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Time Clock MTS

Time sheet management

Time sheet management

TimeClock MTS replaced our old punchcard system, and we find that it is a great replacement. Even our handyman, who we had to teach how to click a mouse, has no problem using this simple tool.

Do you keep manual time cards? Are you stuck adding up hours each month from an old paper punch card system? Do you want time clock data that is accurate and up to date? Do you want this in an easy-to-use system that doesn t cost the earth?

Time Clock MTS is EASY to use.

Time sheet management

Installed in Seconds

Time Clock MTS will run on virtually any Windows PC and can be installed in seconds. Bring an old PC out of retirement to use as an employee time clock or if you need than more than one time card machine it can be installed on many different computers allowing you to share your attendance information.

Simple to Use

If your employees can use a mouse then they can use Time Clock MTS. It s as simple as clicking on their name in a list and clicking a button to punch in or out.

Instant Feedback

You ll be able to see at a glance who is at work, reports are fast and flexible, and you can receive email notifications when employees arrive at work, request time off, or exceed your overtime limits.

Time sheet management

The time clock software works very well for us because it’s so easy to explain to new employees, and very easy for an employee to clock in and out, even if they’re not particularly computer literate.

Time Clock MTS WILL save you money

Manage Employee Attendance Better

You will always know who is at work and who is late. You won t have to chase late timesheets, and you won t spend hours doing payroll. It ll be done in minutes.

No More Manual Calculations and Errors

No more guessing as employees fill in time cards, no more calculation errors or over-payments, and instant compliance with local overtime and vacation accrual requirements. Set your overtime rules and accrual rules and our time clock software will take care of everything else.

No More Time Card Fraud

Times recorded are accurate to the second so there will be no more casual time clock fraud. More sophisticated security measures are available to stop buddy punching and time clock manipulation. Employee PINs, fingerprint security, employee image capture, and a full time punch audit trail. Time Clock MTS has it all available.

Time sheet management

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