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*Now includes tax years 2016, 2015 & 2014*

TaxMode is an income tax calculator like nothing else. It is available for Android phones and tablets, iPhones, iPads, Windows Phone and Windows Desktop.

It is designed to perform with the ease of use of an ordinary calculator. Its functionality can satisfy almost any level of need for tax planning and analysis. TaxMode now includes a projected tax year 2016 in addition to 2015 and 2014 tax year computations.

● Automatic selection of applicable tax computations
● Automatic check for AMT applicability and analysis
● Quarterly estimated taxes, report IRS form 1040ES
● Computes Earned Income Credit
● Verify the adequacy of estimated tax payments
● Analyze impact of specific deductions
● Supported with details in terms of IRS tax forms
● Summary or detailed data entry options
● Side by side comparison of alternative scenarios for what-if analysis
● Effective tool for pre-tax return analysis

● Windows desktop (download )*
● Apple iPhone and iPad (App store )
● Google Android phones tablets (Google Play )*
● Windows Phone (Market place)

UPDATED TAX YEARS 2016, 2015 2014
● Updated with 2015 IRS tax forms
● Additional Medicare Tax (form 8959)
● Net Investment Income Tax (form 8960)
● Tuition and Fees Deduction (form 8917)
● New worksheet for qualified dividends and capital gains
● New worksheets for phase-out of Deductions Exemptions
● New worksheet for Student Loan Interest Deductions

If you are a tax professional it will enhance your analytical ability and make tax planning more efficient. If you are an independent individual looking for an easy to use tool to analyze the tax impact of a transaction, need a quick year-end tax estimation, perform a pre-tax-return-filing analysis, or review the impact of any other tax related investment decision, TaxMode will help you make more informed decision by providing a better understanding of all the possible income tax implications. TaxMode also provides you with a number of premium features should you needs go beyond quick calculations and simple planning. You can start with expanding the detail of what type of income, itemized deductions, credits and payments that can be entered and analyzed. Next you can utilize the automated comparison option that can help you quickly review the impact on one or more changes in data in a specific case. And with one simple click you can do a comparison of a case’s data for one year vs. another year.

TaxMode incorporates a thorough implementation of income tax computations to the full extent of the data it incorporates. It also provides you with thorough details for all tax computations so you know how each number is calculated.

The current version is up-to-date with the latest tax computations and forms for tax year 2015 as released by IRS. In addition tax computations for 2014 are fully implemented within the scope of this calculator.

The details of computations performed are also provided. You can examine the details by clicking on any tax amount or its caption shown on the result screen. These details are provided with reference to IRS Tax Forms used to calculate each tax result.

TaxMode is also an efficient way of compute values for your estimated tax while preparing 1040 ES. For more details on the tax computations incorporated in TaxMode review the Tax computations .

While TaxMode is primarily a quick income tax calculator it can also be used in advanced mode as an income tax planner for performing comparative analysis. Two such modes are available to provide you with tax result comparisons from a static point of reference or a continuous (dynamic) comparison each time you make an entry. These modes can be activated or deactivated on the fly with one key touch.

You can also compare the tax difference of including or excluding an item of income or deduction this year versus the next year. Give it a two-minute test to see how well it works. Download now a copy of this free income tax calculator and planner.

TaxMode can be used to easily and quickly prepare a draft income statement. Two formats of Income Tax Statements, Main and Detailed are available to display and/or print. The Main report shows the input items entered along with each tax amount computed. The Detailed report supplements the Main report with details of each tax form applied in that case and how it arrive at the tax result.

While TaxMode keeps its focus on tax computations, it gives you the option to see the results in colorful 3-D charts. It can display your specific scenario as a Pie chart showing how much of the income is reduced by each applicable tax and the resulting net income. It will also display your total tax amount so you don t miss the exact picture. This graphic analysis is also available in the format of a Doughnut chart

TaxMode is developed and supported by professionals at Sawhney Systems who initiated the era of professional financial and tax planning software with the first commercially available system ExecPlan in 1976. We have been serving the financial services industry with products and support services for over 3 decades. Our most popular financial planning program ExecPlan Express provides a complete PFP software which highly acclaimed by financial services industry professionals at a very affordable price. You are invited to download a full version of ExecPlan Express for evaluation at no cost.

Interested in a comprehensive financial planning app on mobile platform? Try our latest app PlanMode available free for iPhone or iPad and Android phones & tablets.

The design of TaxMode benefits from the implementation of a number of suggestions for functionality and features we have received from our tax planning clients over the years.

To download your free copy of this income tax calculator and planner on a Windows PC please click here .

*Now includes projected tax year 2016 and major IRS forms for 2015 tax year

Start up screen where you can enter one or more values and obtain results interactively or load a saved case. The last case you were working on can also be loaded.

Tax related results are displayed as you enter each value. Summary input can be made be directly entering the value in the button s text window or you can enter itemized input on the detail input screen available upon clicking the a button.

At any point you can compare the impact of an item on the overall tax scenario.

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