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Internal Revenue Service Phone Numbers #income #tax #dept

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#internal revenue service forms


I do not answer specific tax questions over the phone unless you are a current client. If you need a specific question answered, here are the phone numbers to call.

(Remember, this is free advice. Hope and Pray that you get more than what you paid for!)

Internal Revenue Service Phone Numbers

8 00-829-1040 For individual and joint filers who need procedural or tax law information and/ or help to file their 1040-type IRS Tax Help Line for individual returns (including Individuals| Schedules C and E); and, general account information for Form 1040 Filers. Automated Self-Service Interactive Applications are also offered on this line.

800-829-4933 For Small Businesses, Corporations, Partnerships and Trusts who need information and/or help related to their Business Returns or Business and Specialty (BMF) Accounts. Services cover Tax Line [new]Employer Identification Numbers (EINs), 94x returns, 1041, 1065, 1120S, Excise Returns, Estate and Gift Returns, as well as issues related to Federal tax deposits.

800-829-1954 For 1040-type Individual and Joint Filers who need to check the status of their current year refund. Automated Refund Self-Service Interactive Refund Hotline [new] Applications are offered on this line NOTE: The Where’s my refund? automated self- service feature is also available 24/7 at http://www.irs.gov/ to obtain refund status information.

800-829-3676 For individuals, businesses and tax practitioners who need Forms and Publications IRS tax forms, instructions and related materials and tax publications.

877-777-4778 For taxpayers, whose tax problems have not been resolved through normal channels. Taxpayer Advocate Service (TAS) provides a National Taxpayer independent system to assure Advocate’s Help Line that tax problems are promptly and fairly handled. TAS operates independently of any other IRS office and reports directly to Congress through the National Taxpayer Advocate.

800-829-4059 For hearing impaired taxpayers who need tax law and/or procedural information Telephone Device for relating to filing their the Deaf (TDD) returns or who need information and/or assistance relating to their accounts.

888-912-1227 For citizens who want to provide ideas and suggestions on how to improve IRS services Taxpayer Advocacy Panel or who want to make recommendations for improvement of IRS systems and procedures.

800-555-4477 For taxpayers who want to pay business or individual taxes through electronic funds or Electronic Federal Tax transfer. The EFTPS Toll-Free 800-945-8400 Payment System (EFTPS) numbers can provide callers Hotline with EFTPS enrollment forms, instructions and customer assistance.

877-829-5500 For taxpayers who need tax information or assistance relating to Tax Exempt or Tax Exempt – Government| Government Entities, Tax Entity (TEGE) Help Line, Exempt Bonds, Employer /Employee Pension Plans or Indian Tribal Agreements

800-829-4477 For individuals who need to check the status of their current year refund or who want to use the Tele-Tax System want to listen to recorded tax information. Available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

888-796-1074 For individual filers who want a extension to File to submit an Extension to File Tele-File System for a 1040-series return via telephone.

State of California Phone Numbers

The State of California is not as friendly as the IRS. Here is the number they give you;

Get recorded answers, in English and Spanish, to common questions about California taxes and Homeowner and Renter Assistance 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Call:

  • (800) 338-0505 or (916) 845-6600 – use touch-tone telephone

To irritate them I am giving you this following phone number. You may want to know why you can not call them, so call and ask them why?

If you have questions regarding their policies or other FTB issues, call (916) 845-7700.

TaxMode Income Tax Calculator for iPhone, iPad, Android mobile devices, windows phone free DIY planning

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#net income calculator


*Now includes tax years 2016, 2015 & 2014*

TaxMode is an income tax calculator like nothing else. It is available for Android phones and tablets, iPhones, iPads, Windows Phone and Windows Desktop.

It is designed to perform with the ease of use of an ordinary calculator. Its functionality can satisfy almost any level of need for tax planning and analysis. TaxMode now includes a projected tax year 2016 in addition to 2015 and 2014 tax year computations.

● Automatic selection of applicable tax computations
● Automatic check for AMT applicability and analysis
● Quarterly estimated taxes, report IRS form 1040ES
● Computes Earned Income Credit
● Verify the adequacy of estimated tax payments
● Analyze impact of specific deductions
● Supported with details in terms of IRS tax forms
● Summary or detailed data entry options
● Side by side comparison of alternative scenarios for what-if analysis
● Effective tool for pre-tax return analysis

● Windows desktop (download )*
● Apple iPhone and iPad (App store )
● Google Android phones tablets (Google Play )*
● Windows Phone (Market place)

UPDATED TAX YEARS 2016, 2015 2014
● Updated with 2015 IRS tax forms
● Additional Medicare Tax (form 8959)
● Net Investment Income Tax (form 8960)
● Tuition and Fees Deduction (form 8917)
● New worksheet for qualified dividends and capital gains
● New worksheets for phase-out of Deductions Exemptions
● New worksheet for Student Loan Interest Deductions

If you are a tax professional it will enhance your analytical ability and make tax planning more efficient. If you are an independent individual looking for an easy to use tool to analyze the tax impact of a transaction, need a quick year-end tax estimation, perform a pre-tax-return-filing analysis, or review the impact of any other tax related investment decision, TaxMode will help you make more informed decision by providing a better understanding of all the possible income tax implications. TaxMode also provides you with a number of premium features should you needs go beyond quick calculations and simple planning. You can start with expanding the detail of what type of income, itemized deductions, credits and payments that can be entered and analyzed. Next you can utilize the automated comparison option that can help you quickly review the impact on one or more changes in data in a specific case. And with one simple click you can do a comparison of a case’s data for one year vs. another year.

TaxMode incorporates a thorough implementation of income tax computations to the full extent of the data it incorporates. It also provides you with thorough details for all tax computations so you know how each number is calculated.

The current version is up-to-date with the latest tax computations and forms for tax year 2015 as released by IRS. In addition tax computations for 2014 are fully implemented within the scope of this calculator.

The details of computations performed are also provided. You can examine the details by clicking on any tax amount or its caption shown on the result screen. These details are provided with reference to IRS Tax Forms used to calculate each tax result.

TaxMode is also an efficient way of compute values for your estimated tax while preparing 1040 ES. For more details on the tax computations incorporated in TaxMode review the Tax computations .

While TaxMode is primarily a quick income tax calculator it can also be used in advanced mode as an income tax planner for performing comparative analysis. Two such modes are available to provide you with tax result comparisons from a static point of reference or a continuous (dynamic) comparison each time you make an entry. These modes can be activated or deactivated on the fly with one key touch.

You can also compare the tax difference of including or excluding an item of income or deduction this year versus the next year. Give it a two-minute test to see how well it works. Download now a copy of this free income tax calculator and planner.

TaxMode can be used to easily and quickly prepare a draft income statement. Two formats of Income Tax Statements, Main and Detailed are available to display and/or print. The Main report shows the input items entered along with each tax amount computed. The Detailed report supplements the Main report with details of each tax form applied in that case and how it arrive at the tax result.

While TaxMode keeps its focus on tax computations, it gives you the option to see the results in colorful 3-D charts. It can display your specific scenario as a Pie chart showing how much of the income is reduced by each applicable tax and the resulting net income. It will also display your total tax amount so you don t miss the exact picture. This graphic analysis is also available in the format of a Doughnut chart

TaxMode is developed and supported by professionals at Sawhney Systems who initiated the era of professional financial and tax planning software with the first commercially available system ExecPlan in 1976. We have been serving the financial services industry with products and support services for over 3 decades. Our most popular financial planning program ExecPlan Express provides a complete PFP software which highly acclaimed by financial services industry professionals at a very affordable price. You are invited to download a full version of ExecPlan Express for evaluation at no cost.

Interested in a comprehensive financial planning app on mobile platform? Try our latest app PlanMode available free for iPhone or iPad and Android phones & tablets.

The design of TaxMode benefits from the implementation of a number of suggestions for functionality and features we have received from our tax planning clients over the years.

To download your free copy of this income tax calculator and planner on a Windows PC please click here .

*Now includes projected tax year 2016 and major IRS forms for 2015 tax year

Start up screen where you can enter one or more values and obtain results interactively or load a saved case. The last case you were working on can also be loaded.

Tax related results are displayed as you enter each value. Summary input can be made be directly entering the value in the button s text window or you can enter itemized input on the detail input screen available upon clicking the a button.

At any point you can compare the impact of an item on the overall tax scenario.

Copyright © 1981-2015 Sawhney Systems, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

SIP Softphone SDK: Customize your VoIP Software Phone Solution #sip #based #phone #system

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Visit The CounterPath Store

Visit The CounterPath Store

Softphone SDK


Replacing CounterPath’s legacy VoIP SDK products, the Softphone Software Development Kit (SDK) focuses on providing a comprehensive SIP SDK that enterprises, operators and solution vendors can use to develop highly customized voice, video and messaging solutions for desktop and mobile devices.

The Softphone SDK offers access to CounterPath’s core softphone libraries, enabling engineers with comprehensive VoIP experience to develop complex applications that facilitate IMS-compliant voice and video calling, as well as instant messaging and presence capabilities. Application developers can also use the SDK to build their own graphical user interface and implement calling behaviors for features such as call answer, call transfer, conferencing and more.

The core SDK uses C++, with wrappers available for different programming environments, such as .NET for Windows, Java for Android and Objective-C for iOS and OS X. Through the use of a common SDK, developers can leverage the same set of core methods/parameters regardless of the underlying operating system, gaining significant IOT benefit from the use of the same signaling stack, media stack, etc. across all platforms.

Included with the purchase of the Softphone SDK is a Developer Guide, sample application code and dedicated email support to ensure success in deploying SDK developed applications.

  • CallKit support (iOS Platform only). Bria now includes support for native call integration with iOS 10, offering significant improvement to the way iOS handles VoIP applications. Users now have the option to accept or decline an incoming cellular call during an active Bria call instead of the Bria call automatically be put on hold. Bria calls will also be captured in the native dialer call history.
  • Enhanced Stretto™ management tools. Added integration of Stretto Provisioning Module to enable application developers the ability to leverage Stretto and easily retrieve or manage SIP account and related settings. CounterPath Softphone SDK also supports User Experience Metrics (UEM) Module to add analytics and Voice Quality Monitoring (VQM) data collection for desktop clients. UEM provides administrators with valuable insight into end user behaviors and experiences with their Bria client, such as service quality, device usage, and feature usage.
  • Auto-discovery of IP Version. The SDK selects IPv4 or IPv6 based on an evaluation of network interfaces available, DNS responses and connection attempt results.
  • Support for NAT64/DNS64 environments (iOS Platform only). Work in NAT64/DNS64 environments with SBC’s or with STUN.
  • The Softphone SDK leverages CounterPath’s market leadership, earned from deploying tens of millions of SIP softphone clients, and builds on the experience gained from our legacy SDK products.
  • Best-in-class voice quality with stellar audio test results.
  • Proven operability with a wide range of SIP-based network equipment including Cisco, Avaya, Microsoft, Ericsson, ALU, NSN, Huawei, BroadSoft, GENBAND, Metaswitch, Mavenir, Genesys, Digium / Asterisk, Mitel, Panasonic and others.
  • Support for multiple programming environments – core SDK uses C++, with wrappers available in .NET, Java and Objective-C®. Web browser framework is also planned for subsequent release.
  • Multi-platform support – CounterPath’s Softphone SDK is supported on Windows and Mac desktop as well as Android and iOS mobile platforms.
  • Product support and sample application included to help get developers quickly up to speed in designing and deploying their application.

Important Note

Legacy SDK Customers

If you had previously purchased a CounterPath C++, COM or ActiveX SDK, there is the potential to migrate from the legacy SDK to CounterPath’s new Softphone SDK. Please contact your CounterPath sales representative to learn more, or if you have a legacy COM SDK you can also refer to the comparison chart below.


Dedicated Support

Restrictions and Limitations




Set Up a Conference Call – Dial-In Phone Conferencing #set #up #conference #call, #phone #conferencing,

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Reservationless Conference Calling

Set Up a Conference Call in Minutes!

  • On-Demand Phone Conferencing with Toll-Free Dial-In Numbers and Unique Access Codes
  • Cloud Based Account Management Tools
  • Mobile Apps for Convenient One-Click Conference Calls
  • Flexible Billing Codes to Accurately Assign Time to Specific Project, Department, etc.
  • Emailed Reports with a Complete Record of Every Conference Call
  • Outlook Integration for Convenient and Accurate Scheduling
  • International Access from Over 50 Countries


Service Features

  • Easy To Use – A comprehensive user guide provides easy to follow instructions from start to finish.
  • Simple Keypad Commands – A simple set of keypad commands to perform your most frequently used call functions.
  • Usage Reporting – After each call you can receive a Phone Conference Usage Report at no additional cost. This report provides a complete record of each conference call including the time and date of the call, participant caller IDs (when available), number of lines used, minutes that each participant was on the call, total call minutes and the total cost of the conference.
  • Flexible Client-Matter/Billing/Project Codes – Multiple options to link call data to the appropriate client, department or project to properly assign billable time.
  • Mobile App – No need to remember numbers and codes when out of the office. Make one-click conference calls from your iPhone or Android device with our mobile apps.
  • Outlook Integration – Our conferencing toolbar for Microsoft Outlook integrates with email and calendar invitations to add convenience and accuracy to conference scheduling.
  • ManageYourConferencing web-based account management – A secure, cloud-based account/user control center that allows account administrators to manage and control their invoices/payment, account info, add/delete users, access recordings, and generate real-time reports of call usage and account activity via an intuitive user interface.
  • Live Operator Assistance – Operator assistance is available by simply pressing *0 on your key pad.
  • Call Recording Transcription – You can record your conference calls whenever you like. We offer the following recording and transcription services:
    • Have your call recorded to a CD and mailed via priority mail
    • Have MP3/WAV files sent via e-mail or available by FTP
    • Have your conference call transcribed and emailed to you
  • Presentation Mode – A presentation mode is provided so that one or more speakers can speak without interruption by muting all other participants.
  • Dial-Out Features – Dial out of your call to another phone number (US or international) to talk to or bring a person back into your conference call.
  • International Access – Conduct international conference calls with participants in over 50 countries around the world via toll-free dial-in numbers.
  • USA-based Customer Support – Contact us by phone, email or live chat. Go to our Customer Support Center for support hours.

Security Features

  • Secure PIN Access – Your phone conference room is secured with a PIN.
  • Lock the Conference Call – Lock feature that is activated by pressing *5 on your key pad. This feature closes the conference call to any additional participants.
  • Secure Access – Each AT Conference account has unique host and participant codes assigned to it. These codes may be changed when necessary for added security.
  • Record Caller IDs (ANI Capture) – When available, the system will record the caller ID of each participant so that you have a record of the phone numbers used to dial in to your conference.
  • Name Announcement and Roll Call Options
    • Name Announcement – The system can be configured so that each participant is announced by name as they join the call. A less disruptive option is Entry Tone. This allows the host to set the system to alert them with a subtle tone each time a participant joins the conference call. This option is less intrusive if the call is already underway.
    • Roll Call – This option allows the host to conduct a roll call by simply pressing #1. The system will then play back the names of all participants currently on the call. Only the host hears the roll call using this option. This feature can be utilized on calls where confidentiality is important, or when the host has asked a participant to disconnect and needs to verify that they are off the call.
  • Attendee Removal – If the call has been set up to require users to record their names before entering the conference call, with operator assistance the host has the ability to remove or bar someone from the conference call.

Rates starting at just 1.5 per minute

Join the thousands of business users that have made the switch from other providers to AT Conference and realized significant cost savings.

Great West Life Assurance Company Contact Customer Service Phone Number #great #west #life #insurance #phone

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Great West Life Assurance Company Contact Customer Service Phone Number

Kelowna Daily Courier Contact Customer Service Phone Number

Wilkinson Plus Contact Customer Service Phone Number

Pizza Pizza Pickering Contact Customer Service Phone Number

Brylane Home Contact Customer Service Phone Number

South African Airways South Africa Contact Customer Service Phone Number

Victoria Park High School Lethbridge Customer Service Phone Number

Bryant Homes Contact Customer Service Phone Number

Fox Everett Insurance Contact Customer Service Phone Number

Daimlerchrysler Financial Services Contact Customer Service Phone Number

Boston Store Contact Customer Service Phone Number

Notre Dame College School Welland Contact Customer Service Phone Number

Time Warner Cable Contact Customer Service Phone Number

Vitamin Shoppe Contact Customer Service Phone Number

Newmarket High School Contact Customer Service Phone Number

Alfa Lebanon Contact Customer Service Phone Number

University of Phoenix Contact Customer Service Phone Number

Hawaii State Federal Credit Union Contact Customer Service Phone Number

Valve Software Contact Customer Service Phone Number

Bankers Life and Casualty Company Contact Customer Service Phone Number

Bell Mobility Toronto Contact Customer Service Phone Number

Ups Contact Customer Service Phone Number

Eastdale Secondary School Welland Contact Customer Service Phone Number

Travis Perkins Contact Customer Service Phone Number

South African Airways Contact Customer Service Phone Number

Time Warner Cable Signature Home Contact Customer Service Phone Number

Singtel Contact Customer Service Phone Number

State Farm Contact Customer Service Phone Number

Monster Energy Contact Customer Service Phone Number

Movinghelp.com Contact Customer Service Phone Number

Multi State Insurance Contact Customer Service Phone Number

Dmv Illinois Contact Customer Service Phone Number

National Bank of Abu Dhabi Loans Contact Customer Service Phone Number

Radio City Music Hall Contact Customer Service Phone Number

New Westminster Secondary School Contact Customer Service Phone Number

Prudential Retirement Contact Customer Service Phone Number

Arnold Clark Contact Customer Service Phone Number

Capital One Credit Card Ontario Contact Customer Service Phone Number

Room and Board Contact Customer Service Phone Number

Keep in Touch With Us

Great West Life Assurance Company Contact Customer Service Number Delineated Here With Complaints and Reviews

No complaints and reviews so far for Great West Life Assurance Company Contact.To add review or complaint against Great West Life Assurance Company Contact Click Here.
We advise you to express your problem or complaint against Great West Life Assurance Company Contact. your phone number should be mentioned in your comment, so that Great West Life Assurance Company Contact will communicate to you on your phone number mentioned in your comment.

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Virtual Phone Number, Virtual Telephone Number #virtual #phone #line, #virtual #phone #number

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What is a Virtual Phone Number?

A Virtual Phone Number is a second number that when called, rings to a primary 8×8 line.

All About Virtual Numbers

Do you have customers scattered near and far? Would you like to appear as if you have a local or international presence in key areas? Get a virtual number from 8×8 and callers from those areas can reach you anytime just as if they were making a local call.

A Virtual Number is a second number that rings to a primary 8×8 line. Virtual Numbers are available through 8×8 for 50 countries including the US and Canada. Virtual Numbers provide savings and convenience for people phoning you from that number s area code or region.

Virtual Numbers for business

Virtual Numbers can be used by businesses to save their customers money by permitting them to make a local call from 50 countries. In addition, virtual phone numbers allow your business to show a local presence in a geographic area without physically residing there. Just as your primary 8×8 number need not be tied to your actual geographical location, virtual phone numbers can be obtained from almost anywhere. As an example, suppose you are a snow ski manufacturer based in Colorado while your biggest customers are located in Seattle, Washington, Zurich, Switzerland, and Montreal, Canada. All you pay is a small monthly fee for three different virtual phone numbers, located in the three different hubs of your business activity. Now, your customers never have to dial long distance to place an order.

Domestic Virtual Number cost:

In the US and Canada where we offer local domestic telephone service, the cost of virtual number service is:

  • $4.99 per month for unlimited inbound call US
  • $6.99 per month for unlimited inbound call Canada
  • $9.99 one-time activation
  • Applicable Taxes and Fees

International Virtual Number cost:

International Virtual Numbers are offered in 48 countries at the following cost:

  • $14.99 per month for unlimited inbound calls
  • $9.99 one-time activation
  • Applicable Taxes and Fees

International Virtual Numbers Country List

Houston Answering Service, 24 Hour Live Business Phone Answering #telephone #answering #service, #phone #answering #service,

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Houston Answering Service Pros
Call Us Now 713-344-0622

Contact Us

Our live answering service operators are available 24 hours a day. Call for a quote 713-344-0622.

Get Started

Your business can be live on our answering services in less than 24 hours.

24 Hour Live Answering Services in Houston, Texas

The Houston Answering Service Pros team has been providing the best, most reliable and professional answering services in Houston for the last 20 years. Small and large businesses alike have been realizing the money-saving, and profit increasing benefits of suite of answering services in Houston since our team started providing service to the area over two decades ago.

Call our Houston Answering Service Pros team right away to get a quote for services, or to get signed up 713-344-0622. We can have you live on any of our answering services within 24 hours.

What to look for when evaluating an Answering Service in Houston

  • The Best People – Look for an answering service company that knows how to recruit, train and keep the best people in the U.S. like Houston Answering Service Pros .
  • The Latest in Answering Service Technology – In the highly competitive answering service business it is imperative to invest in the latest and greatest in answering service technology, like Houston Answering Service Pros has been doing.
  • Quality AssuranceHouston Answering Service Pros is in a state of constant improvement, measuring the success of each team member and the team as a whole, using performance methods and measurements such as call monitoring, ring time measurements, secret callers, which all result in the highest possible overall customer satisfaction.

Basic Houston Answering Service Pros package comes with:

  • 24×7 Live Call Answering with Call Screening followed by Call Patching and Forwarding.
  • Custom Answer Greeting – Our team will answer your company phone calls in your business name. Example: “Thank you for calling the ABC Houston Physician Association, how may I help you?”
  • 24 Hour Message Dispatch – Your business messages will be sent to you every morning or evening in a batch report as fax or email.

Other Answering Services available:

  • Immediate Message DispatchHouston Answering Service Pros sends your messages immediately to you with your method of choice: Text/SMS, Pager, Fax, Email, or Voicemail.
  • Sales /Order Taking/Order Processing Services – We can handle up-selling and cross-selling your customers. Allow our team to increase your sales. Your business will get the highest possible benefit out of every last phone call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Appointment Setting/Scheduling – We will set appointments for you so you can focus on your primary business, just show up to do the work and make money the way you know how.
  • One Ring Answer – The Houston Answering Service Pros live operators can answer your business phone calls on the first ring.

Telemarketing List Leads – Telemarketing Lists from Caldwell Mailing List Company #telemarketing #list, #telemarketing #lead,

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Telemarketing Lists

Telemarketing List Leads Telemarketing Lists from Caldwell Mailing List Company

If you are a telemarketer who s looking to buy quality telemarketing list leads and. Caldwell Mailing List Company is a lead broker of mailing lists whose experience and expertise in telemarketing list selections will generate sales leads that increase your sales and maximize your success. Telemarketing leads play an essential role in any sales campaign by providing contact information and phone numbers of consumers or businesses interested in your products.

If you are searching the Internet for a Telemarketing List, your research has probably led you to ask:

With this many sources available for Telemarketing Lists and Telemarketing Leads, how do I choose the one that will give me quality, accurate telemarketing leads?

Caldwell Mailing List Company is a telemarketing list broker having relationships with the nation’s major telemarketing list compilers. After 35 years of experience, we have tested all of the on the market, and we know which
compilers’ telephone data is the most accurate, with the fewest disconnects.

Telemarketing list rental comprises a sizeable portion of Caldwell’s client services. When several of our largest telemarketers quickly exhaust the entire national consumer database of phone numbers available, today’s challenge is finding additional unique phone numbers for them.

Since Do Not Call policies have shrunk the total universe of available telemarketing leads, we have developed new methods of augmenting the pool of residences with phone numbers.Telemarketing lists have to be of the highest quality.

We at Caldwell are confident that the quality of our telemarketing leads will please you. Since you or your telemarketers will be talking with these prospects, you will experience first-hand the quality and accuracy of our .

The data for the Consumer and Business is sourced from the white pages, yellow pages, various regional phone books, as well as various proprietary sources. The data is updated continuously, producing the lowest
disconnect rate in the industry. The quality of our telemarketing leads is unmatched.

And rest assured that Caldwell’s Telemarketing List compilers have suppressed the data against the National Do Not Call list. See Do Not Call Info under the Resources button on the nav bar above.

Call only the telemarketing leads that most closely resemble your customers. Click Home Phones or Business Phones to choose from a myriad of selections, besides phone numbers, to make your telemarketing campaign a success.

Many industries utilize telemarketing as a part of their marketing mix, having great success selling direct by phone, while others find they increase their name-recognition and, thus, their prospect’s trust, by phoning
as a follow-up to a mailing.

What better way to obtain your sales leads than a high-quality, accurate list of targeted prospects. With a friendly voice, a good product and a properly targeted list of the most promising high-value recipients for your message, you will make more sales and more money for you and your company.

Call us today to help you become the telemarketing success you want to be!

  • Business Telemarketing Leads
  • Do Not Call List Rules and Information
  • Telemarketing Lists Home Phones
  • How to Increase ROI
  • Need to Find More Telemarketing Leads?

Phone Tree Software, Voice Broadcasting Service #phone #tree,call #tree,phone #messaging,broadcast #phone #message,voice #broadcast #service,callmultiplier,call #multiplier,calling

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CallMultiplier lets coaches spend more time coaching! It handles the time consuming details of keeping everyone informed by automating their phone tree.

This text and voice broadcasting system is so easy that you can cancel or reschedule a practice from the field in seconds. It’s a real lifesaver!

Businesses – Effective communication is the key!

Some people call it robo calling and others call it voice or text blasting. we call it good business. CallMultiplier saves time and makes you money!

This voice broadcasting system gives you control over your phone trees and lets you quickly reach the right people every time!

Religious Groups – Keep your congregation informed and engaged!

What a time saver! Automate your phone tree and free up your time to focus on the most important part of your mission – ministering to people face to face.

From prayer requests to schedule changes, it lets you use both text and voice broadcasting to keep everyone informed.

Staffing – Save money & fill positions faster!

This automated voice and text broadcast system fills positions faster, cheaper and easier. You simply can’t beat its ease of use!

The polling feature allows people to respond to your message immediately and you see reports in real-time showing who’s been reached and who’s interested.

Schools – Students, parents, and teachers, all one call away!

Talk about peace of mind. In an emergency this automated emergency notification system gets the message out fast!

You can be up and running in minutes with this automated calling system. Free up hours of time by eliminating manual repetitive phone calls.

Non-Profits – Recruit volunteers, energize fundraising!

Nothing moves people or gets action quite as effectively as the sound of your voice. But how to find the time to make all of those calls?

Here’s the answer. Automate your phone tree and energize your donors and volunteers! CallMultiplier makes it easy to get your message out!

We automate your phone tree with voice broadcasting

If you have a group of people to get in touch with to deliver some bit of important information, you can call them all yourself or you can make one call and let CallMultiplier deliver your message to everyone for you.

Whether you have a sports team of 20 people, a congregation of 200 or a company contacting 2,000 you make one call to record your message and we make the calls for you, until each person has heard your voice delivering your personal message.

Let’s say you coach a little league team and there has been a schedule change that you need to tell all of the parents about. You could either call them all individually (taking time you don’t have) or just make one call to record your message. CallMultiplier will automatically contact everyone to deliver your message right away. Sound nice? Sign up now!

If you have a message or information you need to get to a group of people, then CallMultiplier IS for you! Check out some of the ways that other people are taking advantage of CallMultiplier

INFILTEC: Radon Mitigation FAQ #faq, #infiltech, #radon #gas, #radon #testing, #mitigation, #test #kit, #detector, #level,

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Radon Mitigation FAQ

Answers to the most frequently asked questions (FAQ)
on radon reduction in homes, schools and office buildings.
Call us at (540) 943-2776 or email Infiltec your questions.

WARNING: This information is provided as a service to our potential customers, but Infiltec, Inc. can not be
responsible for its use or misuse. Infiltec Inc. does not provide radon mitigation or testing services.


Q & A:

Q: Will sealing slab cracks/openings reduce indoor radon levels?

A: Unfortunately, sealing slab cracks and openings does not generally have any significant effect in home indoor radon concentrations. This seems strange because we know that radon is mixed in soil gas and it is pulled into the house through cracks by slight pressure differences caused by wind, temperature differences and fan action. The problem is that sealing generally results in a higher concentration of radon in the soil gas, so that even though the sealing reduces the amount of soil gas that gets into the house, the same amount of radon gets in. And that means that the indoor radon concentration remains about the same! Occasionally sealing is partially effective, so you may want to try it. Be sure and use sealants that can stick to dirty concrete (like polyurethane caulks). Even if you are not successful, any slab sealing will increase the effectiveness of a fan powered radon mitigation system.

Q: How much will it cost to fix my radon problem?

A: Your cost will depend a lot on where you are in the US. In areas where there are lot of radon contractors, like the Washington, DC metro area where Infiltec is located, the price may be as low as $800 for a standard subslab depressurization system. However, in areas where there are few radon contractors, the same system may cost two to three times more. Complicating factors that will increase the price include: crawl spaces with exposed dirt, multiple slabs, rock basement walls, sand beneath the slab, no aggregate beneath the slab, and pipe penetrations through fire rated walls. If your home repair skills are above average, you may want to consider do-it-yourself radon mitigation. You can buy all the parts you need for less than $250. See the Infiltec Radon Control Catalog for details.

Q: How long will it take to fix my radon problem?

A: Most mitigation radon work is done during real estate transactions and must be completed quickly. A typical job takes about one man day, and the retest requires one day of closed house conditions, plus two or more days for the radon test. So you can generally get you house fixed and retested in about 4 days.

Q: How do I find a replacement for my old radon fan?

A: Just find the make and model of your old fan, and then check out the drop-in-replacement table on our Radon Fan Guide page.

Q: What are the RadonAway radon fan performance specifications?

A: You can find tables of power, pressure, and air flow performance specifications on our Radon Fan Guide page.

Q: What skills do I need for do-it-yourself radon mitigation?

A: Installation of a typical Active Subslab Depressurization (ASD) radon mitigation system involves advanced home repair skills:

  • 1. drilling a 3″ or 4″ diameter hole thorough your concrete slab with a hammer drill,
  • 2. digging out a suction pit in the gravel or soil underneath the slab,
  • 3. drilling a 3″ or 4″ hole through your basement wall,
  • 4. solvent welding 3″ or 4″ PVC pipe so that you have a run from the hole in the slab to the outside of the house,
  • 5. electrical wiring of the fan (typically mounted outside),
  • 6. coupling the fan to the pipe with flexible PVC couplings,
  • 7. running an exhaust pipe so that radon will not get back into the house or come in contact with anyone. This is generally done by running the exhaust to a location that is at least 10 feet above the ground and 10 feet away from any openable windows, and
  • 8. sealing slab cracks and openings with polyurethane caulk.

For more technical details, see our list of radon mitigation manuals.

Q: How do I select the right fan for my radon mitigation system?

A: Radon fan selection for SubSlab Depressurization (SSD) systems is not an exact science because the performance depends primarily on the porosity of the material beneath the slab. In order to work, the SSD system must create a negative pressure under all parts of the slab so that soil gas containing radon can not leak into the house through slab cracks. Here are some Infiltec rules-of-thumb:

  • a. Low-Power Fans. like the RP140, work well in SSD systems for houses that have a porous subslab gravel layer and a well-sealed slab. We find that these low-power fans last longer and are quieter, so we recommend them to home builders who are installing SSD during construction. Use 3″ or 4″ pipe and a single slab penetration.
  • b. Medium-Power Fans. like the XP151 or XP201, work well for larger slabs and porous subslab gravel layers, or for smaller slabs with less porous subslab material. Use 3″ or 4″ pipe and a single slab penetration.
  • c. High-Flow Fans. like the XR261, are the most common fans for retrofit installations because they have the power to overcome both air leakage and the poor subslab porosity caused by lack of subslab gravel. 4″ pipe is generally used with these fans with one or more slab penetrations.
  • c. High-Suction Fans. like the GP501, are used in houses where there is very poor porosity material under the slab, such as sand or clay, and there is low air flow. Use 3″ pipe and put in several slab penetrations.
  • You can find tables of fan power, pressure, and air-flow performance specifications on our Radon Fan Guide page.

Q: What are some common problems for do-it-yourselfers to avoid?

A: Here are some ways to avoid common problems when installing a typical SubSlab Depressurization (SSD) radon mitigation system:

  • Pipe Size: PVC pipe size of either 3″ or 4″ diameter (in schedule #20 or #40 thickness) is satisfactory for most SSD systems. 2″ diameter is probably too small.
  • Pipe Connections: Use the recommended PVC pipe fittings and welding solvent. If you don’t, the system may not hold up, or it may leak.
  • Pipe Slope: Slope the pipe and anchor it so that water draining from condensation and rain will not be trapped anywhere. You can not imagine how much water flows back down the pipe because of condensation on the cooler pipe walls! Water buildup in the pipe or fan body may be the most common cause of radon system failure.
  • Suction Pit: Dig out a large suction pit underneath the slab to reduce the air flow resistance and increase SSD vacuum. Some folks say dig out several buckets of material, and others say to keep digging until your knuckles are bleeding!
  • System Gauge: Install a vacuum gauge to monitor SSD system performance. The gauge should be installed in the basement as close to the suction hole as possible, but it must be in a place where it can be checked occasionally. As long as the gauge indicates suction, you know that the fan is working properly, although you may not be able to hear it.
  • Sealing: Don’t count on sealing for radon reduction unless it is backed up by a fan system. It seldom works alone. But sealing always improves SSD system performance. Use a polyurethane caulk that sticks to dirty concrete. Latex and silicone caulks do not stick well to concrete.

Q: What are the phone numbers for state and federal radon information?

Q: What should I do about radon in my well water?

A: Here are some links to Radon in Water Information:

  • PA DEP document: Radon in Water testing and mitigation.
  • EPA’s document: Proposed Drinking Water Standards for Radon
  • EPA’s document: NAS Report on Radon in Drinking Water
  • EPA’s document: Office of Ground Water and Drinking Water on radon
  • NRC document: Risk Assessment of Radon in Drinking Water .
  • NC State U report Use of Activated Carbon to Remove Radon from Drinking Water.
  • BGC Technologies AIRaider Well Water Aeration Treatment Equipment.
  • American Water Works document: Regulatory Alert on proposed radon rule.
  • Call your State Radon Contact or the EPA Drinking Water Hot line (800-426-4791) for more information on radon in water. (Most areas of the US do NOT have a radon-in-water problem, therefore you should contact your state radon office before concerning yourself with this hazard.)

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