The Extra Income Project – My journey from massive debt to financial freedom, extra income.#Extra

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The Extra Income Project

My journey from massive debt to financial freedom.

April 2017 Online Income Traffic Report

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I’ve had a pretty good month in terms of the progress that I wanted to make. Traffic has not been such a good story this month but, relatively, income is.In February and March I reported a decline in traffic. I was woefully aware of the downward trend. Back in January I was hitting 40,000 page views. In February I wasn’t too concerned that it was down to 20,000. I thought [Read more. ]

How I Saved $1,000 Negotiating My Utility Bills

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Last week I made a small windfall of savings by negotiating my utility bills. It came at the perfect time. I’ve had a significant increase this month in another essential expense. This has had an unhealthy impact on my budget. I needed to find ways to reduce my living expenses and lower my bills even further to keep on track with my financial goals for the year.I thought it [Read more. ]

Why a Monthly Budget Sucks and How to Fix It

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For the last two years, I’ve been nailing my debt. This accomplishment has been, in the most part, because I set up and stuck to a budget. But something has gone horribly wrong.At first, I thought it was obvious what the problem was. But, looking a little deeper into my budget I’ve had something of an epiphany.If you’re keeping a monthly budget, or you get paid on a [Read more. ]

March 2017 Online Income Traffic Report

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The Extra Income Project’s March 2017 Online Blogging Income Traffic ReportMarch has been an interesting month. I have had some wins and some failures. I guess more failures than wins, but nothing I’m too concerned about at this point. I feel like I’m making forward movement under the hood. I’ve had a number of challenges in respect of my time and energy several [Read more. ]

How to use the envelope system for budgeting

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Have you ever found yourself sat in front of your bank balance and saying, “Where the hell did all my money go?!”.Well, the envelope system intends to prevent that from ever happening again. I’m going to tell you how it works and I’m also going to give you a handy little cash envelope template that you can use to print off your own cash envelopes.If you’ve never heard [Read more. ]

February 2017 Online Income Traffic Report

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February has been a busy month for me working on my blog despite it not appearing to be on the face of it. I had some epic goals at the end of last month and I’m wondering what the hell was I thinking when I look at them today versus what was achieved.When I look back, last month was an epic month in terms of traffic and income results. I hoped that I could continue the [Read more. ]

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