you can try and build upon one another to get the most of amount of residual income you could possibility generate in a month.

If you are able to find one that seems to be something you d like to try, then go for it. But if you are able to try multiple ones with the same conviction, than that is just going to be even better for you!

Does The Model Motivate You?

Like we said in the beginning, many people turn to a residual income model because they are bored of their job or looking for a way out. If you think this is going to be a cakewalk or free lunch, think again!

Especially in the very beginning when you re just getting going, you ll have to put in a tremendous amount of effort to get your residual income model to the point where it works in autopilot. Take this website for example. It probably took me about 6 months before I had enough pages of content to be fully satisfied with it. And after that it started to make a handsome passive income stream. But it took A LOT of work in the beginning to get there!

Sometimes when you re looking for something different or an escape, what your mind really craves is something that it can sink it s teeth in to. It wants something that will keep it motivated! So why not give your brain what its looking for. Use this website and the suggestions I ve laid out for you to pick the right residual income model, and find yourself working on something that will keep you motivated for a long time to come!

Simple Residual Income Business Opportunity: So Simple, A Caveman can DO IT, residual income opportunities.#Residual

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Simple Residual Income Business Opportunity: So Simple, A Caveman can DO IT!

Residual income opportunitiesGenerating multiple streams of Residual Income is the fastest way to generate wealth you can t argue with Robert Kiyosaki or Donald Trump! If you are looking for a Residual Income Business Opportunity that is LUCRATIVE and SIMPLE to start up and implement, look no further.

People typically talk about residual income when they are referring to Network Marketing opportunities and that s because you have an opportunity that you sign up for and there is a monthly requirement, or product purchase, you have to make to stay active. You are paid when you build a team of people, and you receive a percentage of whatever they buy and sell to others. Network Marketing is a great way to build residual income, however, it should be noted that it can take 3-5 years, or longer, to build six figure income ..

This is NOT a Network Marketing Model. It works MUCH FASTER than that.

Is this system REALLY so easy, a caveman can do it.

Residual income opportunities

Well, it is SO easy to execute that a 12 year old can do it! Yes, it s true. An entrepreneur from Holland enrolled his son in this business and the kid made $12,000 in 3 months!! No special training, no know-how just a willingness to learn and DO.

The thing I love best about this opportunity is that it s done ALL online. You do not have to be knowledgeable about techy stuff to get started, either! It was designed to help people get going quickly I can testify, I didn t know anything about generating an income online and I now have a successful business!

Residual Income Business Opportunity on STEROIDS

This opportunity uses a funded proposal, combined with an affiliate program. With a Residual income opportunitiesfunded proposal, you can earn an income that offsets the cost of your advertising and the residual income comes from a subscription to a highly valuable and preconfigured website, as well as top-notch, ongoing training.

So many people have been successful with this because it is so simple to start up, learn and duplicate.

You may have seen this opportunity while searching the internet and if you didn t join it, you either DIDN T UNDERSTAND IT OR THOUGHT IT WAS TOO HARD.

And just a quick note. I am part of the MOST SUCCESSFUL AND FASTEST GROWING TEAM in this organization. That means I have a ridiculous number of resources and highly targeted training for you.

The Best Residual Income Opportunity Online – FINALLY, residual income opportunities.#Residual #income #opportunities

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Earn Residual Income

I m absolutely convinced that I have finally found the best residual income opportunity on the internet! Hear me out on this

I started my internet marketing business exactly 10 years ago at the time of writing this, and in that time I have basically done it all and seen it all. I ve been in all sorts of different business opportunities, affiliate programs, multi-level marketing systems, and just about every other type of business out there. I ve had great success in some, total bombed in others, and everything in between.

I ve even been scammed a few times along the way. But I learned lessons from each and every failure or success.

And I have also purchased more information products than I would care to even admit! Some I learned a lot from and some were absolutely horrible.

On top of that, I am also the co-owner in a very successful offline marketing business with 15 employees, and clients all over the world. I also run several popular business blogs.

I guess you could say that I have a LOT of knowledge and experience in the world of business, both online and offline. I started in the trenches with no money and no experience, without a mentor or system to follow, and I worked my way up to now having several streams of passive or residual income.

But I don t believe in getting complacent because you never know what s going to happen, so I still keep my eye out for worthy opportunities to join. After being battle tested for the past decade, I know a good program when I see it, and I know how to sift through all the hype to truly figure out if it is worth joining or just a bunch of crap.

I have a very strict and rigorous process that I put every business I am considering through and 99.99% of the time they don t pass. So I rarely get into anything new these days. In fact, the last time I joined any sort of program or opportunity was almost 3 years ago.

However, I have FINALLY found what I believe to be one of the best business opportunities I have ever come across. It combines the power of blogging with the proven performance of affiliate marketing and the commission structure of a top network marketing program, and packages it all up into one very easy to follow system that anyone from a total beginner to a full out guru can use and massively profit from!

If you have read this far then you are obviously interested in building residual income for yourself, and I KNOW you won t find any better option than this

Residual Income: What Is It and How Does It Work, residual income opportunities.#Residual #income #opportunities

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wahm articless

Residual Income: What Is It and How Does It Work?

Residual income opportunities

Residual Income: What Is it and How Does It Work?

Wouldn t it be nice to earn money while not working? That money is called residual, or recurring, income. It’s what can happen after you put a lot of time, effort and sometimes money into a job to continue to get paid for the work months or years after it’s done. (Salary jobs are part of linear income. This income is directly related to the number of hours you work. If you work 40 hours, you get paid for 40 hours of work.) Once you set up your business to earn residual income, you continue to make money while doing other things maybe even starting a new business to generate more residual income!

Types of Residual Income

  • Royalties from intellectual property, such as books and patents
  • Subscriptions, advertisements, donations or affiliate links from your blog or website
  • Transferring the rights to a song you recorded, a book you wrote, a software program you created or a gadget you invented to a company agreeing to pay you a percentage of each copy of your work sold
  • Purchasing an office or apartment building and leasing or renting out the properties
  • A savings and investment program that earns interest
  • E-book sales
  • Stock photography royalties

Does the Money Just Keep Rolling In?

The ideal residual income stream will produce money 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and you don t have to personally market or interact with the business in any way. All you have to do is watch your bank account grow.

But that s more like a fairytale. You ll have to put in some effort to continue receiving residual income on the business you started. Talking to your managers and representatives will help them be more productive and run your business better. Marketing your online sales through social media and your network will help earn you more money. But you just won t have to work at it as your full time job. Think of it as a part time job that can potentially bring in full time pay.

Advantages to Residual Income

  • You do have the potential to be financially independent if your residual income produces enough money.
  • Having residual income allows you to do more important things with your time. Whether that s a hobby or another job, making money from your residual income stream won t be the primary focus of your life.
  • No matter what, you will have a constant flow of income (however large or small it may be). This is critical if you get injured or sick, can t work because of another emergency, or if you just want to take an extended vacation.
  • You will make money no matter where you live, unlike a linear income which ties you down to your position.

Of course, before the money starts rolling in you will probably have to put a lot of time, effort and money into the business or project. You ll need a lot of patience and determination to see the residual income in the future. Instant gratification is not possible when it comes to residual income.

Residual income opportunities

Residual Income Business Opportunities, BusinessOpportunity, residual income opportunities.#Residual #income #opportunities

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Residual Income Business Opportunities

Residual Income is the way that you work once and get paid multiple times—sounds great! These type of business opportunities let you leverage your efforts to produce an ongoing stream of income. There are companies out there with reputable business models that make this possible.

How do residual income business opportunities work? For example, if you convince a customer to sign up for a monthly subscription program, you receive a commission each month, as long as she pays her monthly fee. Or a company signs up for a credit card payment processing system. For as long as they pay their monthly fee, you get a portion of it.

As with every franchise or biz opp you need to do your research. Many companies are reliable and reputable. Educate yourself so you can spot those that are all puffery and pay once or twice, then drop you. To start you out, here is a list of 13 of the top residual opportunities available today. Many companies are reliable and reputable. Educate yourself so you can spot those that are all puffery and pay once or twice, then drop you. To start you out, here is a list of some of the top residual opportunities available today.

Top Residual Income Opportunity Ideas

Cruises Inc. Using the motto “Make your life’s work a vacation,” Cruises Inc. gives you a commission on each vacation package you book, including cruises and destination getaways. You can also sell travel insurance, air packages, shore excursions, escorted tours, independent tours and car rentals. The commissions add up and you earn 60% to 100% on whatever you sell.

Kyäni’s Business Opportunity. Their strategy is to attract the very best business partners. We created a series of revenue streams that would provide flexibility in how our partners build their Kyäni businesses.

SavianCash. EARN RESIDUAL DAILY INCOME: Saivian is a cutting edge cash back technology which gives shoppers up to 20% cash back on all of their purchases anywhere they shop or dine, and you the opportunity to earn a six-figure income by just introducing them up to the opportunity. The market is huge and we do much of the marketing for you!

Ambit Energy. As an independent consultant for Ambit Energy, you earn residual income for life by helping consumers save on the energy they are already using. Ambit supplies electricity and natural gas in a large number of states, as well as solar energy to a growing number. The key advantage is that you make the sale once but get paid repeatedly, month after month. Homeowners and building owners always need energy.

The Transaction Group. Sell payment processing services to high-risk businesses in the U.S. using e-check technology. Your work involves providing the sales team with qualified leads. When the prospect buys, you receive monthly revenue share on each account for the entire lifespan of the account. Industries that need this service include collection agencies, fantasy sports, adult products, medical marijuana delivery services and vaporizer businesses.

Regeneration USA. Become part of the MLM network for Regeneration natural food and supplement products. You receive residual income from the distributors in your downline. The products are organic, non-GMO, gluten-free and kosher. They include food bars, teas, a range of anti-aging supplements, krill oil and spirulina.

PIF Holdings. This bio-tech company produces high-end health products backed by science. It requires a fairly low entry cost and regular monthly purchases of product. In return, you receive regular training and the chance create a continuing stream of income that will reduce your money worries and give you the time to enjoy yourself.

Mattress by Appointment. This is a very specialized retail service that provides convenience to consumers. And they love it. You make it easy for a person to purchase a mattress, one that fits his schedule better than going to a sleep shop or furniture store. You set your schedule based on appointments that are made online and over the phone. This isn’t MLM and you don’t need to cold call. You have access to all the major mattress brands.

The Six Figure Mentors. If you want to learn affiliate marketing from experts, then join The Six Figure Mentors. They offer a range of training and support to help you sell both The Six Figure Mentors program to others as well as other affiliate marketing opportunities. You earn a commission on everything you sell.

IACFB. Factoring lets businesses sell their accounts receivable to a factor, who then provides them with cash immediately. This is a reputable cash-generation model that has been around for decades. As a factoring broker with IACFB, you receive commissions for your referrals. You earn residual income for the life of the account, which is often three, four or five years.

ePay Management. When you become an independent sales representative for ePay, you earn upfront and residual commissions for the lifetime of the accounts your refer to them. You are offering businesses a state-of-the-art financing and credit card payment solutions. Businesses love this service because it also lets them offer installment loans to customers.

Medical Alert 360. You can earn with Medical Alert at three tier levels, from Affiliate Partner Agent to Partner Dealer. The company offers GPS medical alert units. Patients pay for the unit upfront and then pay a monthly subscription fee. You get paid for the length of each subscription.

MatchRate Plus. As an independent sales representative for MatchRate Plus, you sell their Cash Back Merchant Account Program. The company is accredited and has a good reputation in the industry. They offer merchants lower or match rates when signing up, as well as a hefty cash back program. Every company needs to accept electronic payments so the market is wide open for sales reps.

1 Water for You. Everyone needs water. When you join this 41-year-old company, you have the chance to cash in on this fact. It is a home-based business that doesn’t involve cold calling or work outside your home. Advancement is based on your level of production and there are no limits on earning.

Lifes True Purpose. This company, a leader in the personal development field, offers upfront and residual pay. It is a direct sales company, not MLM. Lifes True Purpose offers a 12-month home study personal development course as well as a seminars.

How To Earn Residual Income Efficiently, residual income opportunities.#Residual #income #opportunities

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How To Earn Residual Income Efficiently

Residual income opportunities

Katherine graduated from Norfolk State University with an M.S. Full Bio

Residual income opportunities

Residual income is often also referred to as, “passive” or “recurring” income. Indeed, money makes the world go ’round. What better way to earn money than through letting money work for you even while you sleep? Surely, no greater method is available or even imaginable. The key here is to work smarter, not harder. Industriousness is required and you should be prepared to be very persistent. A common method of steadily earning residual income is through royalties earned from a book, song composition, software, or mobile application. Types of recurring income are not limited to royalties. Here are ten methods to begin earning.

1. Affiliate Marketing

Residual income opportunities

Basically, an affiliate connects a customer with a desired or needed product. The affiliate is responsible for marketing to drive sales to the retailer. It is best to purchase a domain name and build a user-friendly website to draw customers and convert them to purchasing the chosen product. Build interest through pay-per-click advertising, content articles about the product, and through posting on forums with a relevant website link.

2. Auto-Responder Lists

Residual income opportunities

Appeal to a target audience through offering regular newsletters about the service or product only you can provide. Offer some free advice on marketing or tips on business-related tools. Offer the first part of a how-to e-course free to generate traffic. Through brief, yet constant contact, your blog becomes invaluable to your audience. Don’t be timid in offering a bit of free advice to build a dedicated audience.

3. Membership Community

Residual income opportunities

Charge a monthly or annual fee to offer members access to exclusive advice or products. Sell your expertise through exclusive podcasts, offering live FAQ sessions through Skype, or forums. You may want to try selling a monthly subscription to allow users to sample new products, similar to a book club. Frequent interaction increases interest and helps build membership through word-of-mouth.

4. Arbitrage Services

Residual income opportunities

Develop a website to purchase and then sell services, such as content articles or purchasing a product at a low price and then reselling it. Another option is to sell the web design service. Sign a contract with an expert and sell the service to others. This type of business is low-risk and has virtually no start up costs. Sites such as eBay or Etsy.com offer products that can be purchased at a very low cost and then resold to gain a profit.

5. Sell Informative E-Books

Residual income opportunities

Cultivate little-known DIY projects and ideas that are needed by consumers. For example, provide tips and tricks on self-improvement or weight loss. Develop your website to cater to the type of information you want to sell. Build your e-mail newsletters at the same time and up-sell a monthly subscription. You will have effectively rolled three services into one great profit.

6. Pay Per Click

Residual income opportunities

This is perhaps one of the most talked about methods of earning a passive income. Essentially, you advertise for others through inserting a link in forums, through social media, and of course through your own site. There are several software packages available for purchase, including Google Adsense, Bing, and Yahoo. These types of ads can be used to attract consumers of a particular gender, age, and individual interests.

7. Customer Referrals

Residual income opportunities

Earn residual income through referring consumers to an established product or service. Use your site to advertise to the company or companies you are interested in providing referrals for. Referral efforts can be coupled with informative e-books, seminars, or articles about the product or service. Build your newsletter lists in the same manner, the difference being that you are directing consumers to a third-party business.

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Opportunity – Discover Freedom: The Nikken Opportunity

Discover and enjoy the life-changing benefits of Nikken. Nikken products are sold exclusively through our network of Independent Nikken Consultants. Becoming a Consultant will allow you to share your experiences with others, while growing a business, earning an income and making a difference in people s lives. Achieve real financial freedom just by introducing people to amazing products that you believe in. It s that simple. Whether you d like a secondary source of income, or the ability to work from home and make your own schedule, the Nikken opportunity can help you achieve your dreams.

Extra income opportunities

1. Your Independent Nikken Consultant (the person who signed you up for access to this page) will be your sponsor.

Extra income opportunities

2. Complete a simple online form.

Extra income opportunities

3. Receive approval and you re all set!

Extra income opportunities

  • Why Nikken?
  • Why Now?
  • Network Marketing
  • Rewards
  • Business Success Stories

Extra income opportunities

Extra income opportunities

No boundaries.

In today s world, you can t expect to achieve financial security by working for someone else.

Compare that to Nikken, where you have complete flexibility and unlimited opportunity.

Earn extra money part-time, or develop a new career. Build your own business and create a steady source of income. We give you the tools, the support, the guidance from experienced professionals.

Life as an Independent Nikken Consultant gives you the freedom to live as you wish. To earn as much as you deserve. Even to make a difference in the world, helping others.

Attend a Nikken event near you or complete our Consultant Application. Learn why there has never been a better time to be an Independent Nikken Consultant.

Extra income opportunities

Wellness is the trillion-dollar revolution and it s here.

The wellness industry first hit the $200-billion-a-year mark in 2000 and five years later had more than doubled, to $500 billion. That s in the United States alone. Today it s nearing the trillion-dollar level.

Why? Because U.S. health care is approaching $4 trillion a year and people need a practical, cost-effective alternative to this sick care. An aging population will only drive the numbers higher. Rapidly.

Consumers are already seeking a solution. And there s only one company that addresses all wellness needs, with real solutions: Nikken.

Extra income opportunities

What is it?

This is the new way that business operates. Conventional advertising and marketing are becoming less effective people are creating their own networks, via the Internet or face to face, sharing information between friends or groups.

Informal connections and word of mouth already drive the decisions that are made. Wth network marketing you simply use this powerful tool to build your own business enterprise.

Extra income opportunities

The possibilities are unlimited.

With Nikken you can literally earn as much as you wish.

Every month, Independent Nikken Consultants earn:

These numbers are not imaginary. Nikken has a generous compensation plan.

You can create residual income permanent customers and partners who contribute a steady stream of revenue to your business.

We show you how it s done. In addition, Nikken offers bonuses and incentives not available elsewhere, such as the Auto/Home program.

Extra income opportunities

Don t take our word for it.

Total wellness includes the chance to share it with others. Independent Nikken Consultants tell us what the business opportunity has meant in their lives.

57 Sites for Earning Extra Income on the Side, extra income opportunities.#Extra #income #opportunities

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57 Sites for Earning Extra Income on the Side

Last Updated October 27, 2016

Extra income opportunitiesIn times of economic uncertainty, it s hard to keep your chin up, especially when it s almost as if the entire world s going down the toilet.

With your friends and office mates being let go left and right, you probably wondered if the same fate were to befall on you, too.

While the world has certainly recovered somewhat from this global economic crisis, that doesn t change the fact that if you are not in control of your destiny, the rug can be pulled from under you at any time.

The good news is there are plenty of supplemental income opportunities that can help you make a little side money working from home.

To get you started, I ve gathered a list of ideas for creating a second or third income stream.

Try Swagbucks, the famous rewards program that pays you for watching videos, taking surveys, shopping and more.

I m not saying that these will be enough to replace your full-time income, but these will definitely help you put extra cash in your pocket that you can save for a rainy day.

Do Micro Tasks Online

You can start by checking out Amazon Mechanical Turk, which utilizes a people-powered API that gives companies the opportunity for easy outsourcing of simple activities.

Personally, I find the tasks to be incredibly monotonous, but it may be a good fit for someone who doesn t want a side job that makes them think too much.

While these tasks may not pay as much as other extra income opportunities, many tasks simply involve critiquing restaurants, going through search results, and maybe even giving videos a thumbs up.

For a few tips on how to make the most money on Mturk read this.

Sites to Use:

Fill out Paid Surveys

It s easy to dismiss paid surveys as a scam, but the truth is I ve been earning money from it for more than 8 years now.

At the end of the day, brands want to know where they stand with their consumers. So, if they need to pay you so you can tell them what you feel about it, they will certainly do it.

What s important, however, is going for surveys that pay well. An example of this is MintVine, which will not only pay you to take the survey, but will also allow you to earn from referrals.

Sites to Use:

Rent out Your Car

Leasing out your car when you re not using it is a fantastic way to make money. I actually wrote in detail about renting your car for cash.

RelayRides, for instance, offers a listing service for people who would like to lease out their cars on an hourly basis.

You ll get requests from people that you can deny or approve, depending on your car s availability.

I haven t really tried this yet, but I ve read that RelayRides will insure the car for a maximum of a million dollars, and if your vehicle breaks down along the way, you can also count on them for roadside assistance.

Sites to Use:

Become a Freelancer

The reality is people will always need other people to work on the things that they cannot do on their own. So, even if it seems like companies have a hiring freeze or are retrenching workers, they still need people.

Many times, companies hire freelancers for projects to save on costs and to get everything done faster.

In addition, companies often find that it does not makes sense to hire a full-timer for something that they will be doing for a short, specific period of time.

If you like getting paid for surveys, and are going to join only one site, I would recommend you choose Ipsos-iSay. Ipsos is the most fun and well-paying panel. Give it a try to see how you like it. It is free anyway!

Sites to Use:

Test Websites for Usability

As a website tester, you ll be asked to find the parts that will break as well as let the website owners know the parts that confuse you.

You can find the same website testing jobs on Amazon Mechanical Turk as well.

Sites to Use:

Brainstorm Names for Other People

Most people think that crowdsourcing is just for designers, but did you know that coming up with names for businesses, products, and services can make you money as well?

PickyDomains is one of those crowdsourcing contest websites that allow people to win cash prizes by simply suggesting names and being creative.

This is a fun way to make some quick cash, and I wrote in detail how you could make a few hundred a day by picking names for NamingForce, here.

Sites to Use:

Make Money from Your Photographs

Did you know that just over a year ago, iStockPhoto paid over $20 million in contributor royalties?

And if anything, that should already tell you that stock photos that are taken by someone with a great camera and creativity can be a huge moneymaker.

Because you earn based on royalties, taking stock photos can be a real source of passive income.

Remember though that you stand to earn more by being exclusive to a single site.

Sites to Use:

Sell Stuff You No Longer Need

I don t claim to be an eBay millionaire, but I ve made good money selling things that I no longer need around the house.

It is hard to figure out what items to sell to make money, but the best thing you can do is to start looking around for items that you or other members of your household have outgrown. Not only is this a great way to clean up the house, but you ll also feel better getting rid of clutter.

Sites to Use:

Answer Questions

If you are knowledgeable and/or are a search engine ninja, then consider getting paid to answer questions. There are sites where you can get paid to answer all kinds of questions.

The best part is that even if you don t know the answer, you can do some research online and find the answer.

You won t earn a lot at the start, but these things have a way of adding up.

Sites to Use:

Showcase Your Expertise

Do you have a specific expertise on a particular topic? You could get paid to write articles about it.

Let the world know about it by writing about it on About.com, a portal populated with topics written by experts.

People who write for About.com play the role of a curator, blogger, and columnist and are normally paid $725 on a monthly basis.

The role is to guide people and help them understand a particular topic. You can also earn based on the traffic that your particular guides bring. In fact, some users have reported netting over a $100,000 yearly.

Sites to Use:

Use Revenue Sharing Sites

Making a living as a full-time writer can be difficult, but if you do this part-time, then it can be quite fulfilling.

If you re talented with words (or images, video, and audio), there are many sites where you just have to write great content to get paid.

These sites work on Revenue Sharing model. Basically, you write and publish the article, they put ads on that page and split the profit with you.

The best part about many of these sites is that they are already famous and receive tons of traffic, so you don t have to worry much about spending time promoting the articles you write.

Sites to Use:

Create T-shirt Designs

Some people are just more naturally gifted with drawing and design. If this is you, enter your designs on Threadless. Who knows you may just win $2000 in prize money along with free T-shirts ($500 worth).

And if you re a writer, consider submitting slogans to get $500 cash prize as well.

There are also many other sites where you can design t-shirts and sell them. The good thing about these sites is that you don t need to invest any money, or deal with printing, shipping, handling, or customer service. All you do is create designs and submit them. Then promote your designs anywhere you can. You get a percentage of each sale.

I wrote a detailed guide on how to start making money designing t-shirts and other customizable items.

Sites to Use:

Bottom Line

There are tons of ways to add a second or third income stream to help you get through these hard economic times. In fact, I wrote a long list of extra income ideas a while back.

Sure, none of these methods are going to replace your day job (although some, like freelance writing, could), but these are great options for supplementing what you earn from your day job.

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40+ Passive Income Ideas and Ways to Make Extra Money

Do you want to earn $100, $1000 or even more on the side? You can start earning extra income today with the help of this list of ideas I’ve put together. Spend an hour or two each day working on items that are practical for you, and you can build alternative income sources to help you improve your financial situation While many of the items on this list are passive income ideas, not all of them are. Some items require you to actively work for success.

While compiling this list, I did my best to avoid scams, and stick with practical ideas that work. I have tried many (but not all) of these ideas. Some of these helped me earned a few dollars here and there, but there are some that helped me earn extra money on the side every single day and some are still providing me with revenue! Note that not all ideas will fit your skills and abilities. What works for you depends on your abilities and your current financial situation.

Extra income opportunities

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Passive Income Ideas

Passive income involves ideas or methods that, once you set in motion, require minimal maintenance work. The following money making ideas are mostly passive, and are proven to work.

1. Earn Higher Interest on Your Savings

One of the easiest ways to increase your passive income is to shift your savings to a bank that pays a higher yield on your savings for example, Discover Bank and EverBank pay almost 1% for your money. Although it doesn’t sound like much (especially in this low interest environment), little things do add up and eventually interest rates will rise.

2. Build a CD Ladder

For a slightly higher yield, build a CD ladder. Break your money into smaller chunks and buy a series of 1-year high yield certificates of deposit. To learn more about this, take a look at How to Create a CD Ladder.

3. Lend Money via Social Lending Network

Lending Club is a platform where you can lend your money to other people. You’re the bank. Each note is only $25, so you can invest $1,000 and lend money to 40 people. There are many grades of loan (from safest to riskiest) and investors earn, on average, between 5% and 7% annualized returns. For more information, check out Investing and Making Money with Lending Club Peer-to-Peer Lending and my real money Lending Club Portfolio.

4. Invest in Dividend Paying Stocks or Funds

If you’re looking for current income, investing in the dividend paying stocks (or dividend funds) is a good way to earn money regularly. Pay particular attention to the S P Dividend Aristocrats; these are companies that have long histories of increasing their dividend payouts each year.

5. Use Cash Back Reward Credit Cards

You buy stuff every day: Why not make the most of your purchases? Take a look at these credit cards that pay 5% cash back on your purchases. When you make your day-to-day purchases, use a rewards card and get money back. My family receives several hundred dollars a year from using these cards.

6. Get Cash Rebates When Buying Online

When you shop online, go through Ebates. This web site provides you with extra cash back (on top of your credit card cash back) when you buy through them. Install the browser toolbar for even better results.

7. Earn Money When You Search

You probably do a couple of web searches each day. If you do all your web searches through Swagbucks.com (instead of Google or Bing), you can collect points called SwagBucks. Trade your SwagBucks for a variety of prizes, including gift cards for Amazon.com, Walmart, PayPal, and more.

8. Real Estate Investing

This is mostly passive once you have it all set up, but it does take a lot of work at the beginning. Real estate investing also requires occasional maintenance. Currently, we invest in a couple of rental properties and earn about $500 profit from each per month. You can read more about my rental properties at MoneySmartLife.com: How and Why I Became a Landlord.

If you don’t want to get your hands dirty, you can gain exposure to real estate investing through Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs). REITs invest in real estate and mortgage, and pay out 90% of the taxable income to shareholders annually.

Ways to Make Extra Money

In addition to the passive income ideas listed above and other broad income generation ideas such as starting a business, getting a second job, and learning how to invest, here are specific money making ideas you can try. Most of these items require ongoing work to maintain the income.

  1. College students: Sell your used books and textbooks at the end of the semester.
  2. Sign up for Cash Crate, complete surveys, and refer your friends.
  3. Freelance using UpWork, Guru, Freelancer, Amazon Mechanical Turk and other similar sites for leads.
  4. Make money with YouTube.
  5. Make money on Twitch.
  6. Make money blogging. This blog has been providing me with daily income since 2007. You can learn more about blogging and start start your own blog. Use the following articles to learn more about starting a blog:
    • How to Start a Blog for Fun or Profit – Introduction to a Series at Cash Money Life.
    • 28 Ways to Make Money with Your Website at Daily Blog Tips.
  7. Write for money using a platform site like HubPages.
  8. You can also write for TextBroker and Constant Content. Apply to write for various websites that hire freelance staff writers.
  9. Ghostwriting. This is very similar to the idea above, but you write anonymously and the assignments are usually longer. You can ghostwrite articles, blog posts, and even books.
  10. Offer basic services, including babysitting, housekeeping, gardening, dog walking, painting, snow removal, and other similar “odd jobs.” These basic services can provide income for motivated teenagers and most of these can be done right in your neighborhood.
  11. Offer skilled services such as tutoring, resume writing, business consulting, blog development, and logo design.
  12. Turn your hobbies into income streams. Many hobbies, like photography, videography, quilting, gardening, and woodwork are ideal revenue generators.
  13. Sell handmade products on Etsy.
  14. Write and sell eBooks. This is easier than ever with the help of Amazon and the Kindle.
  15. Enter contests and giveaways (use Google Alerts) and sell the prizes.
  16. Search for freebies and sign up bonuses. For example, you can typically get a $100 bonus from a credit card sign up.
  17. Turn your everyday spending into college savings with Upromise.
  18. Become an Amazon Associate, and ask your friends to use your affiliate link when they make purchases.
  19. Sell unused items on eBay or Craigslist. You can also buy bulk items and resell them individually.
  20. Sell your collectibles.
  21. Start a bulk candy vending machine business.
  22. Mystery shopping.
  23. Find missing money using sites like MissingMoney, Where’s My Refund, TreasuryHunt, PBGC database, and GovBenefits.gov.
  24. Create and sell CafePress T-shirts.
  25. Set up niche online store. Some good examples are Amazon.com aStore and eBay Niche Store.
  26. Participate in paid focus group studies.
  27. Sell your body parts and fluids.
  28. Collect cans and bottles for recycling.

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How to Build a List and Make Money in an Online Business

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To make money in an online business it is essential that you learn how to build a list, and as part of this process it is necessary for you to have an autoresponder program. If you don’t want to spend any money on this part of your business then it is unlikely that you will ever make much money as an internet marketer. The bottom line is that you need an email list of subscribers and the sooner you start building a list the better off you will be.

In this article we will discuss how you can build that all important list and make some money at the same time.

These are the main things you will need to begin building the list:

Online income opportunities

1. A report or something of value that you give away for free.

2. An autoresponder

3. You need traffic because this is where your list will come from in the end.

Once these things are in place, this is how you begin to set yourself up.

1. You put up a squeeze page (with an opt in box in a prominent position) that offers your free give away in exchange for the persons email address and name.

2. After they have entered their name and email address you then have the option to send them to another website

3. You need traffic! This is the part where most people battle but there are a number of different ways to get traffic and you can choose the one or two that suit you best. Here are a few suggestions:

a) You can write articles and post them on various article directories.

b) Get your squeeze page seen on a number of traffic exchanges. You can either surf for credits to get it shown or you can upgrade and get credits that will save you time and do the same job. It all depends on your budget.

c) You can use safe lists which work pretty well.

With all of the above it is important to do your due diligence and make sure that you use good programs. You need the traffic but it is not going to happen overnight. It also cannot just be done once and left, like anything else an online business takes time and effort to build and so does a list, so be diligent, put in the effort and time required and you will reap the rewards in the end.